The Compoundly Method Review-Is This A Scam?

Welcome to The Compoundly Method Review where I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to this program so you can decide if this is right for you or not.

With so many programs out there promising you good ways to make money it is vital you do not easily get misled as there are some scams.

This means that doing your own research like you are doing here is key and will help prevent you from being easily getting scammed in the process.

I have also been in the shoes of people who got scammed when I started looking for ways to make money online and thus that is why I now help people.

My name is Thabo and I went from earning $0 to a full time income online within 6 months and I now help people do the same.

This is the reason I make sure I write unbiased reviews for people so they can make their own decisions at the end.

This is what I will be doing with compoundly too. Before we start I do want to say I am not affiliated with the system so that is why you can be sure that my views are unbiased.

I also spend hours doing research about this program so that you do not have too.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Compoundly Method Review

Program name: The Compoundly Method


Niche:Affiliate marketing rating:3 out of 5

What is The Compoundly Method?

The compoundly Method is simply a program that claims to help you make money doing reviews of products which will allow you to be able to make at least $200 per day.

This can sound good in theory but is it really possible. Well as you will see in this review that their method does work however the claims of making huge income like this is not correct.

This is the same tactic that is used by programs such as 100 Dollar A Day Blueprint which I have looked ta in the past.

The main issue for this whole system is that it is centered around making people buy the system fast without thinking, I mean who wouldn’t want $100 per day by tomorrow of this week?

The creator claims that this method was the one that helped him be able to be a super affiliate quickly.

Who is the creator?

The creator of the program is Paul who claims to have had success with affiliate marketing super quick then most people.

This is the reason now he is looking to help others replicate the same success as him.

I could not gather the full information whether the claims that he makes that amount of money (which he claims to make).

However, I do know that the system can work for people who are willing to put in the work that is required.

How does The Compoundly Method work?

making money online in south africa

When you have purchased the program you will be able to go to the members area which will give you training in the form of videos.

There are 9 total modules which are designed to help you do this from beginner to expert. Let us look at these:

  • Module 1:The money Machine

This is the introduction of the course where you will be taught about how the course goes and also how the business model works.

You will also be given some tips on how to make money with this model quickly as per the creator was able to do it when he started.

You will also be told how to build trust and credibility when it comes to this business so you can have sales most of the time from people who are visiting your site or platform.

  • Module 2:Assembling your tool belt

This part is all about getting all your working tools together so that you can be able to have your “money machine” working for you day in and day out.

This will mean you need to get a platform to do this and this is where you are told to build a website and thus this means that you will have to have the following for your system: Domain, web hosting and landing page.

So you will have to invest some money to make this happen.

  • Module 3:Preparing for success

This section will show you the things you need to set up on your website so that it will be inviting and be able to attract many people.

You will also get to see Paul’s website and how it is set up so you can have an idea of how yours should also be set up.

The key here is that Paul wants you to replicate the whole process so you can get similar results.

  • Module 4: The profit triangle

This part is all about getting your traffic aligned with your conversions so that you have good results.

There is no point in having traffic if it does not convert at all.

  • Module 5:The winning Formula

This part is all about your giving or promising the people who come to your website about bonuses so that you can increase your chances of sales.

This part was what I did not resonate with because websites that do this are usually very questionable and in a way very scammy.

This is because they convince you with bonuses to get a program even if it does not work or if it id not good just so that they can make money off you.

  • Module 6:Offer selection done right

This part is all about going to affiliate programs and choosing the right of correct products that will likely convert.

The affiliate programs that you will focus on is JVZOO and WarriorPlus.

  • Module 7: secret Traffic Vault

This part is about showing you free ways to get traffic and this includes going to things like forums which are an old way of doing things by the way.

  • Module 8: Free Method

This section is all about the hacks of getting free traffic to your website so you do not spend a dime and I have to say that this section was pretty good if you ask me.

  • Module 9:Profit, Rinse and repeat

This is just copying the process that Paul does and repeating it until you get the results.

Are there bonuses?

yes there are 3 bonuses that come with the program that will be helpful for you and they are the following:

  • Bonus 1:The compoundly method ‘Rolodex of profit tools

These are tools that help with the whole process that Paul uses to make his business easy and this is what you get.

  • Bonus 2:Emergency Cash Booster

Methods you can use to boost income for yourself.

  • Bonus 3: Traffic Power Pack

Here you will be shown various other methods that you can generate free traffic for your website and get more sales.

The traffic part is different to those you learnt within the course.

