Vasayo review-The truth Exposed

Welcome to my unbiased vasayo review where I unload the whole truth about this company and how it operates and also to help you decide if it is great to join or not.

Vasayo is a network marketing company which has been doing a lot of rounds all over social media and the internet as there has been a huge hype about it recently.

So I will be looking at checking how effective this opportunity is for you.

A bit about me before we start:

I have been in the make money online business for 4 years and I started off in network marketing business. I failed through multiple network marketing companies for 2 years after which I joined make money online.

I also failed for a year after which I was able to start making success through it.

The reason I am reviewing this program is be as an ex network marketer I want to help people know the real companies or ways to make money.

You may also be interested in check how I make money online.

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Vasayo ReviewVasayo review

Program name: Vasayo


Creator:Dallin Larsen & Karre Larsen 2 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Legit products sold
  • Real founders with experience


  • Products are too expensive
  • Still a very new company in the industry
  • Not a lot of success stories
  • The need to do face to face recruiting

Vasayo Overview

Vasayo is a new network marketing company which is focusing on providing with health products specifically and various other products.

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The company was started with the aim of getting a share in the health industry as this has become one of the biggest industry in the world.

It was started in the US and now has branches in Thailand and Taiwan

Vasayo also has a business opportunity for those looking to be self employed or start some small business to provide side income for themselves.

The company is based on high end products which are on the higher end of the price tag.

Who is the creator of vasayo?

When it comes to understanding the product or company I normally take a deeper look at their founder to see if they are actually real or legit.

Luckily vasayo does have its bases covered when it comes to a real founder or founders as they are Dallin Larsen and Karree Larsen.

These two have been in the network marketing business for years and have

How does the company work?

The company is divided into different types of ways to actually use it: You can either use their products only or you can use the business opportunity to make money.

Let’s start exploring the first part which are the products:


Vasayo company specializes in nutritional supplements and more. Here is the list:Vasayo review

  • Weight loss products
  • Body cleansing powder
  • Skincare products
  • Brain health supplements

These are some of their products you can explore and as you will see when you go to their website that most of their products are very high priced.

The business opportunity

If you are looking for ways to actually make money on the side or full time Vasayo provides you an opportunity for you to be able to be a distributor where you will either sale their products and recruit others or just sell products.

Vasayo review

As far as everything I can see with this company is that most of their sales reps’s are compromised of people who are their for the business opportunity because the products are very expensive to convince people to sell.

Below is how their compensation plan goes for their business so you can have a brief overview.


Vasayo review

Now to validate if a company is actually legit it is vital that one looks at success stories of that program or company.

With regard to Vasayo the success stories are still quite limited and that can be all due to the fact that the company is new so I wouldn’t judge them too much on this.

All I can say is that we shall see with time.

Who is the company for?

Now it is vital to know who this company is for even before you decide you want to buy or something.

The company is really not for anyone and here I will tell you who it is for:

  • People who have huge savings to start a business
  • People who have succeeded already in network marketing because it will be hard to convince people to buy these expensive products
  • People who already have other streams of income and want to add more

The verdict

I am sure this is the part you have been waiting for to hear if they are legit or not. Well as I said I left it all up to you to decide if the company is legit or not with all the facts I did.

Well only you can decide however for me I see it as a legit company that is not a scam.

However when it comes to whether it works or not I do not think so due to the high price of purchasing products. Generally companies with high prices are very hard to sale which means success will be hard for a newbie network marketer.

Let me summary why I think the program works and also why I think it may be hard to succeed when it comes to business side of the opportunity for the company.

Here are the reasons why it is legit:

  • The creators are real and have experience.

It is good having a company of someone who has been in the industry and made some success for themselves.

(Although it doesn’t always mean they will make others succeed too).

  • They have real products they sell

The company is not merely focusing on recruiting as they have legit products they sale. This mean they are not a ponzi scheme.

Now here are the reason I say it likely hard to make money with this business opportunity,

  • Products are so expensive

For the average person they would not really but anything from this company given the fact that there are many reputable companies already selling these products.

  • Recruiting is hard because of the high product purchase

Remember that to be a sales person you will need to buy some form of products. This high amount can drive people away easily.

You would really have to be very good at network marketing do pull this off for success.

I actually think there are better network marketing company which have been there for years and are doing a good job with success of their students like the following:

Final thoughts

With many people looking for opportunities to make money online vasayo has become so popular due to its lucrative business opportunity for people to make a living as sales reps.

The company was developed by Dallin Larsen and Karee Larsen who have been in the industry for a while.

The company they developed focuses on selling various health and personal care products which are high priced.

They also have a business opportunity for people to be able to create side business for themselves.

The problem is that the products are high priced so the average person may find it hard to sell the products or recruit.

This would mean a person who wants to make money must real have good skills to sell to make real money.

Given that the company is still new and competing with big companies it will be hard to actually achieve success for people.

I hope this vasayo review was helpful to you and I hope it was of great help to you. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be able to engage with you.

Vasayo Review

Legit but very high priced

It will be hard making money due to the high price of the products offered

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  1. Hi Thabo,

    A lot of great stuff on your post about market business Pros and Cons.

    Business opportunity for people. and for sure a lot of hard work etc.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hey Tommy

      I am happy to hear you found value man. Hope you can make the right choices on making money online

  2. Hey,

    Thank you very much for the information contained in this article. It seems like a lot of awfully hard work as well as being very expensive. Recruiting is extremely difficult to do if you have never done it before. I think the cons definitely outweigh the pros.

    1. Hey Lisa
      Yes it is true I have been in this journey myself so I know how hard recruiting is you are right

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