Write To 1K Review 2022-Should You Trust Elna’s Freelancing course?

If you have been looking for at a program called Write to 1K to see if it is worth the investment or not then you have come to the right place to discuss.

Today I will be doing an unbiased Write To 1K Review so that you can be able to decide for yourself after reading this review.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I have been making a full time income online and I have been also helping others do the same.

I was able to go from Earning $0 to a full time income online in just 6 months and this allowed me to quit my job as a civil engineer.

Now I help guide people not get scammed by programs that are so many online which can leave most confused.

I either buy the programs or do research for weeks to know the program before writing about any. I also provide many ways you can make money online.

So sit back and learn all about this program.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Write To 1K Review

Program name: Write To 1K

Creator:Elna Cain


Recommendation: Yes


Theworkathomegraduate.com rating: 4 out of 5


What is Write To 1K?

Write To 1K Review 2022

Write To 1K is basically a course that is geared to help freelancers be able to start their freelancing business.

The course is not particularly there to help you with writing but with setting up your business to be successful so that you can start making money.

The course is made for beginner freelancers and also for people who are currently struggling to make money when it comes to freelancing.

For people who already making money with freelancing may find this course not really worth it.

Freelancing is one of the most well-known business models out there, however it is also one of the most competitive ones.

This is why you need a program that will not be a scam or not helpful like My freelance paycheck and Writers Work which are not as high value when it comes to teaching you how to be a freelancer.

Who is the creator?

Knowing the creator is always vital so you can have an idea who you are following when you decide to sign up.

It is helpful to always follow a program that has a good creator who is an expert so your success will be pretty much guaranteed to some extent.

With this program is created Elna Cain who is a very experienced Freelancer and blogger who makes a full time using these methods.

Write To 1K Review

I have personally seen Elna’s work since I follow her on some of her social media platform.

Her blogging is mainly focused on helping women (specifically moms) to be able to work from home using blogging as a source of income.

She is a well-known figure with one of her blogs called twinsmommy.com that she started years ago and has been able to help her grow her influence.

I can verify that Elna does know her work with blogging and also freelancing. By the way Freelancing was how she started making money online and later on she diversified into blogging.

She also has quite a few courses where she helped people learn how to make money online such as Get Paid To Write Online and Freelance Writing Rockstar.

So seeing that you will be following a person who knows her stuff is pretty much a good start.

How does Write To 1K work?

Now that you know a bit about the course let us look at how it works and how you will be learning to do this freelancing business with this course.

The course is made up of 7 modules which are all you will need for this business to work according to Elna.

  • Module 1:Laying the foundation

I liked this part of the course because Elna shows you the basics of building a business and one of these includes choosing a topic to focus on which is also called a niche.

This will be vital so that you can have an area that you can fully focus on when you start and be an expert at that one thing.

This will also help increase your chances of success because this means that you will have less competition to deal with as you do your business.

The good part is that Elna shows many niches that you can focus on and those which are said to be profitable in the industry.

  • Module 2:Building your Writer Platform

In this module Elna goes deeper and helping your business have recognition online so that you can be able to have more clients.

This also means that you will be needing to understand how your clients can be captured and this means you need to look at the type of social media that they are likely to use.

You will be learning about different online platforms so that you can be able to use any of them after the module.

This module is vital for those who have not being able to make money with their blog and have been wondering what is happening.

If you are a freelancer and are not using social media then you will see the opportunities that you are missing out by not incorporating it in your business.

  • Module 3:Building your portfolio

If you ever been in an interview and are asked about your resume?

If you are like most people the chances are that you have been in this situation before in your life.

Well in this section you will be building something that will be like your resume for your business so that you will be able to sell your skills easily with your portfolio.

This means that you will be taught how to build a portfolio that will be able to sell for you without you even trying at all and that is what Elna has been doing for years.

In fact this is how she started her freelancing business which was able to take off in a short space of time.

  • Module 4: Finding your writing clients

It is without a doubt that a business with no clients will not work at all and this is what you will be taught in this module.

You will be shown techniques of how to find good quality clients that will be of your value and quality.

