The Commission Machine Review-Scam exposed?

If you have been looking for a legit Commission Machine Review then you have come to the right place as this will give you an unbiased opinion so you can make your own informed choice at the end.

With many ways to make money online there are also a lot of programs that promise to help you succeed in this way too.

This is why it is vital to not just jump in to any program that you happen to see online that promises to help you. This is why I am happy that you are here doing your own research.

This will always save you from any program that is not legit. This will also help you have knowledge before joining any program you like.

I have been able to find a program that helped me quit my job at a young age (28 years old) and be able to work for myself. I will also talk about it in this review.

The aim of this review is to educate you so you can make you decision. I will not tell you what to do I will just make you aware.

Sounds good?

Okay, let’s begin.

The Commission Machine Review

Program name: The Commission Machine

Niche:Money online

Creator: Michael Cheney rating: 2 out of 5

What is The Commission Machine?

The Commission Machine is basically a program where you are basically taught to send emails in the hope that you will generate an income passively.

However, these are not just any emails but you will be basically sending affiliate marketing emails to people so that they can purchase products or programs and you make money.

So the program is based on a working business model that I also have been using for years which is one of my income sources which is called affiliate marketing.

However, knowing this business model it is easy to see when a program is a scam. The way affiliate marketing should be set up for success is not what this program is teaching.

This is because you will not get the training that is required and you will be basically spamming people’s emails which is not ideal if you are looking to make money with this.

I would say the program is similar to a website called Paid To Read which also promises you to make money easily.

The only thing is that with Paid To Read Email it does not promise to help you make money with affiliate marketing but rather by reading emails.

In any case both these programs are promising you quick results and quick success which is shouting “Scam” from a mile away.

However, what makes The Commission Machine more crazy and weird is that it promises to help you make $2,642.60 per day with just making a small payment to the program.

I still wonder who still falls for such gimmicks in life these days.

All I can say is that these days one has to know what works and have people who are doing well in it and have realistic expectations.

The problem with many programs these days is that they focus on making the gullible people (Those looking to leave their 9 to 5 Jobs) get there programs.

This is all done by using words like “quick money”,”a thousand dollars per day” etc.

Who is the creator of The Commission Machine?

Knowing the creator will help you in so many ways as far as trusting the program and also ensuring that you get the best information in regard to the program.

The creator of the program is a Michael Cheney who is from England and he is an expert in affiliate marketing.

He started his journey for making money online simply by teaching people how to make money with things like adsense which was not his biggest hit.

This was back in 2006 when most people did not believe you could make money online so it was hard to convince people.

The other aspects is that since there were changes to Google Adsense this made this business not pick up for the long term.

This is when he switched to a business model that he kept seeing good results from his friends and others and was not dying down.

He used his skills to make money with affiliate marketing and git help from one of his mentors called Ben Settle.

It was only after then that he was able to create a course and help others. He made a lot of money just from selling that course.

After then, he has involved himself a lot in looking at other ways to make money and some of these include this program.

The guy is legit and is an expert but over the years it has been more about making money from the courses instead of helping people which I do not approve of.

I like to follow people who are there to help others because I know that I failed so much in making money online because it was hard to find such people.

How does The Commission Machine work?

Let us look at what you will be learning with The Commission Machine so you will have an idea of the operations of this course.

The course will basically teach you using 8 modules which I will explain in depthly.

  • Module 1: Getting started

This module is basically an overview and will help you learn a bit about what you need to be aware of throughout the course.

The module is also made for those who are still not aware of opportunities online that they can profit from.

The module is simply an educational one and nothing else so for some who are not new to making money programs this may be a bore to them.

  • Module 2: Research

This part is all about helping you find the best affiliate programs in the market that you can promote and make a huge killing fast.

This is where I think the program is best as this is very valuable to always promote things that are already working well.

This will make a huge difference between you being successful and you being not.

One of the places that you will be using is MunchEye which is mainly a platform for finding software and programs for making money online.

  • Module 3: Angle

This section is all about showing you the best angles to approach this so you can make money easily overtime.

There are 4 angles you will look at and they will be the following:

  1. Money angle
  2. Product angle
  3. The attribute angle
  4. The personal angle

You will get the best angles he has done through his email and you will be able to find which angle you need to use for your emails to be successful.

Even if you do not use it for thus business model but this information is vital for any email marketing campaign.

  • Module 4 Providing incentives

this module is all about making your email subscribers buy more as you will be giving the bonuses so they can purchase.

