Worldventures review-Experience from someone who was a member

Welcome to my unbiased worldventures review where I take you through what I faced while I was a sales representative in this company.

If you are here you are likely looking to see if you could earn money from this company via promoting their products.

Well this place will surely give you all you need.

At this age nearly everyone is looking for ways to make extra money alongside their job or quitting their job and working full time for themselves.

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This is why I am here to help direct you to the right programs so that you will not be scammed of your hard-earned cash.

Without further ado, lets get started.

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Worldventure reviewworldventures review

Program name: worldventures


Creator: Wayne Nugget and Mike Aczue rating: 2 out of 5

What is worldventures?

worldventures is basically a network marketing or MLM (Multi level marketing) company which means that if you join it as a sales representative you will be promoting the company and its products for a commission.

worldventures only sells holiday destinations at discounted rates for everyone.who is looking to have vacations especially for people with a limited budget.

So who is the creator?

With all my reviews I make sure to check the founder to check there credibility so that you will be assured if you are dealing with the right thing which will not end up being a scam.

worldventures was founded in 2005 in Texas by a person called Wayne Nugget and Mike Aczue who have had a lot of experience when it comes to network marketing.

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They started worldventures through their frustration of being in many scamming networking marketing companies.

They then decided to start their own company to bridge the gap in the industry and make it last longer than many scam companies

Pros and Cons


  • Training events bi-yearly for sales representatives
  • Many people have succeeded from it
  • Creators are authentic people
  • Has stood the test of time


  • Has become a lot saturated
  • The founders didn’t pay their top earners some amounts previously

How does it work?

So now let’s look at what the company really has and how one gets involved.


We start with checking the products of the company and see what they offer.

As I said before the company basically offers vacation destinations at a limited price. This may all seen very good but until I tell you something.

The vacation destinations they offer are only for a certain date of theirs. This means that you can not get these deals at the time you want. (that is the downside).

The reason is that the company buys the travels destinations at whole sales for many people so they get given discounted rates.

So if those places they book from can only accommodate 50 people for the company in June the company has no say (all due to availability).worldventures review

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That is the reason that whenever you travel using this service you are always with people from the company and normally you will see the sign “You Should be here”

The other aspect is that if you are traveling and not a sales representative you will probably get a lot of people trying to convince you to be a sales representative (Very frustrating).

I know this because I was one of those people who used to do that because that is part of what you need to do to increase your down line and your team.

and what a best way to find people who loves your travel company then in a vacation.

The other thing is that if you are a sales representative and want even more discounted vacations you have to recruit more people.

Just a side note that many people do not know is that your flights are not included in your dream trips price.

Business opportunity

Now let us look at the part where you can be a business owner or a sales rep for the company.

Let any other MLM company you will not only sell products but you will also be building a team for your business.

For the sake of not wasting time writing check out the compensation structure if the company and how you can earn.

Who is it for?

To know if the company or business opportunity is for you I will list who the people who can benefit here:

  • Experienced network marketers
  • People in countries where worldventures is not known like European countries
  • People who have big companies already on the side.
  • A person with an experience person to train you

Now when I joined in 2015 I didn’t know anything about this business and it didn’t help that my up line (the person who recruited me) didn’t even give me proper mentoring.

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This is why I emphasis you rather have experience of have a professional train you thoroughly so you can succeed and not waste your time.

The verdict

I know this is the section you have been looking for. So do I think worldventures is a scam or legit?

Well this company is quite legit but the problems is that the founders have tended to be not transparent in the past.

This is what has led the company to take a huge hit in the last couple of years.

However let us look at the reasons I say the company is not a scam but not worth joining.

  • The founders are real and have had good experience

Wayne and Mike are legit guys who do not hide behind anything but thrive to make everyone succeed and you always see them at top training events.

  • The company has products and MLM structure

Unlike scam companies in the MLM which only focus on recruiting (ponzi scheme) this company has products in the form of holiday destinations and also a recruiting structure too.

  • The company has stood the test of time

Most scam companies vanish within 2 years and almost all over a 5-year period. this company has stayed more that a decade (Very good)

Final thoughts

With many people looking for business opportunities many turn to network marketing and they end up falling prey to scams.

That is why it is vital to review programs before joining. Today I have done a worldventures review so you know that the program is legit although not worth it at all especially if you have never tried it.

One of the reasons is that the opportunity is now saturated and you really need to know what you are doing.

The company is in the business of sell products in the form of vacations to the masses.

These products are at discounted prices although very limited when it comes to choosing these holidays for your own dates.

If you are looking to learn certain public speaking skills this opportunity might work well for you just like it did for me 5 years ago.

Other than that there are better opportunities to make money easily these days without having to convince people and there is a free program you can start today and create your own online business.

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I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope it was useful and helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

WorldVentures review

Company legit but not worth it

The company has changed a lot over the years and now it is more harder to succeed unless you have experience

5 thoughts on “Worldventures review-Experience from someone who was a member”

  1. I really like your balanced approach in this article- you show the 2 things the reader wants to know- 1. is it a scam and, 2. Is it worth joining? I think you highlight a really important factor, that just because a company isn’t a scam that doesn’t automatically mean it will be good for you to join. It’s great that you highlight the drawbacks too (restrictive dates etc) as I’m sure those are the things that are easy to miss. So many companies are sneaky in the way the word things, (I know I’ve been caught out in the past,) but with this review, people will know exactly what they are getting. Thanks for the useful info!

    1. Hey Natalie
      Thanx for your response. Yes indeed I have also been a victim of that too that is why I had to include it here.
      Anyway that is why I am warning people so that they do not get scammed.

  2. Thank you for a great review of World Ventures.
    Out of interest, were you paid a salary plus commission where you were a sales representative for them or was it commission earnings only?

    1. Hey Louise

      I was a sales representatives and earning through there. I hope I answered your question about this.

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