Superstar Blogging Review-What you should know

If you have been wondering whether an investment to Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging course or not, worry not because I ma here to help you out.

With so many programs on that net that seem to promise you a lot it is vita to not get trapped. In this Superstar Blogging Review I will be giving you an unbiased review so you can make your own decision.

I also want to say I am not affiliated with the Superstar Blogging course which means I will not be trying to be biased and all.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I am a full time blogger who has been earning a full time income online since 2019 which allowed me to leave my job as a civil engineer.

Now, I spend my days coaching people how to make money and also helping them decide on which programs that they need to focus on to make legit money.

I spend hours and hours per week either buying programs and looking inside them or simply doing deep and week-long research about the programs.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Superstar Blogging Review

Program name: Superstar Blogging

Creator:Nomadic Matt


Recommended: Yes

Scam:No rating:3.5 out of 5


What is Superstar Blogging?

Superstar Blogging is a course that is made to help people who are looking to make money with blogging with traveling, basically a travel blog.

This thus means that one will be able to learn the techniques of living the laptop lifestyle as they travel which is also something that I do.

The course is geared to help beginners who have never blogged before and it is offered in a comprehensive manner.

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Most people who start blogging always want to do things on their own and this is usually a hard route that leads them to loads of failure along the way.

This is because of all the trail and error they try to do by themselves.

Getting a course is by far the best thing one can do and that is why I always advise people to go for a course instead of trying to do things by themselves.

So this is why the course was made as it is more of a guide for those who are starting out and have no idea how to make things happen.

Who is the creator of the course?

It is always good to check who the creator of the course so that one will have an idea if they are dealing with a legit person or not.

Well, for this course you need not worry?


Well, if you have been in the travel niche or have been reading travel tips on line the chances are you might have bumped into Matt’s work.

He is quite famous when it comes to travelers especially travel bloggers a bit like lostblache who has a huge following.

Matt has been running his blog for years and has been making lots of money while travel blogging.

It was only later that he decided to start a course about blogging to help others with this process.

I have personally been in Matt’s email list for quite some time even before I could live a laptop lifestyle and I can see that he is an authority judging by his work and advise on his emails.

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So when I saw his course I knew it is worth something looking into.

How does Superstar work?

Now that you know a bit about the program let us take a look at how the program works in terms of the modules and all the goodies that you get:

  • Module 1:Setting up and getting started

This section is the most basic where you will be learning the importance of setting up your website by getting a domain name and web hosting.

You will learn a lot here if you have not built a website before. You will be shown how to do it yourself without doing any coding or trying to hire someone.

You will also learn how to choose your domain name for the niche.

  • Module 2:Building a brand

This module is establishing your brand of your website for the long term so that you can keep making money with this.

This is often the most overlooked section by most bloggers which makes their success to not be as big as they wish.

  • Module 3:Creating content

This section will help you learn how to make write content but not just any content but one that converts so that you will be able to have long term success.

You will be taught the difference between regular writing and copywriting which will take your conversions to another levels.

  • Module 4:Social Media and networking

This section will be helping you be able to use social media and integrate it with your blog so that it can be able to attract visitors to your website.

The social media platforms you will learn are the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

You will be shown how Matt does it to help him get good conversions over and over again and build a brand and thus this section is linked with module 3.

  • Module 5: SEO

This section is all about ways to improve your website’s authority on Google so that it will rank higher and you will be able to start getting traffic from Google and thus sales.

  • Module 6:Email marketing

You will then be learning how to do email marketing which is what will be able to help you have a long term business that will give you passive income.

You will be shown how to make a good relationship with your email list and then how you can be able product products to that email list that trusts you.

Module 7: Blog monetization

This section will be showing you different ways you can monetize your blog and this will include things like Affiliate marketing, Ads on your website, Sponsored ads and amazon self-publishing book.

Module 8:Partnering with brands

This is one of the key sources that you will be able to earn well where you partner up with brands on the travel niche that are looking to work with bloggers that are well-established.

How much does Superstar Blogging cost?

The cost of the program is only $99 which is super cheap considering how much most courses in the industry cost,

I think the price is justified and it will be able to help you make money easily if you focus on everything that is taught.

What I like about Super Blogging

  • Very cheap

The course is the cheapest I have seen so far which means it will be easy for any person to get the program and start making money.

This makes it easy for people who have nothing to start and make money overtime.

  • Comprehensive

More than the program being comprehensive it is also super cheap which allows you to be able to learn a lot with the small cost that you will pay.

  • Matt is an expert

Matt is well-known amongst the travel blogging community as I said earlier which makes it super easy to know you are following someone who really knows what they are doing.

What I do not like about Superstar Blogging

  • Not too beginner-friendly as it looks

The program is best for people who already have a website because the beginner part is mainly building the website and this makes it hard for people who are starting out to benefit a lot.

Yes the program is said to be beginner-friendly but as you will see that it is only the first small part that is beginner-friendly so if you are new it will be struggle with following the advanced part.

  • Focuses on one niche

It is hard for people who are looking to learn about other niches as it only covers travel blogs and all things related.

Is Superstar blogging a scam?

The simple answer is that the program is not a scam at all and you will learn legit stuff to help you with your blogging business.

However, the issue is that it may be tricky if you are new and are looking to get a training from beginning to intermediate and then advanced since the program basically jumps from beginner to advanced really quick.

Do I recommend Superstar blogging

Yes I do recommend the course especially if you have a blog already and are stuck and do not know where to take your blog as this course will help you.

I also recommend it because it is super cheap and comprehensive so you will not really be paying a lot.

How I make money online

I have been blogging since 2016 and it was only in 2019 that I was able to make my blogs to earn me a full time income.

This is all attributed to a program that helped me achieve. This is the same program I always recommend to people as I know that it really helped me.

The program is made not only for advanced bloggers but all kinds especially beginners.

The tools in the course and the community is basically what made my blogging go to the next level because the community is there to help.

More than that you can start the program on a free trail without putting any of your money for limited training.

You will be able to also get your own free website which will help you follow through with the free program. After doing the free training it because a no brainer to join the premium.

As for me I joined the premium only a week after I had seen the training for myself.

After that when I joined premium I gave it my full focus and applied the training in my blog and this took me from earning $0 to a full time income you can see below.

July 2021

The good thing is that this is passive I only put the effort in the initial 6 months and after it was just a matter of maintaining the blog.

If you are interested in checking how I did it with the program you can check it below.


Final thoughts

There are many course that promise to help you be able to make money with blogging and thus this means that you need to be very cautious.

Superstar Blogging is a course focused on helping people have a travel blog and make money through it use different methods.

The course is made by a long time and well-known full time travel blogger called Nomadic Matt.

The course is super cheap which allows you to be able to make money following the system that Matt has been using for years to make money online.

The course has been helpful to many travel bloggers and has given them a laptop lifestyle and freedom in general.

The course is super affordable which will allow you to be able to focus on just the implementation.

I do recommend the program if you already have a blog and are looking for a way to help it make you money as this is what the course will help you with.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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