Tube Takeoff 2.0 Review-Worth Your Time?

If you’ve got something to share and you want to make some money while doing it, think about uploading videos on YouTube. It’s a fantastic way to get your message out to a wide audience and earn some cash along the way.

Leveraging YouTube’s huge platform can help you gather a substantial number of views and make money through ads and affiliate marketing. With dedication, creativity, and hard work, a successful channel can turn into a steady stream of income.

However, making money on YouTube isn’t as easy as it might seem. You need top-notch video production skills, creative content ideas, and, most importantly, lots of patience. Even with all these elements in place, your success on YouTube can still depend on a bit of luck – you won’t know if your hard work will pay off until your views start growing.

Furthermore, the competition on YouTube keeps increasing as more creators enter the space with fresh content. This is why many people are combining YouTube and affiliate marketing to boost their earnings.

So, how can you do it? How can you effectively combine YouTube and affiliate marketing to generate passive income online? This is where Tube Takeoff 2.0 comes into play.

Let’s explore what this course is all about. In this Tube Mastery and Monetization review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Andy Hafell’s training program.

Tube Takeoff 2.0 Review

Program name: Tube Takeoff 2.0

Creator:Andy Hafel

Price: starts at $1,697

Rating:3 out of 5

What is Tube Takeoff 2.0 About?

Tube Takeoff 2.0 is a YouTube course. It’s an innovative program designed to help entrepreneurs master the art and science of YouTube ranking. With step-by-step lessons and actionable advice, this platform equips users with the skills and insights they need to make their content go viral on YouTube.


Created by experienced marketers with precision, Tube Takeoff 2.0 provides high-level strategies and techniques to boost engagement and skyrocket views, effectively turning your channel into a profitable source of income.

In this training program, you’ll learn how to create videos for YouTube without showing your face in front of the camera. These videos primarily focus on a sales funnel approach, guiding your viewers toward affiliate marketing offers.

Tube Takeoff 2.0 is perfect for people who want to make money on YouTube without spending a lot of time editing and creating videos. So, if you’re looking to become a YouTube sensation or entertain people, this course isn’t for you. It’s all about creating valuable content with the primary goal of making money.

Who is Andy Hafell?

Andy Hafell is a successful Norwegian YouTube affiliate marketer. He has a YouTube channel with nearly 250,000 subscribers, where he shares videos about making money online using YouTube and affiliate marketing.

Andy is a successful YouTuber, which means he knows what he’s talking about. He’s here to teach you how to make money from YouTube.

Can You Earn Money on YouTube?

Earning money on YouTube might be more appealing than a regular day job in some cases. However, aspiring YouTube millionaires shouldn’t set their expectations too high.

Making money on YouTube is challenging and takes time and effort. To stand out from the competition, YouTubers must create unique and captivating content that keeps their audience engaged. Additionally, they need to be strategic about monetising their channels with sponsorships and product promotions.


While this may seem daunting, it’s a worthwhile investment in building your career as a digital influencer.

How Does Tube Takeoff 2.0 Work?

Like any other online course, Tube Takeoff 2.0 consists of video lessons you can watch at your own pace. However, this training program spans over four weeks, with one module taking place each week.

Inside Tube Takeoff 2.0

The course unfolds over four weeks, giving you ample time to absorb the content. Andy recommends taking your time and thoroughly understanding each lesson.

Module 1: Choose the Best Niche

The first module focuses on selecting the right niche to help you make a substantial income. This might not necessarily be your favorite niche; it should be one that’s lucrative. You’ll dedicate an entire week to this important decision.

Module 2: Generate No-Face Content

The second module teaches you how to create content without showing your face on camera. You’ll learn how to choose topics that resonate with viewers, and you’ll have access to templates for quickly creating content.

Module 3: Make 8x More Money

This module dives into how to make money with your YouTube channel through affiliate marketing instead of relying on Google AdSense. Andy shares various affiliate programs, providing you with valuable tips to maximize your earnings.

Module 4: Automate and Scale

In the fourth module, you’ll learn how to automate various tasks with the help of freelancers, allowing you to earn passive income without actively managing your YouTube channel.


Enrolling in Tube Takeoff 2.0 also gives you access to several valuable bonuses. While their claimed value may not be entirely accurate, these bonuses are still highly beneficial:

  1. Perfect Video Templates and Scripts: Learn how to create captivating video content with these proven templates and scripts.
  2. 57 Profitable Niches: Andy shares 57 profitable niches to choose from.
  3. 259 Example Channels: Explore YouTube channels that follow the same template and idea as the course, providing motivation and inspiration.
  4. First 1000 Subscriber Shortcut: Learn how to quickly gain your first 1,000 subscribers, a significant challenge for new channels.
  5. 4-Week Action Plan: Get a checklist to guide you through the program week by week.
  6. 250 High Paying Affiliate Program List: Access a list of high-paying affiliate programs.
  7. Access to the Tube Takeoff 2.0 Community: Join a private community where you can connect with other students and get advice from those who have found success with Andy’s methods.

Tube Takeoff 2.0 Cost to Join

Enrolling in Tube Takeoff 2.0 requires a substantial investment. There are two enrollment options:

  1. Tube Takeoff Lite: $1,697
  2. Tube Takeoff VIP: $1,997

The VIP package offers some additional features, such as checklists, weekly Zoom calls, and one-on-one coaching sessions. Keep in mind that you might find discounts or promotions that make the course more affordable, potentially bringing the cost down to $997.

Is Tube Takeoff 2.0 a Scam?

Tube Takeoff 2.0 is a legitimate training program. Andy is a well-known YouTuber, and his course is not a scam. Once you pay to join the program, you gain immediate access to its content, including bonuses. So, you won’t lose your money without gaining anything in return.

If you come across negative claims about this course being a scam, it’s essential to consider the source. It’s likely that these individuals expected quick results and are simply frustrated that it requires time and effort to see significant profits.

Can You Make Money with Tube Takeoff 2.0?

Yes, you can make money with this training program, particularly if you invest time and effort into creating videos and follow Andy’s methods. You can start seeing earnings in a matter of months.

However, if you’re expecting instant wealth, you should explore other options. This course is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it requires dedication and patience before you can reap the rewards.

Remember, there’s no such thing as overnight success. If you want to

My Top Recommendation for Online Income

While Tube Take off 2.0 has its potential for making money online, it may not be the best fit for folks with limited funds or those seeking a simpler business approach.

So, whether you’re just starting your journey to earn money online or already have some experience in the field, I consistently suggest focusing on programs that don’t require a hefty upfront investment.

I’m a big advocate for programs that offer free, in-depth training. This allows you to test their value before committing to anything. Once you’ve gone through the training and started your online venture, these programs often have premium options available.

The great thing about these programs is they typically offer round-the-clock support, including live chat to answer your questions. You’ll also be part of a supportive community where you can get help with any challenges you face.

These programs have a proven track record with many success stories, including my own. It’s the same system that helped me achieve a full-time online income and eventually say goodbye to my regular job (you can check out my average online business income for December below).

If you’re curious about this program and how it allowed me to attain financial independence at a young age, I encourage you to explore it for yourself at no cost. Just follow the link provided below.

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