Slice the pie scam review-Will they actually give you good income?

If you are on this post you are mostly likely looking to see if you will be able to make real money when it comes to slice the pie platform.

You have come to the right place as I will be doing a slice the pie scam review for you so you are better knowledgeable with my experience with the platform.

Surveys and other platforms have been one of the preferred ways to make money online easily, right?

But the question is do these platforms work?

The simple answer is that not really, unless you do many of them although this will wear you out. The hype and buzz has been about slice the pie as something seemingly different.

Well I will be giving you the answer to this in this post.

I have been able to work from home after quitting my job to work on my online business full time which has been rewarding.

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Now, let’s start with the review without further ado.

Slice the pie review

Product name:Slice the pieSlice the pie scam review

Price: Free to join

Support: Yes

Minimum payment threshold: $10

Testimonials: Yes rating: 7 out 10

Slice the pie Overview

You can check the view as an overview about what slice the pie is

Slice the pie, simply put, is an entertainment platform whereby you get paid for reviewing things like music, art which in turn helps the artists who are upcoming.

I like to look at these platforms as a way of helping people who are talented with their work, but have not been exposed yet to get recognition and support for the talents.

The platform has improved over the years adding more items for subscribers to review and put in their feedback.

This platform is quite different to many reviewing platforms online such as paid surveys which you have to fill in forms and the like (yarns).

Who is slice the pie for?

To be honest I would say that slice the pie is definitely geared for people who are looking to have fun and get small pocket money for this.

I am not joking when I say you will enjoy reviewing their items as their music section usually is 1 minute 30 seconds.

If you are looking to earn a substantial amount I am afraid you will be disappointed to say the least.

“What if I do many reviews on their platform”

Although this is possible to review a lot of items to increase your income this will not be enough because the commission you get is very little. You are literally cashing in cents.

I will show you what I mean with some screenshots just now.

Although you do get bonuses for your referring your friends and family and also EVERY TIME they review this will not add up to a huge amount.

This is the reason people end up saying this platform is a scam. People have huge expectation already when they see the possibilities of this platform.

Below is a screenshot of what you can earn from this platform so you can have an idea.

Slice the pie scam review

As you can see on the screenshot

The earning potential is as follows:

The earning potential for this platform works according to how thorough, deep and honest your review is.

So what do I mean by this?

You get starts according to what star you get which is related to how good and thorough your review is. Below is how much you get for each star.

One star= 0.03$

Two stars=0.06$

Three stars=0.09$

Four stars=0.12$

Five stars=0.15$

As you can see the amount is relatively low for the amount of time your review. Imagine you do 20 good reviews which last for 5-10 mins each.

You will make about $3 in 1 hour 30 minutes can you imagine that. I hope you can see what I mean about not earning a lot with this platform.

What sets this platform apart from others is the fact that they filter all the reviews you write to see if it is legit or not.

However, the negative with this is that sometimes it can reject your honest well thought out review and you may have to re-write this many times.

This is one thing that can derail you from making many reviews for getting more money (as mentioned above).

slice the pie scam review

I do understand that they want to make sure that the reviews that are put are legit and are not just copy paste but this is what has been a bit of frustration.

Having said all of this platform can really making you addicted if you love music and reviewing.

Pros and Cons


  • Great reviewing content
  • Easy to use
  • Anyone person can do this


  • Doesn’t work in most Asian countries and Arabic countries
  • Very low pay for each review
  • You can mostly review music
  • Filtering process can be frustrating

What is the price plan

Slice the pie scam review

Like almost all reviews or survey platforms Slice the pie is absolutely free for anyone to use. You just register and open an account using your email address.


Slice the pie has a decent support from my experience as they responded to all my queries with 24 hours of me sending out my concerns.

They also do send you an email when you start detailing where to send your concerns when you have a platform.

I also found that if you send complaints about issues concerning compensation for your reviews they do tend to not fully reply to you.


So here is the interesting section. Is slice the pie platform a scam or legit?

The platform is 100% legit because you do get you commission instantly and the support is there so what they do promise you do get.

The people that get disappointed are those going in expecting to make a lot of money or even a full time income.

The point is to go in for looking for pocket money and you will enjoy this platform.

If you are looking to make a full time income online you need to be do something which will allow you to do that and where you will be needing to work hard to build it.

I have done that for myself whereby I earn money from home and have been building my online business for 2 years.

This has given me the ability to work from home and quit my office job.

The reason I joined the platform is because it was free to join and I had the ability learn while I was building for 2 years.

You can join the platform for free (no credit card details needed) and explore the platform to see if you enjoy the training and the 24-hour support while building your full time income with your online business.

Final thoughts

Most people are looking to make a lot of money with reviews and most people tend to look at surveys or other reviews to make money.

However these are not going to give you a lot of money or at least a full time income. These will mainly give you pocket money.

Slice the pie is also another great reviewing site which you mainly review music and help upcoming artist with your opinions.

When writing a review you must make sure you are honest and make it thorough because the filtering process can make you not be able to go to the next review which means less money per day.

Although I wouldn’t say slice the pie is my best way for making money online I will say that this company is legit and does give you value for what its worth.

I just feel they could give the people reviewing a bit more money to match the time they put to make reviews.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope you found it very educational. If you have any questions or any comments you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Slice the pie review

Good for pocket money only

This program is good for kids or for people who want to make pocket money because the money you make is too little to make it a proper income.

6 thoughts on “Slice the pie scam review-Will they actually give you good income?”

  1. This site seems it would be good for kids to earn a little pocket money, Is there an age to be accepted, so many of these sites are offering next to nothing to review their product, I think time would be better spent doing a genuine online business, just my thoughts.

    1. Yes I would also agree on the kids using this site to make money or teens for pocket money. Yes this site has no restrictions except for certain countries

      Yes a full time business is definitely the way as I mentioned as that has really helped me.

  2. Wow! I had never heard of Slice The Pie before; I didn’t even know there was such a program out there. I love listening to music, but my reviews are always beneath pathetic. I’d be getting lots of low star ratings. It’s great that you reviewed this. I’m going to tell my music-loving kids about it. Who knows what will happen?

    1. Ha ha Cathy

      Yeah maybe you shouldn’t try hey but I would believe that you can dedicate more time on a full time online business which will reward you in the long run.
      Yes definitely for your kids they would have good income from it. They do not have any pressure for paying bills.

  3. Hi Thabo,

    I’m a student myself, I tried joining slice-the-pie a few years ago, I think it was 2017(or 2016) not sure!

    They asked me for a whole lot of information, only to tell me that my request to join has been denied, did they manage to fix that registration problem? Or did you use a VPN to circumvent proxies?

    I would also like to say that, I definitely agree with you when you say that the filtering process can be frustrating, I got so frustrated with it that I never ever attempted to join it again.


    1. Hey Kay

      I do not know anything about the registration issue as I did not face any problem of that sort on the website man. I guess they have fixed it since it works ok.
      I mean I have been reviewing for the last 5 month straight and referring some friends who also did not mention any of that issue.

      Yeah the filtering system is hectic at time dude.

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