This will mean using things to assess these clients before even trying to make them your clients in the first place.

Most people fail to get make good income because they choose low quality clients which will not pay them of will end up easily quitting on them along the way.

If you learn this tips in this module you will be more than equipped to make good amount of income through good and high quality clients.

  • Module 5:Your Pitch

This module will be learning to close the clients that you have gotten along the process in the previous module.

This will mean that you will need to have good a good pitch that will work so you do not lose the chance to work with these people.

You will be shown examples of how to do your pitches and also you will be getting some real life examples that you can follow or focus on.

The cool part is that Elna will also give you examples of her pitches which have really been working well.

  • Module 6: Your first 1K

This module is not about teaching you the process of writing your articles but rather how to structure your content in a way that will increase your chances to make money in any place.

Since Elna is a copywriter this module will work wonders when it comes to helping your work look even better.

  • Module 7: Your Freelance Business

Freelancing would never work if one does not know how to manage the systems of its business and this is what will help you be able to keep track of everything.

Here Elna teaches you many things such as managing your payments so that things will be easy for you.

What are the features of Write To 1K?

Write To 1K Review


Let us look at the things you get along with this course;

  • Comprehensive 7 modules

You will be getting 7 modules as I said that will basically be focusing on giving you all you need to succeed as this is the main aspect of the whole course.

The courses are in video format so that it will be easy for you to learn and follow through.

  • Lifetime access

You will be able to use to course for as long as you want or should I say until you succeed with your freelancing business.

This is cool for people who feel they always need to get a refresher for their skills and business as they go along.

It is also great because since Elna updates her courses often it is great to know that you will also not lose out on any updates that come.

  • Bonuses

You will also be getting 7 bonuses that will help you more for your business and it is great since you will not be paying extra for this material.

The bonuses are basically made to work well since they count as material that needs to be included to skyrocket your business.

I will talk a bit about these bonuses.

Bonus 1:The pitching Bundle

These are extra pitches that you can start using from day one for getting clients so that you do not waste time like other people do online who are trying to find clients.

Bonus 2: Level Up Your Freelance Writing Biz ebook

if you are looking to increase your success or sales then this module is what will help you do this.

There are all tips related to helping double your chances of success and you have to do is to follow what Elna teaches you and apply.

Bonus 3: Get on the right track Bundle

This part is about helping you do things like tracking your business with worksheet and other aspects to ensure you do not get off track along the process.

Bonus 4: Profitable Niche workbook

This bonus is all bout helping you with niches and the workbook goes deeper into niches that are profitable and have not been tapped yet.

Bonus 5: Book Clients in 30 day challenge

This bonus is to help you stay consistent so that you can be challenged daily to get book clients and this process is what help increase your closing rates when it comes to clients.

Bonus 6:Personalized Pitch Review

This is a great bonus because you will be getting help from Elna herself as she will review and give feedback to your pitch so that you will be able to achieve the results without trial and error.

Bonus 7: Facebook group

This part is the support of the course where you will be in a Facebook group that is geared to help people who have purchased and done the program.

This means that you will interact with the students and also Elna herself and be able to get help with anything that you are stuck with.

Generally people in the group like to show what they have done and also their mistakes which will help a lot in giving you heads up of things that you need to be aware of.

The good thing, as you will see, is that Elna is quite active in the group ready to help people who get stuck.

How much does Write To 1K cost?

The course of the course is a very affordable amount of $195 which will be able to help you get all the things that I mentioned above.

This is also just a one time payment which will have you set and there are no up sells like other programs.

I think the cost or price is more than justified because the value that you get is way more than what you pay for and I actually feel the cost should be high for the information and training that you get.

What I like about Write to 1K?

  • Expert creator

As I have talked about who the creator is it is clear that you will be following training from someone who has actually made this work for her.

This will not only increase your confidence but will also increase your confidence on your business as you will know that you are not just following a random person or a person who is a scam.

  • Comprehensive program

The program is very comprehensive as you have seen and you will get more than enough information and more than any course I have seen for freelancing.

  • Great support

With the Facebook group you have the ability to be able to learn from this program and rectify your mistakes along the way.

