SEO Affiliate Domination Review-Worth it or scam?

So, when I dove into affiliate marketing, it was like a jungle of new products every day. But let me tell you, most of them were, well, let’s just say not great. Copy-paste jobs or outdated rehashes, you name it.

Here’s the kicker – many were into the paid ad circus or some push-button gimmick that’s just a fast track to disappointment.

Now, enter SEO Affiliate Domination, a course that claims to be all about SEO, no paid ads, no crazy tactics. The real question – is it worth a dime?

Before I spill the SEO Domination tea, let’s chat about what you should look for in an affiliate marketing course.

Finding the Right Affiliate Marketing Course

Before we deep dive into SEO Domination, let’s talk about choosing an affiliate marketing course. Now, assuming you know what affiliate marketing is – promoting someone else’s product and getting a cut when it sells.

Sure, theoretically, you could jump into it without a guide, but let’s be real, you’d need a course. Something to point you in the right direction, spill the secrets, and help you dodge the pitfalls.

I’d steer clear of dirt-cheap courses. Most are just quick cash grabs, missing the crucial info. Instead, look for:

  1. Reputable Author: Someone who knows the ropes.
  2. Proven Success: A track record of wins.
  3. Method Matters: Should align with your vibe.
  4. Cost vs. Value: Don’t go broke, but value matters.
  5. No Sneaky Costs: Avoid hidden financial traps.

Now, let’s dive into SEO Affiliate Domination and see what Greg Jeffries brings to the table.

SEO Affiliate Domination Unveiled

So, SEO Affiliate Domination dances to a different tune. Most courses are all about paying for traffic, but not this one. It’s all about free traffic, mainly through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Perfect for those on a budget, not so great if you’re in a hurry for cash. SEO takes time, but hey, you can’t have it all – cheap and quick or expensive and fast.

Now, who’s the brain behind this? Enter Greg Jeffries. This dude, active in affiliate marketing since 2017, has over a decade of SEO wizardry. Plus, he’s a top dog in ClickFunnels, so yeah, he knows the money game.

SEO Affiliate Domination Modules

The course stretches over 11 days, but hold your horses. Don’t rush through. Take your time, understand one module before jumping to the next. Slow and steady wins the race.

Now, you get two paths:

  1. Authority Website: Build one super-informative site.
  2. Mass Web Pages: Multiple smaller sites.

Both work with Greg’s SEO method. Now, the juicy part – the modules.

Module 1-2: SEO Basics & Domains/Hosting

Get the lowdown on SEO and dive into the basics of domains and hosting. It’s simple stuff, but Greg gives it an SEO twist, which most courses miss.

Module 3-4: Registering Domain Names & Setting Up Hosting

Handle your domain game and set up hosting. Crucial steps for affiliate success.

Module 5-6: WordPress Themes & Plugins

Now, the fun part – build your website. Learn about themes and plugins to make it a magnet for buyers and search engines.

Module 7-8: Keywords Introduction & Keyword Planner

Enter the SEO arena. Learn about keywords, how to pick them, and plan your keyword strategy. Things start to heat up.

Module 9-10: Keyword Tools & On-Page SEO

Explore tools to pick killer keywords without breaking the bank. Then, dive into on-page SEO. Craft content that’s not just reader-friendly but also SEO-friendly.

Module 11: Off-Page SEO

The final stretch. Build those backlinks for SEO domination.

SEO Affiliate Domination Verdict

The last module is more of a pat on the back for finishing the course.

To sum it up, SEO Affiliate Domination seems legit. Greg Jeffries, with his SEO mastery, guides you through the affiliate marketing maze. It’s a slow burn, but with a 60-day money-back safety net, why not give it a shot?

So, if you’re keen on giving your affiliate game an SEO boost, SEO Affiliate Domination might just be the ticket. Slow and steady, my friend.

So, here’s the scoop on the pricing: the course sets you back $997. Now, you can slice that into a few payments, but expect a bit more on the tab.

Now, the cool part is if you show Greg that you’re not swimming in cash from the course within a certain timeframe, he’s got your back. You’ll get a full refund on what you shelled out for the course. Nice safety net, right?

Now, let’s chat about the good and the not-so-good stuff.


  • The course creator knows the SEO and affiliate marketing game.
  • It’s a gem for learning how to snag free traffic through SEO.
  • There’s a sweet community vibe with a killer Facebook group.
  • The money-back guarantee is on point.