There are also upsells that the program comes with. Let us look at these:

  • Upsell 1: Done for your campaigns: $37

These are basically Done For You campaigns which will help you save time so you do not set everything up yourself. This is more so for people who do not have time to do set-ups for themselves.

  • Upsell 2:Top Secret Profit Explosion: $97

This is where you will be learning how to make money following other methods to make money and you will be learning this via video.

  • Upsell 3: Unlimited Traffic ($197)

This is a part that allows you to leverage profit from the compoundly method website so that you can have faster results.

  • Upsell 4:Super Affiliate Classroom ($397)

This training is made to help you make at least $1000 per day with advanced methods.

  • Upsell 4: Reseller rights ($177)

This is the opportunity to reseller The Compoundly Method and be able to gain all the profits that you make without splitting it to Paul.

What I like about The Compoundly Method

  • Business model is legit

The good thing is that you will be following a business model that works and that has been proven to work which is called affiliate marketing.

I know it works because it is also my other way that I make money online. So you will be sure that you are not doing something illegal or something.

  • The creator is real

The creator is real and even though many things about his work can not be verified but it is good to see there is someone who is hiding behind the computer for making money.

What I do not like about The Compoundly Method?

  • False claims

The False claims are the most prominent thing that you will see in the program and one of the main one is that they promise that you will be able to make $100 per day with 24 hours with this method.

if you have been in affiliate marketing for a while you would know that this is impossible to do even if you are super experienced and are starting from scratch.

  • Not enough training

The training is not helpful because you will not be able to make the money that you are promised you will make.

The training is not structured well for any person who is looking to make realistic money at all according to me.

  • No legit reviews

There are no good testimonials of people making money with this system. What is worse is that the reviews that you find online are people who are trying to promote this system so they are biased anyway

Is The Compoundly Method a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting to know; Whether the Compoundly Method is a scam or legit. The answer is that it is legit because you can make money with what you are taught.

The only issue is that it will not happen at the time frame that is said on the sales page which is the part that makes it untrustworthy.

If only they did not have big claims for the program then there would not be any issue with the program. However, the desperation of the creator makes it hard to trust.

Here are the reasons I say the program is legit:

  • Creator is real
  • Business model works
  • Bonuses are valuable

How I make money online

I also make money following the system that is taught on The Compoundly Method however the program that taught me showed me how to do this properly for long term income in a more realistic way.

This program was able to help me go from earning $0 to a four figure income within 6 months of joining.

This is because the program has comprehensive training and also has a great community of people willing to help you along the way.

More than that it has a free training to check it out and then you can go to premium if you feel you want to make real money and are serious amount making money online.

The program is good for beginners and advanced marketers which make it very good to follow by any person.

if you want to see how this program helped and others you can check it out yourself below.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to find out whether The Compundly Method is worth it and whether it is a scam or not then you have come to the right review.

I explored and found out that the program is legit in terms of what you learn the only problem are the claims that you are told such as the fact that you will start making $100 per day once joining it.

This is not true because any business to help you make that amount of money needs a lot of time and sometimes money.

The program is made by Paul who has lots of money screenshots as a way to make you make money online easily.

This means that you will be convinced and if you decide to go inside the program you will find out that it is actually not worth it at all.

The program is also full of bonuses which are there to help you make money more if you apply them to your business such as different ways to get traffic to your website.

Just know that you will need to put a lot of work to make this work for you.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

4 thoughts on “The Compoundly Method Review-Is This A Scam?”

  1. Thanks for The Compoundly Method presentation. Given how many options online are illegal, I’m glad this one is legal. But it’s a real shame to be misled about possible daily earnings in order to attract people who want to get rich quickly.
    My opinion is that the business, even online, is being built step by step. And when you have a good foundation, the results start to show. This, of course, requires time, work, learning, and dedication. Which also needs to be invested in The Compoundly Method if you want to get the kind of daily earnings as they state.
    I’m glad I read this review, but I’m not thinking about giving it a try.

    1. hey Nina

      Unfortunately this is how the online world is like these days, there are far too many programs just trying to get people to get into their programs and nothing else and compoundly is legit however also has it s negatives.

  2. Hey, thanks for this well-detailed compoundly method review. Another get-rich-quick scheme that is just trying to take people’s hard-earned money.

    As you stated, buying this program means promoting products from JVZoo and WarriorPlus. But those platforms are known to have a lot of low-quality products, unfortunately. This is just a waste of time, overall

    1. hey Warren

      yes indeed you are spot on the platforms have many low quality products and thus I even had to stop promoting these.

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