Thomas Garetz Review (2023)- Is No Face YT a Worth It?

Hey there! So, Thomas Garetz is into YouTube and affiliate marketing, and he’s got two courses up for grabs – High Ticket YT Secrets and No Face YT. Now, if you’re doing a bit of digging to figure out if these courses are the real deal or just another scam, you’ve landed in the right spot. This review is your go-to guide for all the info you need – background details, joining costs, what you get, and more. Stick around, and by the end, you’ll know if diving into High Ticket YT Secrets and No Face YT is worth it. Let’s dive in! ????

Thomas Garetz Review

Name: High Ticket YT Secrets and No Face YT

Price to Join: $997

No Face YT: $247 (going up to $997)

Do I Recommend? Depends (keep reading)

Overall Rating: 3/5

What is Thomas Garetz course?

So, here’s the deal with Thomas Garetz’s courses. They’re well put together and are great for folks really gunning to kickstart a YouTube channel.

High Ticket YT Secrets dives into the world of affiliate marketing on YouTube, while No Face YT spills the beans on making viral videos without showing your face. Legit ways to pocket some cash online.

But here’s my take – YouTube money-making, not my absolute favorite. Crafting videos eats up time and can easily leave you feeling a bit fried.

Better Opportunity: If you’re eyeing a legit and wallet-friendly way to build an online business, click below:

So, the choice is yours.

Making Money without Showing Your Face? Yes, Please!

So, the No Face YT course is all about helping you earn money by building a YouTube channel without revealing your face. Unlike other courses that suggest hiring freelancers, this one wants you to be the star of your own show. It takes you through the whole process – from scripting and narrating to editing and uploading videos.

Money, Money – How Does It Work?

The main deal here is YouTube ad revenue. Once you qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, you start making money based on your video views. The course claims to teach you how to tweak your content to keep viewers hooked, boosting your earnings.

Beyond Ads – More Ways to Cash In

But wait, there’s more! The course also covers other ways to make money with your faceless videos:

  • Promoting affiliate products on YouTube
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Using clips from movies and shows without worrying about copyright issues (thanks to “fair use”)

Who Should Go for It?

This course is perfect for beginners on a budget who want to be YouTubers without being on camera. But, here’s the catch – it might be best for those with plenty of free time. Editing and adding effects take time, and if you’re working full-time, you might end up with lower quality videos.

Meet Thomas Garetz – The YouTube Guru

Now, who’s the brains behind this? Thomas Garetz, an Internet entrepreneur who found success in affiliate marketing and YouTube. He started from a 9-5 job, took the digital plunge, and now, he’s a big deal with a YouTube channel boasting over 470k subscribers.

The Money Talk

His net worth is a bit of a mystery, but it’s safe to say he’s raking in some serious dough. Besides YouTube ads, he earns through sponsored content, brand endorsements, and, of course, his courses like No Face YT.

Course Structure – Neat and Tidy

The course is user-friendly, with over 50 videos covering everything from setting up your YouTube account to creating faceless masterpieces. Each video is 3 to 10 minutes long, and there are mini-courses and bonuses on TikTok, outsourcing, and YouTube Shorts.

So, if you’re ready to venture into the world of YouTube without showing your face, No Face YT might just be your golden ticket.

Alright, let’s break down the pros and cons of Thomas Garetz’s courses.


  1. Legit Dude: If you’re diving into YouTube, Thomas is a solid guide. He’s the real deal, pulling in six figures on the platform.
  2. Legit Money-Making Methods: The ways Thomas teaches to make money on YouTube are totally legit, and folks are raking in serious cash with both approaches.
  3. Fair Price Tag: Now, I wouldn’t splash the cash on both courses at full price, but currently, you can snag both for $347. Not bad for what you’re getting.


  1. Refund Policy Mystery: Couldn’t track down the refund policy. A bit of a red flag – usually means there might not be one.
  2. YouTube Stress: Sure, you can outsource videos, but that’s a pricey move. If you’re editing and creating all your videos, it can quickly lead to burnout.

Final Thoughts:
I appreciate Thomas Garetz for keeping things simple. If you’re keen on making money the way he does, it boils down to sticking with it and putting in the elbow grease.

That’s the gist of it.

These courses aren’t the absolute top-notch, but they’re pretty solid. Perfect if you’re dead set on making some YouTube moolah.

How I make money online

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July 2021

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