Store Formula Review-Is Jon Mac scam?

With millions of ways to make money online the best thing to do this is to ensure that you find one that will work.

Getting a course that will help you or a mentor that will help you is what is key for making this ambition or dream come through.

Store Formula is a course that claims to help you do this and follow it so you can be start having your fulltime business.

To help you see if these claims are actually valid I will help you look at the program inside out so you can decide for yourself whether it is worth it or not.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Store Formula Review

Product name: Store Formula

Creator: Jon Mac

Price: $3000

What is Store Formula?

Store Formula is basically a course that you will be learning to build your Ecommerce from scratch. Store Formula is basically made for people who have never started any online business.

The course will help you to use a system that will essentially be self-sufficient in helping your business run and for you to start making money online.

Who is the creator of Store Formula?

The course was created by Jon Mac who is a well-known Ecommerce guru who helps people with his YouTube channel and also with his system called EcommerceHQ which is a system that helps people make money with Ecommerce.

He also sells with many other courses for Ecommerce which he makes money with online and we can see that we are dealing with a person who knows what they are doing.

He also claims to be driven by the fact that he wants to help others succeed and make money online but who knows many people can actually claim this and make it work.

How does Store Formula work?

Let us look at what is in the course and how it actually works. This is a course that works with Ecommerce HQ and Dropshipping which is what will help you make money automatically.

Let us look at the modules in the course so you will have an idea:

  • Week 1

On this module for the first week you will be learning how to set up your store on EcommerceHQ. This will also be the main introduction of how the business works and how to make it work for you.

This module will have about 10 videos that you will need to watch.

  • Week 2

This module again has 10 videos and the purpose of this video is to help you find and select the best products for your business so you can be profitable.

  • Week 3

This section is all about setting up ads so you can drive traffic to your products and this is what will be key to actually making money.

You will be focusing mainly on Facebook Ads which will be your main source of traffic.

  • Week 4

This module is about helping you outsource your work once your business has started running and started generating income.

What are the features of Store Formula?

The course is mainly made out if video which is what you will be following. You will also be doing some reading although that is a bit little.

The course is also made in webinar type of manner which is what will also help spice things up for you.

The course mainly focuses on Dropshipping that is based in the United states of America.

How much does Store Formula work?

The price is something you should know before you commit to this course. For the course you will need $997 at least and this is just gaining access to the course.

You still have to factor in other costs like the Traffic part and also getting the EcommerceHQ system which is the key to the whole system working.

So pretty much you will end up paying something about $2000 and more.

This for me is very expensive since not any beginner is looking to pay that amount just to get started.

What I like about Store Formula

In this section I will go over things I like about the course.

  • Real creator

It is always refreshing to see a course that has an actual person that you can be able to refer to and see them showing you all of this.

  • Dropshipping is legit

Unless you have been living under a rock you should know that Dropshipping is one of the legit ways to make money which should ease your mind that you are focused or using something that is likely to work.

  • Good support

You will be able to get the support you require with this course as Jon Mac is there to help you out with his team via his groups.

What I do not like about Store Formula

With any course there will also be things that are not good so I will be telling you about things I do not like about the course.

  • Too expensive

The course is very expensive and this makes it hard for any beginner who is looking to make side income be able to access it. You would need loads of cash which I doubt most people would have who are looking to start making money online.

  • Too much effort needed

Even though Dropshipping is a legit course it is also vital to note that it has too much admin such as handling shipping and all of those things.

By nature, it also is known to be expensive to start off if you are looking to make money online.

Is Store Formula a scam?

Here is a part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the course is a scam or not and to put it simply the course itself is not a scam.

This is because it works with a model that is proven to work (Dropshipping).

Final thoughts

When it comes to make money online there are many ways do this and Dropshipping is one of the ways you can do to make this happen.

Store Formula is a course that you will be able to make money with Dropshipping to use a system that can be able to make things easier for you.

There is a creator for this course and his name is Jon Mac who has been doing Dropshipping for a while and has been making money online.

The main thing I do not like is the fact that it is very expensive which makes it hard for people to start and use this course.

The course itself is legit and will be able to make you money as long as you have time and effort to finally see the results.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

9 thoughts on “Store Formula Review-Is Jon Mac scam?”

  1. In this review of the Store Formula review seems to be a little out of our league with it being over $2,000. We could not afford this for being a beginner lots of people will steer away from this only because they need money themselves.
    We are glad that we found this website and uncovered the truth about Store Formula and how it works.
    Can not wait until your next review we look forward these weekly reviews we are learning what business are good and which ones are not.


  2. Hi Thabo, Thanks for your review of Jon Mac and his Store Formula review.
    Wow $3,000 is a lot of money. But as you say it seems legit.
    What concerns me about the drop shipping business model is competition. I was taking a look at another drop shipping course recently that cost even more $4,000 and mainly focused on coffee mugs and t-shirts. Both of these products are high competition and the markups weren’t great considering all the costs and competition online.

    I was thinking you’d have to see a lot of coffee mugs at around $5 profit just to recoup the cost of the course.

    Of all the drop shipping courses you have reviewed is this your preferred course?

    1. hey John

      Good to hear your views on this topic. Yes the course is very expensive especially if you have to consider you still have to pay money for running your business which ends more.
      No this is not my preffered on. My preferred one is eCom Elites which I have also reviewed and it is quiet fair and does the job.

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    Good luck

  4. Hi there!

    Wow, $3k! Well, to be honest I’ve seen ones that cost more and people seems to be happy with it. For me it seems a bit expensive but if you are serious about these things I will take your word from it! Thank you!!

    1. Hey Markus

      Good to hear your views about this. I am merely helping people decide so these are my thoughts about Store Formula.

  5. Hi Thabo,
    Thanks for this review. I was really interested in it because of my sister who is researching to start Ecommerce Dropshipping.

    Right off the bat, I could see that the Store Formula is not newbie friendly because it is pricey. Furthermore, Module 4 focusses on the use of Facebook ads which themselves require a heavy cash investment if you want to derive any benefit from them.

    Dropshipping, I am told, can be a tricky enterprise because of its competitive nature. Do you know of any other online program that is a combo of live workshop classes and videos where participants can ask questions? I think that will be more helpful for my sister.


    1. Hey Ceci

      Good to hear that about your sister looking for a way to make money online. Yes this program is not for everyone.
      I do not recommend Store Formula but would recommend something like E-Com Elites which can give you everything with a small price.

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