Top 10 business books- The best practical ones

For any person wishing to begin the entrepreneurship journey it is vital that they have the knowledge of business before jumping in. With the employment rates going through the roof it is no surprise why so many people are turning to starting their own businesses to become their own boss.

Reading books is a great place to start with acquiring the knowledge because that is how we all started. So today I will be showing you the top 10 business books you need to start with.

These are my personal favorite and many people who are entrepreneurship still refer to them daily for through their business journey.

Some also use them for acquiring knowledge while they are still at work. So it depends on your goals or where you are in life.

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1. Think and grow rich (by Napoleon Hill)


When it comes to the top 10 business books of nay form, Napoleon Hill is always there on the list.

The reason for this is that this book is basically the foundation of any success you are looking to achieve in life.

It is said that most entrepreneurs read this book at least once every year. Well it is no surprise because this book is what has caused many people to become super rich in life.

This book was created by Napoleon Hill who did a study and interviewed the world wealthiest people on earth in the 1900s including people like Henry Ford and Andrew carnegie.

The book will not only teach your about how to become wealthy but the mindset you need to achieve any success you want in life.

2. Rich dad poor dad


Rich dad poor dad is a book by Robert Kiyosaki who is a well-known entrepreneurship with his wife Kim.

This book is purely about teaching you about how to be financially free so you escape the system eventually.

Robert even goes to the point of showing you how the money was created and how it is now being used to make the 1% richer and the 99% poorer.

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The language in the book is great because even if you are not an account or you have never studied this subject you will still benefit.

3. The richest man in Babylon


This is a book you may be familiar with and have probably read a bit about. This is because this book has been so famous even to people who are not entrepreneurship.

This means that even employees have been using it religiously to improve their lives.

This is because the book is full of ways to save money in order to be able to have loads of wealth in the future.

In essence, you do not need to be entrepreneur to read this, as long as you are willing to improve your financial life.

4. The intelligent investor


The intelligent investor is a book by Benjamin Graham who was an economist and investor.

This book is basically focused on stocks and also making sure you understand the game of investing in the long run.

Basically if you are an investor like stocks or Forex trading this book will be good for you as it will give you the fundamentals.

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The assumption of the book is that investing will continue forever as it has in the past but people’s behaviors are the only things that change.

So to make it you should align your attitude to be favorable with what is happening.

5. Shoe dog


Shoe dog is a business book which was made by the Nike creator Phil Knight.

This book is one of the best insight as to how a business owner can lose nearly everything and be able to come back and get it all back.

The book will tell about how the team of Nike (employees) wanted to prove to the world that they could do something amazing coming from a small city in America called Oregun.

6. The ride of a lifetime


If you are looking for an underdog kind of story it is vital to grab a copy of this book as this can be the best investment you can make for yourself.

The ride of a lifetime basically talks about how small companies or new companies can likely disrupt big corporation in this age.

7. The power of the subconscious mind


Although this book is not specifically for business however it is great to have as it talks about the principles you need to make a success of anything in your life and this applies to business.

This book is good if you are one of these people who is completely new in business because it will teach you discipline that comes with business.

8.Atomic habits

This book is similar to the subconscious mind however the difference is that this book focuses on the principles of business which you will need to succeed.

This book is also for people who just want to learn ways of knowing how other business end up dominating the industry.

The book is easy to read and easy to understand so it came be used by absolutely any person who is wanting to dive into business.

9. Bad blood: Secrets and lies in the

This book is about how one person uses all her influence from her family connections to end up being rich.

This book is very engaging to say the least because the lessons you will learn are what most successful or rather the super rich use.

This book is based on real life events so that is why I recommend it as one of the best books because it is like an MBA but from the school of hard knocks.

10. The personal MBA: Master the art of business

Just as the title says that it is MBA so you will be learning all business strategies but from people who have actually been in the real business world.

Unlike school, you will be learning all you need to know so you can start apply from the next day.

Final thoughts

Choosing a business book can be very challenging but if you know what information you are looking for this can be the best journey for you.

Everyone has their choice of books but knowing the books which will highly impact your learning is very essential.

If you are starting out it is vital to look at the basic books like the richest man in Babylon and the power of the subconscious mind.

Other than that you can read great books like the intelligent investor which is very intense.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of the top 10 business books. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage.

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  1. This is an excellent article. With so many people being out of work and looking to supplement (and in some cases, completely replace) their income, you must understand business, e-commerce, finance, taxation, and all of the intricacies that go with running an online business. I would also suggest M.J. DeMarco’s “The Millionaire Fastlane.” It’s a fascinating read. God bless you!

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