Shaklee review-The truth Exposed

Welcome to the shaklee review where I expose the truth about this company when it comes to its products and its business model.

I promise to stay unbiased throughout this review so that you can get all the information you need before considering this program.

I also want to congratulate you for taking your time to do some research about this company before committing to it.

Here are topics I will talk about in this review:

  • Overview of the company
  • How it works
  • The features
  • Testimonies
  • The verdict

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Shaklee Review

Company: ShakleeShaklee review


Creator: Dr Shaklee 3.8 out of 5

Shaklee Overview

Shaklee is basically a network marketing company also known as Multi Level Marketing company and distributes its products in this business model.

Shaklee focuses on supplements for well-being and health. The company has been in operation since 1956 and is going strong.

The company started off with selling natural biodegradable products cleaning products in 1960 and has since grown to focus mainly of nutrition and supplement ts

Who is the founder?

Just like with all my reviews I make sure to check and do research on the founder so that we will know that we are not dealing with a scammer.

So the founder of the company was a Dr Shaklee and he decided to start off the company with his son in 1956 where they wanted to provide better products to the public.

This is also what led Dr Shaklee to start a foundation for helping people in this regard.

Despite the companies efforts to be able to create a company focusing on MLM to distribute its products it soon led to the company having lawsuits against it.

Pros and Cons


  • Their compensation plan is bigger than most MML companies
  • Their products are well tested and clinically proven.
  • All the products are natural and have natural ingredients

How does it work?

Now to understand how the company works I generally look at two things and that is the products or services and the business opportunity.

We will start with looking at the products:


The company is built around the structure of natural products which have a huge impact on developing health and that is what makes them unique.

So below are some products they sell:

  • Shaklee baby
  • Daily care
  • Anti aging collection
  • Energizing tea

So are these products of good quality or not. Well according to my research the company has had a long history of taking care of their products.

This is because they have always been a company which focuses on helping the environment become green and health.

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This is the reason that their products go under multiple testes for safety and you can also see on the website that they do pride themselves with this.

I have once used their products in the past and I can safely say no harm happened to my skin.

However I have to say that I did not really particularly like the product I used from them merely because the smell was not my favorite.

If you are a fan of fresh mint smell on your body than Shaklee might just be for you.

I do not know about their other products however so I wouldn’t comment.

The business opportunity

The Shaklee as I said before is notorious with promoting their business opportunity at every chance they get. I do not particularly say this is a bad thing. I just see it as a bit weird.

How does the business opportunity work

Let’s look into the business opportunity further:

The business model is that of a network marketing company (MLM) where you get a commission just for selling their products.

The compensation are divided into what products you sale and the people you recruit.

Gold member compensation:

Here is where you get sales for each time that you sell a gold related pack and you will be given $50.

If you sell a gold plus pack you get $100.

This is just the basic of how the program works. Now there is more to how it works where you get even more compensation for recruiting people into your team.

I will let you watch the video because explaining will be long as they have a very lengthy compensation plan.


With any successful company you are sure to find a great support system for the customers or the sales rep.

So how is the support structure of shaklee?

Well the simple answer is BAD.

This is more so for customers who are buying the products online. This is because they end up not following back on customers complains.

One of the biggest things is that they can charge you and tell you that they couldn’t find any problem at all.

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Now this does not happen to everyone and it certainly did not happen to me but it did happen to my colleagues when I still had a corporate job.

I found this very bad because even if it was just a mistake they should be helpful to that customer .

I have never really heard any complaints about the products themselves and that is why I do believe they have legit and helpful products.

When a person decided to be a distributor the company does help them get started and the whole process is smooth and good.

So the support for the distributors seems very on point. So now let us check how their training is.


Shaklee review

The reason I am looking into the training is because I believe that with any successful network marketing company there should definitely be training for the sales representatives.

This is called personal development and helps make sure everyone has the skills to be able to sell.

When it comes to Shaklee and training you can never beat them because they do make sure to provide some best training in the world for network marketing.

This is done through a program called Glacken University training program which aims to training all sales rep at a world level.

This is the reason that they have one of the best earning distributors. Below is one of their training.


To clarify if any of their products or their business opportunity works it is good to look at the testimonies.

When it comes to testimonies the only negative ones are from customers who have complaint about the company now giving them their products.

This is purely because of the support I did talk about early which is lacking. Below are some complaints you will see online from customers.

The verdict

This is a part you may have been waiting for where I tell you if this is a scam or not and if it will work or not.

Well the simple answer is that Shaklee is legit and it works if you put in the time and treat it as a business.

Below are the reason why it works:

  • Creators are real

It is always good follow a company with a real leader because he or she can always account if something goes wrong and he or she can be seen.

  • The products are been intensely tested

As I said that the products undergo intense testing before being released to the customers and this shows high quality of service.

  • There is a product you sell on top of the recrutiong

Unlike normal pyramid schemes this company has an actual product you will be selling and make a living with.

Final thoughts

When it comes shaklee it is a network marketing business which has been running for more than 50 years to serve people with their products.

The products are high quality because they are tested very well and no customers have really complained about their products.

The big thing they have is the business opportunity which is network marketing.

The company is a legit network marketing because it does sell products while it still focusing on the recruiting part too for making money.

They also have a good training system to make sure all the sales reps benefit well with them.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope you enjoyed it and benefited from it. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be happy to respond.

4 thoughts on “Shaklee review-The truth Exposed”

  1. Great read! Thanks for providing an in-depth, thorough, and informative review of this product. I have heard of Shaklee before but I didn’t know of its benefits and whether it was a legit product or not but after this read, I can say I know enough to buy it. Cheers!

  2. Good evening, Sir! Very informative article. I had not heard of Shaklee before today, but you did an excellent job of breaking down what it is, its’ pros and cons, as well as your overall opinion of it. I always love and appreciate honest, objective, thorough analyses of products, sites, and services. I know that my intelligence isn’t being insulted. Great job! God bless you!

    1. Hey C.N

      I always ensure to provide great value so that we can make better decisions in the future. The pros and Cons are good to know an overall view of the company.

      Shaklee is one of those new MLM companies that are trung to grow.

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