Savage Affiliates Review (2021)-Real Student results

Welcome to my Savage Affiliates Review where I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to this programs so that you will be able to make your own decision at the end.

If you have been online and looking for ways to make money online you may already be familiar with Franklin Hatchet who is one of the well-known industry expert in the online world.

You may also have heard or seen his program and are wondering if the program is worth it or not.

Well done for doing your research on the program so that you will know before doing any investment in it and what a better place to look for this than one of Frainklin’s student who has joined and used his program for my own growth.

Just with anything it is good to have a good an unbiased review showing the goods and bad and in this review you will get just that,

Before we start you may be interested in checking one of my #1 recommendation program for making money online which helped me to get started and start earning full time.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Savage Affiliate Review

Program name: Savage Affiliates

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Franklin Hatchet


Support:5 out of 10 rating:8 out 10

Pros and Cons


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Very comprehensive
  • very affordable program compared to many
  • Based mostly on SEO
  • For paid methods there are hidden cost
  • Private group very active
  • Many ways to start or scale your online business


  • The program is not well-structured to follow well
  • Methods getting too saturated
  • No community with the training course
  • Needs a person who is driven to follow the program fully as it is very long and can be complicated.

What is Savage Affiliates and what is about?

Savage affiliate is basically an affiliate marketing that teaches you how to make money with sites like clickbank, Amazon, JVzoo and more.

The whole purpose of the program is to take you from knowing nothing about affiliate marketing to being a professional affiliate marketer.

What is good about Savage Affiliates is that is basically let’s you choose different ways to market your business so that you can be able to make passive income.

The program is not new as it was first launched in 2018 after many YouTube subscribers asked Franklin to make a course to teach his ways of making money with affiliate marketing.

This is the reason that you will find that the program is very centered around helping beginners get started.

While some programs love to focus on Funnels of Facebook ads or just SEO, However Savage Affiliate marketing incorporates all of this.

However, the only issue with all of this is that one can easily get confused when they are looking to succeed with affiliate marketing.

My advice is to use one or two methods that Savage Affiliates talks about for making money with affiliate marketing.

For example, you can exclusively focus on just making money having an Amazon affiliate marketing website where you will be promoting products from Amazon.

You can also just focus on promoting ClickFunnels or Clickbank products and if you do this you will have high chances of success.

The good thing is that Franklin does a good job of showing good case studies of students who have been able to achieve this.

Who is Franklin Hatchet?

Knowing the creator of the program is another good aspect that will put you ahead of the game so that you will know if the person is worth following or not.

As I said before I never follow or join a program where I never see results of the creator or I have not seen his or her work.

Remember the saying “Success leaves clues” this is the same here. You want to focus on a person who has a proven track record.

Unless you have been leaving under a rock you may know Franklin Hatchet especially if you have been waiting to do affiliate marketing or just selling online to make money.

This is because he is a well-known expert who not only has one several awards like Being the top seller on Clickbank but he has also produced many students who have achieved great results including myself.

It is worth knowing that I only joined his program at the end of 2020 and I really feel I was able to scale my business even more.

This is all thanks to Savage Affiliates and this is now just a raving to sell you on this or anything I am saying what I achieved (more about this later).

Franklin Hatchet also has a huge following on YouTube where he gives tips about making money with affiliate marketing and also other ways.

How does the Savage affiliate work?

Savage Affiliate works merely by helping you follow proven methods for making money with only affiliate marketing.

The program aspects you to follow all the training according to your pace and then expect to get results within 6 months or a year.

The program is in video form and there is not written form if you are looking to read or anything like that.

Once you make a purchase you will get an automatic email which will give you your password and log in details.

After that you will have access to it and you can be able to start immediately and get all the training in the program and on the next section I will show you what are the features of the program.

What are the features of Savage Affiliate?

Now I will show you what is inside when you get inside the program after purchasing it.

There are 9 modules that you will be able to go over and I will explain each individually:

  • Module 1: Introduction

This part will not really benefit you if you already have an affiliate marketing business and if you already know about the industry.

This part Franklin just tells you what affiliate marketing is and also what to aspect in the program and how to navigate the training.

