Senegence Scam review- Why you shouldn’t trust this company

Welcome to my Senegence review where I explore whether this company is good to join or not and whether they have the best products for consumers or not.

This is an unbiased review where I dig deep to check every single detail needed to know about this company.

So what will this review include?

  • Company overview
  • How it works
  • The verdict (is it a scam or legit)

The reason for this review is because I used to be passionate about network marketing until I found something which worked better for me to make money online which has worked well.

Before we start you may be interested in checking how I make money online while having a control with my time.

Senegence Review

Company name: Senegence


Creator: Joni Rogers rating: 1out of 5

Senegence Overview

Senegence is basically a cosmetic company which makes products related to personal care and also has a business opportunity included like any other network marketing company.

This Multilevel Marketing company was started in the United States of America in the year 1999 and its headquarters are in California.

The company started off with selling lipstick related products only in 1999 after which it diversified into many products as it is right now.

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Now it focuses on personal care products like skincare, makeup, lipcare etc.

So who is the founder?

The founder of Senegence is Joni Rogers who started the company by raising funds through her sales career.

She had done the world of network marketing before starting the company which was going to be her full time business.

Pros and Cons


  • The company has stood the test of time in operation.


  • Their products are not animal tested
  • Building your business only online
  • Personal care products are not good quality
  • Too many complaints from customers
  • Not easy to make money as a sales representative.
  • New Network marketing company compared to most
  • Customer service is very poor

How does the company work

Now let’s look at what the company offer and how does it actually work. There are two components to this just like any network marking company or MLM and that is the products and the business models.

We will start with exploring the products as always.


So what products does the company actually offer? Below is the list:

  • Cosmetic related products
  • Lipcare products
  • Antiaging skincare products
  • Botique items
  • accessories

Is the quality of the products good?

To be honest according to what I have researched and checked mots people complain about most of the products. In fact the products make people’s skin have problems more than before.

If you go online even on social media you will not be short on seeing complaints about their products ruining someone’s skin.

The funny thing is that they advertise their products as “Long-lasting” which is not true.

Now that we have seen that the products are nothing good really let’s check if you can earn any money on the business side of things.

Business opportunity

If you want to start your own business they will offer you this chance whereby you become a sales representative.

The business model is pretty legit and not a pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme because you are merely focused on selling a product to the customer.

There is still recruiting of people to your business but it is now emphasized like other MLM companies which makes it safer.

However, the problem comes when a person is looking to earn more money and became financially independent.

The structure looks alluring but once you do the maths you will see that it will be hard to rank higher and be a top sales rep.

I though this me who saw this but when I also saw other testimonies from other sales representatives my claims were more true.

You will basically end up working harder than any other network marketing opportunity

Here is the breakdown of the compensation plan so you can see it yourself.


I would never be a good review without putting in some real testimonies from real people so you can decide for yourself if this is a good opportunity or not.

So here are some testimonies:

Who is it for?

Let us now look at who this company and its product is for so we can know if we are wasting our time or not.

The only people who can benefit from the MLM (network marketing) side of the business are those who are guru in this field.

This is because these people by nature will not need training to succeed. However, for others they will not survive.

The verdict

In this part I will be answering if this is actually legit or if it is a scam.

My simple answer is that this company is a big scam because of many reasons which I talked about before and I will include below again:

  • Products are not good quality

The fact that products are not good quality makes the company have a bad reputation and it is not really serving its customers right.

  • Customer service is too bad

For any great company you should be able to relay on the company to deliver at least through its customer service if you need help. However, with this company it is not just the products you will struggle with but customer service imagine.

  • Relatively new Network marking company

Now the company itself has been around for long but the network marketing side not really and you could say they are re still learning the ropes as a new company which explains why most people are not progress.

Not only this but people are also not getting any constant training which is needed for growth in any business.

Final thoughts

Senegence is a network marketing company which promises people they will not only get long-lasting products but have a successful business.

Although these claims are too far-fetched considering what you experience once you get to know the company many people still get trapped in this.

The products which they sell included those in the following categories:

  • Anti aging skincare
  • Lip care
  • Accesseries

These products end up having a bad side effect as far as people using it for example some people report chapped lips after usage.

The testimonies online do not help the company’s reputation at all.

Although the company was started in 1999 the network part of the business is still new and that is probably one of the reasons it is failing.

There are many alternatives to this which you can turn to such as Qnet and Forever living.

Otherwise if you are tired of network marketing business which requires you to require you can check out my online program where I help mentor you to build an online business.

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I hope you enjoyed this article if you have any questions or comments to add you vcan leave them below. I will be happy to respond.

Senegence review

Completely bad products and business model

The products you get are not quality at all and the business opportunity is not good for beginner network marketers

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