Unbounce Reviews 2021-What you need to know

Welcome to unbounce Review where I will be tell you the truth about this program. When it comes to having a thriving online business it is vital that you have good tools like landing pages and sales pages etc.

However the key is to look at the best software to do it and one of the best ones is unbounce. So today let us look at how the software is really good or not.

I have used unbounce on some of my online businesses I believe I can give you a good and authentic opinion about how it worked.

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Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Unbounce Review

Program name:Unbounce

Website:>>Click Here<<

Price:  3 price packages

Theworkathomegraduate.com rating:

Unbounce Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Great for landing pages
  • Beginner friendly
  • Build a custom flow easily
  • For tracking and A/B testing
  • Great analytics
  • Budget friendly


  • Not good for doing more than landing pages
  • Need to reformat to make page mobile-friendly for landing pages

Unbounce overview

Let us first look at what unbounce really so you have an overview of what the software is.

Unbounce is basically a landing page which you can use for your online business. This is a drag and drop tool which can be used easily even if you are a beginner or advanced.

This is a tool which was developed in 2009 by a group of developers who wanted to make something easy for online business owners to use.

The tool has added what are called pop ups and stick bars which is what is needed to help accelerate your online business.

What are the features of unbounce?

Now that we know a bit of what unbounce is now it us look at what you will get when you start using this tool. In this section we will talk about this.

There are many features but I will look at each of them separately and these are what I will look at:

  • Unbounce integration
  • Unbounce landing page features
  • Unbounce Performance and security
  • Unbounce pricing

On the next section I will breakdown each feature for you so that you will be able to see how it can perform for your online business.

Unbounce Integration

Unbounce is great when it comes to helping you integrate with any feature from the outside which will make your business even more easy to manage.

Let us look at these integration you will be able to get with this:

  1. Google analytics- This is easy to add on unbounce as you need just to paste the code so that you will be able to track all your traffic going to the page.
  2. Branded lead email notifications-This is a unique property which helps you know when a new leads coming through your site.
  3. Zapier-you will also have the ability use zapier to send your leads on your landing page easily.

Unbounce landing page features

As unbounce is a well-known landing page super it has many features in it and this is what I will be looking at:

  • Drag and drop builder

The drag and drop what makes unbounce super easy to use even for beginners and any person to be able to build for their business.

You can easily add popups and sticky-bars and you can even use HTML for advanced coders.

  • Template themes

This is where unbounce actually excels because unlike other software like clickFunnels you have the ability to choose from thousands of these for your business.

  • WordPress plugin

If you are suing a wordpress website than it will be super easy for you to be able to integrate unbounce in any way you want.

  • Mobile compatibility

You will also be able to have the ability to confirm your landing page for your mobile phone.

Now all of these that we looked at where general building features for making your landing page now let us look at custom building features.

  • Lightboxes

This feature can be able to help you get closer to your visitors by making them focus more on your call to action on your page by cleaning up irrelevant information.

  • Free offerings

You have the ability to get thousands of free professional images to use for helping you convert even more

Now let us look at optimization features for unbounce that you can use:

  • A/B testing

This feature is vital to help you convert more for you pages by testing what type of landing page features convert for you more

  • Real dashboard data

You can also be able to see real time data on the dashboard of unbounce which is another feature setting the software apart.

Unbounce pricing

Now let’s look at the pricing for unbounce.

The software comes with 3 price packages which you can be able to access the landing page:

  1. Essential $99/month
  2. Premuim $199/month
  3. Enterprise $499/month

They all offer a free trial for you to check them out before deciding on taking one of them.

If you are a beginner and want to start out it is better to start with essentials plan however if you are looking to scale your business than the premium plan is good for you/.

Unbounce worth it?

From a standpoint of landing pages unbounce is definetly worth it as it is easier to use and has all the features you are looking for in a landing page or more.

However if you want a landing page and more than unbounce may not be the option at all. You would rather focus on other platforms like clikfunnels.

Final thoughts

Having a landing page is one of the key things for a successful business and choosing the best landing page builder is key.

There are many services and one of the best ones that I know of is unbounce as it is exclusively made for landing pages from it design straight to its advance integration.

The software is easy to use and it is very affordable for people who are looking to start out and perhaps scale their business.

You have many features like A/B testing and pop-ups and sticky bars to work with.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below.

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