  • Module 2: Building your website asset

Again, unless you are new and starting from scratching then this section is not for you (assuming you have a website already).

This section is mainly to help you get started in creating a website for yourself in your chosen niche.

If you are not familiar with terms like niche do not worry Franklin will dive deeper and also help you be able get a website which is centered around what you love so you can start and make money.

In this section you will be told to purchase a domain and a hosting platform for your domain /website which is an additional cost.

However, do not worry this will just be all you need to pay for since there will be more things you can do with just your website and doing it free.

  • Module 3:ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

As the name suggests you will be learning all about ClickBank so that you will be able to make money on this program or website.

You are taught things like which products or programs to focus on for helping you make money online.

You are even taught how to sign up and be able to have an account which is what most programs do not really do in affiliate marketing.

  • Module 4: ClickFunnels with websites

In this module you are introduced to clickfunnels and how it works and how you can use it to automate your business later on.

Although the section is not focused on clickfunnels a lot it focused more on SEO like finding and using keywords.

  • Module 5: SEO Google Traffic Training

On this section you will learn how to do on page SEO and also back linking which will help your website become stronger and powerful.

This module alone will have more than 20 videos giving you training on boosting your website. For me this is one of the most important sections.

  • Module 6: The Funnel Academy

This training which has about 11 videos will show you how to have an audience using funnels.

You will learn about the lead magnet and how to capture your audience which will be specific to your niche.

  • Module 6-2: Email marketing academy

This will be all about how to use your email to capture and make your audience stay engaged so that you will be able to later promote things naturally to them.

  • Module 7: Done for you affiliate systems
  • Module 8: Free traffic training

In this section you will learn the best ways to use free traffic to make money online with your website.

  • Module 9: Paid Traffic Training

These are all the modules that you get in the program and there are bonuses which you will also be able to get and they are the following:

  1. Frank and student case study
  2. Launch jacking and webhosting
  3. Amazon Affiliate marketing
  4. Extra free gifts

Savage affiliate testimonies?

Another good thing which shows of a program is legit is if we can see that it has people who have succeeded using the systems.

Well for Savage affiliates there are many of these and Franklin also shows these on his case study in the bonus.

There are also raving reviews of people including myself who have said and shown how Franklin’s program has been helpful.

Most people usually say it is good for people looking to scale their online business hard because that is what you get in the program.

Is Savage Affiliate a scam?

This is perhaps the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the supplement is legit or not.

If you have been reading all the way to here you may already know that I will tell you that the program is legit.

Just to emphasize here are the reasons which makes me say this:

  • Franklin is a well-known expert

Aside from being known Franklin has shown his results and also those of his students online continuously so this shows his transparency.

  • The program is very low cost

The program is perhaps one of the lowest priced out there and not to mention the value that you get with such a small price.

  • Many testimonials

The programs has many testimonials of people who benefited positively from this course and have used it to create financial freedom and others millions more.

Who is Savage Affiliate for?

Savage affiliates is basically for any person who is looking to start making money online with a website or blog.

If you are a beginner, intermediate and advanced affiliate marketer than this program is definitely for you.

I will list the people who can benefit:

  • Beginner affiliate marketers
  • Advanced affiliate marketers
  • Ecommerce business owners
  • YouTubers
  • Product creators, owners and sellers

How much does Savage Affiliate cost?

The other aspect to look at is the price of the program as this will help us know if the program is worth it or not.

As I said earlier that the program is very legit and can be shown to work super well with the small amount you pay.

There are two price structures and they are:

  • $97 for the beginner course which includes no paid methods for your affiliate marketing
  • $197 for the advanced course which includes paid methods for scaling your business more.

Final Thoughts

With many people looking for ways to make money online it is vital to look for trusted and proven programs to help you be able to do whatever you what as far as earning money.

Savage affiliates is advertised as one of those program and yet they do not promote it with cars to lure the people because they know that they do give value.

The program is also very low cost which enables people to have access to it easily and be able to earn well.

The program is comprehensive as it has 9 modules which are designed to help you earn a full time income online with many methods.

There are also many testimonials which go with this program which proves how effective it is.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you are looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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