Testerup Review 2023- Is Testerup Legit and Worth Your Time?

If you’re facing financial challenges or struggling with mounting bills, you might be seeking opportunities to earn some extra cash. Online testing and reward platforms like TesterUp claim to assist by compensating you for testing new applications and games.

In this comprehensive Testerup review, we’ll delve into what TesterUp entails, how it operates, and explore various TesterUp reviews and complaints. We’ll discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and tackle the question of whether some consider TesterUp a scam.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points we’ll cover:

  1. What Is Testerup?
    Testerup, established in 2022, is an online platform based in Germany that rewards users for testing new apps and games. If you’re familiar with a similar platform called Testery, Testerup is essentially the same.
  2. Is Testerup Legit?
    Despite initial skepticism due to the prevalence of scams and dubious user testing sites, Testerup is considered legitimate. We’ll analyze potential red flags and concerns in detail.
  3. How Does Testerup Work?
    Testerup functions similarly to survey sites and get-paid-to (GPT) platforms. Users can register for free and begin testing apps, earning rewards for completing specified missions within the apps.
  4. Ways to Make Money on Testerup?
    Users can earn money by completing missions in various apps and games linked through Testerup. These missions could involve reaching specific levels or accomplishing certain tasks within the app.
  5. Who Is Eligible to Use Testerup?
    Testerup is available for residents of Canada and the US who are 18 years or older. Users need to download the specified apps through Testerup to participate.
  6. How Much Does Testerup Pay?
    Potential earnings per offer can be as high as $120 or more, with a total of $800+ available in offers. However, there is a high payout threshold of $70, which might pose a challenge for some users.
  7. Tips to Make Money and Stay Safe Using Testerup
    We’ll provide tips to optimize earnings and ensure safety while using Testerup, including being mindful of the high payout threshold.
  8. Is Testerup Worth Your Time?
    We’ll weigh the potential earnings and ease of use against the high payout threshold to determine if Testerup is worth the time and effort.
  9. Testerup Reviews and Complaints
    We’ll examine user reviews and complaints regarding Testerup, addressing concerns about payments, technical issues, and customer service.
  10. What I Like About Testerup
    We’ll highlight the positive aspects of Testerup, such as its availability on reputable app stores and passing security checks.
  11. What I Don’t Like
    We’ll discuss the drawbacks and concerns associated with Testerup, including potentially misleading claims and high payout thresholds.
  12. Where Do You Go From Here?
    We’ll offer guidance on the next steps for those interested in trying out Testerup, considering the information presented in this review.

We’ll emphasize that this review is based on research conducted using publicly available information and testimonials. Any recommendations and conclusions are personal opinions and may not apply to all individuals or situations. A full disclaimer will be provided for further clarity.

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Stay tuned for the complete review, where we’ll address these points in depth and provide a comprehensive evaluation of Testerup, assisting you in making an informed decision about whether to engage with this platform.

What Does It Mean to Be a Testerup Premium Tester?

To attain the status of a premium member on Testerup, you must successfully complete premium offers known as “Missions.” As of now, the premium offers available are:

  • Coin Master
  • Family Island: Farming Adventure
  • Travel Town
  • Vikings: War of Clans
  • Rate Testerup on Trustpilot

These offers are identifiable in the top right corner of the website as they are labeled as “premium.”

Benefits of being a Premium Tester include:

  1. Access to more jobs and offers.
  2. Higher paying job opportunities.
  3. Exclusive access to specialized jobs and offers.
  4. Participation in the points and premium testers system.
  5. Opportunity to earn Premium Stars.

The exclusive offers available to premium testers have yet to be fully disclosed, as they are dependent on the successful completion of all five premium offers. The exact details of these exclusive offers remain undisclosed, and while they are accessible to some, many have not yet encountered them.

How Can You Earn Money on Testerup?