I like that Elna is also there and able to respond quickly to any person who is struggling.

Support is always needed for making it in any business whether it is online or not.

  • Bonuses are actually valuable

Normally I am always critical to bonuses that are given by most programs because they are simply not really bonuses or are low value.

However, for this module things are different because you are actually getting value that will help increase the chances of your business to succeed.

  • Good testimonials

It is always great to see students who are having success with the things that are taught in the module and this is what you will be getting here.

What I do not like about Write To 1K

  • The price is not matching the value

I think the price is not fair for Elna to be honest because of the value that you get. With other programs you usually have to pay a lot to get this information.

  • Elna manages many courses

Since Elna has many course and blogs to run it may not be always possible to get hold of her anytime which can be a bummer for most people who need help 247.

Is Write To 1k a scam?

No the program is not a scam at all and if you have been reading until this point then you know that it is very helpful and legit.

There are many aspects that show that you are dealing with something that is legit and one of them is that the creator is an expert and also the value that you get.

let me give you a summary of why I say the program is not a scam:

  • Elna is an expert
  • Comprehensive program
  • Great support via Facebook support
  • Price is very low yet the value is super high.

Who is the Write To 1k for?

It is always vital to know who the program that you are looking to get is geared for as this will save you loads of time and money.

I know this because I wasted loads of time and money in the past when I was looking for programs that could help me make money online.

This is why now I make sure to help people not get into the same position.

This program is mainly for any freelancer to be honest because it starts from scratch just like how Elna Cain started and goes all the way to make it big like she has.

So as you can see it is made for any freelancer except for those who are looking for the skill of writing itself.

How I make money online

The way I make money is a method different to freelancing because this method allows me to make money while I sleep.

This is affiliate marketing which is simply a business model where you are able to make money promoting people’s products and getting a commission every time a person clicks your personalized link.

I was helped by a course that is great at this and has helped many people make money just like me online.

The program has free training for you to check it out and them you can get premium when you are ready to start making money. However, most people just go to premium on the first day.

This is because of the value the course has and also how affordable is compared to most affiliate marketing programs which cots thousands of dollars.

The program was able to help me go from earning $0 to a full time income as you can see below.

July 2021

The good thing is that the course has a support group just like Write to 1K and is able to help any person, whether beginner (just like I was when I started with the program) of advanced make money online.

if you would like to see how this program was able to help me then you can check it out below:


Final thoughts

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways people are making money online these days and there are also many courses that are helping people start this business.

One of the best courses is a course by Elna Cain which is called Write To 1K which is basically made to help those who are wanting to start and make money in this way.

The program is very comprehensive with 7 modules and other bonuses which will help you step by step until you have your own freelance business.

This also means that you will need to put in a lot of work to see the results.

The course is very affordable which means that most people will be able to get it and start getting the skills to level their business up or start their business if they are new.

The program is also filled with loads of actionable steps that you can focus onto see results for yourself along the way.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

4 thoughts on “Write To 1K Review 2022-Should You Trust Elna’s Freelancing course?”

  1. I’m a great fan of Elena and actually bought her course Write To 1K. I was very impressed with the quality and worked my way through all 7 modules. I started to build a portfolio and applied for several jobs. Freelancing is very competitive and as a beginner despite Elena’s training I found it hard to break into. Around the same time I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and decided affiliate marketing was a better way to make an income online.

    1. Wo great to hear a testimony of the program and this is good that you also have similar views them me. Yes you are right freelancing is super competitive as I have said a lot. I have said this many times on other course reviews.

  2. I’m usually suspicious of most courses that are offered online, but Elna’s course looks great, something that I would like to sign up for. She shares her expertise, and judging by the course’s contents and the bonuses you are getting lots of value for your money.
    The price is excellent. Many internet “gurus” sell their courses for much more money and offer nothing in return, but she offers a price that many can afford and you will get real value + lifetime access. It looks very good.

    1. Yes this course is the best and is what I recommend for people. It can even help you if you already have taken another course since you will still get a lot of value for your freelancing business.

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