  • Some info is a bit light on details.
  • Heads up, it’s a slow-and-steady method. Not for the fast cash dreamers.

Quick Results Trick:
So, one nifty move I found super handy in the SEO Affiliate Domination game was messing around with auctioned domains.

Now, Greg Jeffries in the course suggests nabbing expired domains using services like Fresh Drop. Not a bad call, but my hot take? Auctioned domains are where the real magic happens.

Why, you ask? Well, after poking around and testing over 100 expired domains with a scraper, turns out many of them don’t bring the positive link juice like auction domains do. Plus, the auction ones flex some serious muscle, making it easier to climb the ranking ladder.

You can snag these auctioned domains in spots like Go Daddy auctions, but here’s the kicker: save yourself some time and check out TB Solutions. They’re rocking a bunch of top-notch domains, and you can grab some sweet ones for less than a hundred bucks. Bonus: hit up this link, and you’ll score an extra 7% off.

Extra Goodies:
Now, what’s rad about this course is it’s always getting spruced up. It’s like every month, bam, a fresh webinar or video drops, loading you up with new tricks and strategies.

And guess what? There’s a Facebook group that’s a lifesaver. Greg’s on the ball, usually firing back answers within an hour. You can tell he’s legit caring about this course.

Final Verdict:
Greg Jeffries nailed it with a course that’s got newbie-friendly vibes but also throws in some advanced SEO wizardry. The moves he dishes out? They’ll have you swimming in positive cash flow in no time.

No more pulling your hair out waiting ages for results like other affiliate marketing courses. That’s why I’m waving the flag for this course. If you’re itching to dive into affiliate marketing and kickstart a legit business, this one’s the way to go. Trust me on that!Conclusion:

So, SEO Affiliate Domination is like a handy tool for folks diving into affiliate moolah without a truckload of cash for PPC ads. It’s a solid choice, but just so you know, there are other options out there that won’t hit your wallet as hard. Your call, my friend!

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8 thoughts on “SEO Affiliate Domination Review-Worth it or scam?”

  1. Thank you for this SEO Affiliate Domination Review, as I never had heard from it! It looks affordable, which is definitely a change from other courses, lots of them are very expensive and not worth it, in my opinion.
    I do have a question though, you say that there are 2 paths and the second has: Mass Web Pages: Multiple smaller sites.
    Why would we not start with just one site, to learn? Multiple sites at once seem quite hard to start with! thanks!

    1. You’re welcome! I totally get your point about affordability. As for your question, starting with one site is indeed a great approach, especially for learning and mastering the ropes of affiliate marketing. It helps you focus your energy and attention, and once you’ve built a solid foundation and gained confidence, you can consider expanding to multiple sites. It’s all about finding a pace that works for you and gradually scaling up. Best of luck with your affiliate marketing journey! 🚀

  2. This SEO Affiliate Domination review is thorough and informative! I’m curious, have you personally tried the techniques taught in this course, and if so, what kind of results did you experience? Additionally, how did the slow-and-steady approach impact your affiliate marketing success compared to faster methods?

    1. I haven’t personally tried the techniques from SEO Affiliate Domination, but I’d love to hear from others who have. And about the slow-and-steady approach versus faster methods, that’s a fascinating angle! If anyone has insights on this, feel free to share your experiences. Let’s dive into this affiliate marketing journey together! 🚀

  3. Hey,

    Excellent review on SEO Affiliate Domination.

    I agree that this does sound like a great and handy tool for affiliate marketers. Especially the affiliate marketers who are struggling with their SEO.

    I think a lot of affiliate marketers don’t know or understand just how important SEO is for an online business. SEO Affiliate Domination will help them and it will even help non-Affiliate Marketers.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your positive feedback! I’m glad you found the review helpful. SEO Affiliate Domination does seem like a useful tool, especially for affiliate marketers navigating the complexities of SEO. You’re right—understanding the importance of SEO is key for online success, and tools like these can make a significant difference. Appreciate your encouragement!

  4. Your article is both informative and exciting. The world of SEO is not an easy platform to venture into and it’s comforting to know that there are networks or platforms to join either on Facebook to learn and gain experience for other communities. Otherwise this is a great product and is something worth looking into to improve your SEO skills. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your positive feedback! I’m glad you found the article informative and exciting. Indeed, joining SEO communities on platforms like Facebook can provide valuable learning experiences. If you decide to explore this product to enhance your SEO skills, I wish you success in your journey!

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