This module is mainly for JVZOO products.

  • Module 5: Messages

In this module you will learn everything about story telling so that you will be able to finally make a sale with your products that you create.

Having good products to promote is one thing but learning to sell them so you can get a sale is another ball game and that is why in this course you will learn from Michael and his mentor Ben settle how to craft good emails.

  • Module 6: Deploy

This module is a video that is about half an hour long where you will learn how to send emails and have campaign so you can make money.

You will be shown how many times to email and the like.

This will go hand in hand with the previous module.

  • Module 7: The no list method

This is the most confusing module of the course where you will be learning how you can make money not having an email list to sell to.

You will be focusing on Facebook group promotion and other Facebook ways to promote.

You will even be told how to go about making a blog to promote on your Facebook group or groups. As you can see there is way too much information for this.

  • Module 8: Advanced Ninja tactics

This module is more similar to module 4 the difference is that Michael goes in deeper into providing incentives and sending people to their product sales page.

Final analysis

As you can see that the program is there to help you learn what it takes to make money with email marketing and affiliate marketing focusing on 8 modules.

What are the features of Commission Machine?

The Commission Machine is basically going to give you a few things that will help you, according to Michael as follows:

  • 8 modules

This is the main core of the training that will help you learn all the skills of making this happen.

  • Links and websites to refer to.

The links are all those which you will be needing to get products and programs to promote and other incentives.

  • Some templates to follow

Some templates are basically all those in regard to how to regulate your emails so you can make money.

What I like about The Commission Machine

  • The creator is real and legit

The creator Michael is not only real but he is also an expert when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing.

The program is basically made in such a way that he will be teaching you along with his mentor.

  • Easy to follow

The program is not hard to follow as you will just be sending emails.

  • Made for any person

The program is basically made for any person who is looking to ensure they can follow something that is easy.

What I do not like about The Commission Machine

  • The method is not effective

The method is not effective which means that it is not easy for people to actually get the good results.

  • Too much hype

There is a huge hype when it comes to ensuring that you get the program and this means that it is made for people who are gullible.

How can they promise thousand of dollars every day with less work.

  • No good support

The support is not good at all as the whole aim is for you to just get the program and that is it.

Is The Commission Machine a scam?

The Commission Machine is not entirely a scam but it could easily pass as a scam because of the way it is marketed.

I mean all the things that are revealed are good and will ensure that you will learn something that generally works although it may take way too long and hard to do.

The Commission Machine will be able to help you achieve results only if you already have a business that already has an email list and is making some money already.

The creator is real and the methods are known and the people who have used it did see some results although not a lot.

My #1 recommendation for making money

As I said before that I also use affiliate marketing and that is the same program that helped me be able to leave my job and be able to leave my job.

It is the same business model as The Commission machine with the only difference being that you will be mainly doing it correct if you follow a program that focuses on this like the one that helped me.

This is the income that I typically make with my website and I was able to start making money within 6 months of starting out.

DecemberJuly 2021

The program is good since it has a free training to help you check it out and if you are happy you can go through premium.

The free training basically has 10 free training videos and 2 free websites.

You will also have access to a huge community that is ready to help you reactive all the information and encouragement to succeed.

You can check how the program helped me and how it helps others to below.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money online finding the best program is what is needed for you to make a fulltime income.

This is why you need to find a program that will actually help you not one that is a scam like many.

The program The Commission Machine is made in such a way that you will be able to make money by focusing on things like email marketing and affiliate marketing.

The program is made by a good expert called Michael however, it is not made in such a way that you would expect to succeed.

The program also has huge hypes in such a way that you will be easily taken and want to buy the program easily.

The program is not a scam, However it may not be of help when you want to make passive income.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

2 thoughts on “The Commission Machine Review-Scam exposed?”

  1. The 8 training modules set up by Michael Chaney seem to be logical and functional.
    However, if there is little support when needed, it will make it difficult to make money with his system.

    The hype these guys use to promote their products always seems to be over the top…. outrageous claims of how easy it is to make money online with their system. I have found the truth is that none of them will work unless we are prepared to invest time and effort in putting in the right work that will lead to results.

    I like your number one recommendation…. I’m already a member, and it is also working for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Andrew
      Thank you for your feedback. It is truly crazy how these guys mark there programs indeed and that always come of as quick rich scams all the time.

      The main issue is that they always want people to buy now which is crazy. Michael is a expert but he uses crazy tactics.

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