Do you want to Learn how I quit my high paying Civil Engineering job  to earning a fulltime income online and travelling the world fulltime and doing my sport (dancing)?

This is an example of the income I earn while travelling or sleeping. Cool right?

But first here are some people who are killing it in the affiliate marketing space just like me:

Grant made his first $1000 with this system

Phil makes $500 while sleeping



Who I am?


Hello my name is Thabo and I am an ex-engineer who dropped it all to make a living fulltime. I earn thousands monthly passively and mentor many people around the around the world do the same.

I started looking for ways to make money online in 2015 because I seriously wanted to dance fulltime with my girlfriend.

After realizing that corporate was not going to give me the freedom that I needed to dance and travel frequently I was devastated to the core.

I also realized that even though I was going to have money in my job it was only going to increase after many years once I have about  6-10 years experience (Yuks, not for me).

Me in 2016 as a site engineer


So while searching in 2015 I was met with many scams which did not give me proper training for making money online.

I tried many methods which includes dropshipping, ecommerce, selling my own services online etc and all of them just did not work.

More than that they required so much of my capital to start and handling of services.

I then stumbled upon affiliate marketing which looked so promising for me because I did not have to make products or services of my own but could make money through commissions.

This gave me goosebumps at the time to say the least……

So I joined different programs to get training and I applied myself hard. After so much efforts I found out all these were basically scams.

At this point I was so discouraged that I could ever make this happen…

Later on during work when I was browsing on the internet I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and they also showed me what I could achieve with affiliate marketing,

At this point I was so skeptical of this that I did not want to pay for any training because I was tired of being scammed.

However what made me join Wealth Affiliate was that I saw that they allowed a person to start on a free training to check for themselves if they like the program or not.

I was like ” I seriously do not have anything to lose and plus I can decide once I see the training”

I then joined in 2018 to check it out.

Within a few weeks I decided to give it a try and pay the premium because I saw that there was a very active community and I saw many people actually getting results and helping each other.

I also joined because I saw that I was going to be guided  because as soon as I joined my mentor started talking to me and I could contact them anytime.

To make a long story short the same person was able to help me even after I joined premium and was always there to ensure I succeed.

You see I had never had that before in other programs where you get so much help.

So beyond the training which I followed fully the mentorship and community are what made a huge difference because everyone wants others to win too.

My success Story online

7 best ways on how to make money as a teenager online

After a few months of working hard and following the training my website was able to start seeing so much progress on my website.

This is what happened in a few months.(Visitors on my online store/website).

After 5-6 months I started generating sales and  after 1 years everything was consistent so this is what happened while I was on holiday with my girlfriend…


The crazy part is that this started picking up like crazy and most of it is passive meaning I do not need to put in the hard work that I had to when I started as you can see how my sales increase monthly making thousand dollars.

Below are all my sources of income that I get from different websites.


The cool thing is that this is just one of my earnings. I am also earning on different programs such as amazon and more.

You see I never would have never been able to earn this in my corporate job currently and also I would have never been able to have made it while I was traveling the world or sleeping.

The great thing about affiliate marketing , if you do it right, you can be able to increase your earnings while you sleep like I am.

This has even allowed me to focus on my Forex Trading which was able to pick up in 2019 and now I have more than two sources of income.

You see the benefits of affiliate marketing? You can have time freedom or even build more streams of income on the side because the website will work for you whether you like it or not and keep getting paid whether you like it or not.

All it took was just a decision and my life changed.

These are pictures of me travelling in Vietnam and meeting friends at the start of 2022. Most people on my Facebook and Instagram call me a Jet setter (lol)

Joining Wealthy Affiliate was amazing for me for obvious reason because as I write this I am in another country doing what I love (dancing) because I have time freedom.

Me and my dance students abroad.


Here are other members who are just like me and you (regular people) who knew nothing about this and also wanted more money and time freedom and time with their family and friends.

They all took the decision to start with wealthy affiliate, the system that I am about to show you, and now they are living their dreams.

Dylan has left his job and makes over $2k per month

James who is straight out of college made his first $500

Jerry who is 22 years old is making over $100k per month and this was what he made in a week




So How do you make money with this?

It is very simple…

You essentially  get taught how to build a website centered around your niche and you make that website earn through commissions/sales. This is called affiliate marketing.

Now in order to understand what the program is about before you start, it is vital to know if you will get training and if it will be enough.

I know this was the most crucial aspect before I started my online business.

In order to succeed in affiliate marketing or eCommerce it is very important to know the correct strategies and most importantly to know if it is current and relevant.

I do not care how good of an internet marketer you are if you do not have the current strategies of optimizing your site or driving traffic to your site, you will fail online.

So in any affiliate marketing company training or e commence you need to check if you will get proper training which is most relevant.

So wealth Wealthy Affiliate this is what you get as I explained.

More than that I will give you a bonus if you entered through here and that is to be your mentor to help you with anything until you start making money too.

I do this because I still want to show more people time freedom and show them that not all things are scams and thus why I want to help others too.

What you are taught and how you will make money:

You may have heard about Hotel booking platforms like right?


What you may have not heard is that these companies like can make you money with you just recommending  a certain hotel to your friends or colleagues.

What do I mean?

Here is an example:

Let’s say that your friends are thinking of visiting some holiday destination in Spain and are looking for a good place to stay there.

You can simply go to and find a good hotel for them and get your FREE affiliate link from and send it to your friends.

When they book and pay for that place you will make money…. Just like that.

Crazy right?…

I am sure you can see that it is that easy and you did not own any product but you promoted something and got paid.

So that is what affiliate marketing is and that is what you will be taught at wealthy affiliate using your website to promote products to your audience and get paid.

And do not worry you do not have to promote to your family or friends (no one likes that anyways) instead Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to get an audience from around the world for your chosen website naturally.

Here are the steps that the training will help you with:

Step 1: Choose and Build your website niche

You will chose a topic you like to talk about (maybe cats, cars etc) and then you will be shown how to create a website from scratch.

Step 2:Get an audience for your website (niche)

This step is what you will need to make money and you will be show the best methods to do this).

Step 3:Join affiliate programs

This step you will be shown are the best programs you can promote and you will have loads to choose from.

Step 4: Start making money

how to earn money online fast

You Will then start making money using these simple proven methods like all of us.