Unbounce vs clickfunnels-Best one for 2021?

Welcome to my review and comparison of unbounce vs clickfunnels where I will be letting you know about these two big online business tools,which make landing pages, to check which one is the best.

Having an online business these days is not just simple you do need to invest a lot of resources and time to make it well-established.

I started this website more than 2 years ago and I can tell the amount of growth it has gained using different tools to help me automate my business and generate passive income.

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Unbounce vs Clickfunnels overview

I will start by having an overview of both these platforms so that you will have a general idea of what they both offer and some of their differences you may find.

Clickfunnels and unbounce are both similar however when you get into the finer details you will see that unbounce is mainly for generating landing pages for your website while clikcfunnels is for landing pages and clickfunnels is mainly for helping you generate leads.

This means that with clickfunnles you van get best of both worlds however when it comes to landing pages and the like Unbounce may end up winning since they only focus on one thing mainly, landing pages (more about this later).

As an online entrepreneur who has tried many of online tools for landing pages and lead generating my comparison on both of these software will be based on my personal experience.

I have more than 3 websites and For one of my websites I have tried bounce before I want into clickfunnels fully.

Personal reason for choosing clickfunnles was due to the fact that I wanted something which is more versatile.

Now, on the next section we will take a look at some pros and cons of each of these so that you will be able to see what fits you and your online business.

Pros and cons between Unbounce and clickfunnels

These software are quite similar and both have mainly the same pros and cons to some extend for example both of these platforms have the email marketing integration.

They also have drag and drop features which will allow you to be able to build your land pages with ease even if you are a beginner with this.

They both have more advantages features like split testing for you to test out which pages are best for converting your content.

For this reason I will look at different features of both software to see how they compare so you can be able to finally make your decision based on these facts.

Let’s start with looking at the core of both software which is the landing pages.

Landing pages comparison


Use the drag and drop element of clickfunnels to make your landing pages in an instant and you can be able to edit it with no experience at all.

When you use the editor to make changes, your changes will happen in real time, meaning you will see everything before you even finish editing your landing page.

They have many designs you can choose from and they are all made and optimized to help you convert quick.

You can also purchase more design templates if you want more and if that the ones in there are not your style. You can get all of this withing the clikfunnels market place.


Unbounce is also a simple drag and drop feature for landing pages just like clikfunnels however if you are a code you can be able to make better changes to your landing pages.

I feel this landing page software is more advantageous for people who are generally good at HTML coding as you could get more benefits.

For example is the landing pages features which require you to know CSS in order to include drop shadows.

If you compare this with clickFunnels you will see that ClickFunnels does not require this as you can do this simply with no skills.

Final results

The product that wins hands down here is clickFunnels as it makes it easier for any person to be able to start making money on their website.

Theme features

Another big feature for the program is to check the themes that you will get when it comes to the product and they will help you with the conversion rates.


ClcikFunnles has so many features to choose from however you may not be satisfied with some of them as you may need one which will feature will with your specific business theme.

You can only access more of your prefer or unique ones when you decide to purchase through their market place that has all themes.


The unbounce is totally different to clikcfunnels because it gives you all themes without further charge to get one suited well for you.

This makes it easier and budget friendly for you in the long run. This is what I loved a lot about unbounce and I think the reason for this is because the software is mainly focused on creating landing pages.

Final results

We can therefore see that unbounce wins hands down when it comes to this feature of themes.

Membership sites

When it comes to me membership sites addition things become a bit tricky since Unbounce does not have this feature to offer.

This is because it is mainly for creating landing pages that convert.

With clickFunnels you can create your own online course using their drag and drop features which is easy to use even if it is the first time you are doing this..

Although this is not the best thing to use for memberships and creating your online courses as there are better alternatives like teachable and thinkfic etc.

Final results

ClickFunnel takes the prize on this one and we can say that this is where ClickFunnel excels.

Sticky bars and pop ups

ClickFunnels has sticky bars and pops where the visitor of your website will be able to see and you will be able to engage with them.

This increases the customer experience and also increases your conversion rate for your website.

ClickFunnels has this feature on their page builder where it can be done easily and fast and can be done by any person as the integration is smoothly done.


Unbounce also has pop ups and sticky bars like ClickFunnels however the issue is that their system is very complicated to say the least.

This is because this is put separately from the actual page builder and is more of like an add on.

Final results

So for here we can see that the ClickFunnels takes the win here, hands down due to its convenience.


The other aspect to look at is the ease of use for each software as this will tell us which can be better for us even if you are a beginner and want something convenient to work with.


Everything you need you will find in the platform and all you need is to ensure that you know where everything lies.


Unbounce does not have all its tools in one place as it is just a landing page builder. This means you may have to buy other tools elsewhere before you can use the platform.

Final thoughts

ClickFunnels and Unbounce are two very reputable landing page builders which promise to give you what you need for building your online business well.

Although they have many differences but they do tend to have the same aspects too.

One such similarity is that they both thrive in giving you best landing pages and themes for your website.

There is also one aspect of the tool which is different and that is that clickFunnels is more comprehensive than unbounce since it has more features integrated into it like pop -ups and sticky pads.

The software are also very cost effective and ClickFunnels takes the prize for convenience and user-friendliness.

So if you are looking for a plain landing page software than unbounce is for you but if you want something more than that than ClickFunnels is also for you.

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