  1. Testing Apps and Online Offers:
    Users can earn money by testing offers, mobile apps, and other online opportunities. However, it’s essential to note that the time investment required can be substantial. Some tasks may take longer than anticipated, and users typically have a limited timeframe within which they must complete them. Additionally, in-app purchases often demand spending money on premium content, potentially offsetting the earnings made.
  2. Playing Mobile Games and Completing Missions:
    The most popular way to earn on Testerup is by engaging with various games. Currently, these games are playable only on mobile devices. Users have access to a diverse array of games, and the key is to choose games of genuine interest. Each game presents a set of missions or goals that need to be completed to qualify for payment within a specified timeframe. However, users should be aware that while playing games for money can be enjoyable, it may not yield quick returns, and potential upgrades for premium content can incur costs.
  3. Testerup Referrals:
    Testerup previously had a referral program that rewarded users with 10% of what their referrals earned for up to a year. However, this option may not be visible to all users in their dashboard. If available, the referral program serves as an effective means to augment earnings. However, success in this aspect is contingent upon the activity and success of the referrals, as well as the ability to recruit a substantial number of individuals.

Eligibility to Use Testerup:

To be eligible to join Testerup, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be at least 18 years old or older, in line with the standard age requirement for most online platforms involving financial transactions.
  2. Reside in either the United States or Canada, as Testerup is currently exclusively available in these regions. Individuals outside these countries will need to wait for Testerup to extend its services to their respective regions.

In summary, becoming a Testerup Premium Tester involves completing specific premium offers, granting access to exclusive opportunities and higher payouts. To earn on Testerup, users can engage with various offers, test mobile apps, or play games, but it’s essential to consider the time investment and potential costs associated with in-app purchases. Testerup also previously had a referral program, although its availability may vary for different users. Eligibility for Testerup is limited to individuals who meet the age requirement and reside in the United States or Canada.

How Much Can You Earn with Testerup?

To determine if Testerup is a worthwhile endeavor, it’s crucial to understand the potential earnings. So, let’s delve into how much they pay.

For those quickly skimming through, Testerup claims that users can potentially earn up to $120 per test. In fact, some offers boast even higher potential payouts.

For instance, Coin Master currently offers a maximum payout of $165, while Raid: Shadow Legends promises an impressive $227.70.

The overall potential payout is stated as $800. However, keep in mind that offers and earnings are subject to change over time, meaning your potential earnings could be higher depending on when you join.

It’s important to note that the maximum amount you can earn, $800 (or the maximum applicable at the time), is your gross profit, not your net profit. Your net profit will be the gross amount minus the cost of any in-app purchases you make.

Furthermore, becoming a Premium Tester by completing 5 premium offers can potentially increase your earning potential.

Testerup’s Payment Process

Testerup facilitates payments through PayPal, which happens to be my preferred payment processor.

While they claim payments are made within 24 hours, other sections of their site, as previously mentioned when discussing red flags, state that payments usually take 48 hours, potentially extending up to 5 business days.

There have been complaints from individuals regarding longer waiting times, exceeding the 24-hour claim. However, the crucial aspect is that users eventually receive their payment, even though the mission completion and qualification for payment process can take a substantial amount of time.

In terms of payout requirements, they include:

  1. Providing all necessary information to initiate a payout on Testerup.com.
  2. Maintaining only one registered account on Testerup.com, and your PayPal account must be associated with just that one account.
  3. Payments to third-party institutions like trading platforms are not supported.
  4. Ensuring that your earnings have been acquired legitimately and in compliance with Testerup’s terms and conditions.
  5. Not attempting to conceal your identity through methods such as VPN or proxy usage.

However, there’s a catch—the payout threshold is set relatively high at $70 USD, with a maximum of $250 USD per transaction. This means you must accumulate at least $70 before you can withdraw your earnings.

A high payout threshold like this can present several issues for users, including:

  • Increased Risk of Unpaid Work: Users may forfeit their earnings if they quit using the platform before reaching the cash-out threshold, a scenario platforms often anticipate and profit from.
  • Perceived Inaccessibility: A high payout threshold may deter users from even attempting to reach it, discouraging their engagement.
  • Lower Trustworthiness: Users and reviewers may question the rationale behind such a high threshold, potentially leading to doubts about the platform’s integrity and intentions.

While a high payout threshold is a common practice in many online money-making platforms, it can raise concerns about a platform’s motives, particularly in terms of maximizing affiliate revenue and potentially hindering users from reaching the threshold.

In essence, while a high payout threshold is not inherently wrong, it can reduce the appeal and trustworthiness of sites like Testerup.

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