Reading head start review- Is this a scam

Welcome to my reading head start review where I will be reviewing everything I know about this program so that you can make your own informed decision about buying it or not.

The program will also tell you about what the features as well as how the program can be used well.

With learning going more online due to the coronavirus it is vital that parents looking for ways to help their children’s education.

The reading head start is a program which claims to help anyone be able to succeed with education using a simple concept of an ebook.

However, will it be effective to help you child with learning the skills that are needed to succeed?

Well that is what we will be discovering on this review so that you do not have to wonder at all.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Reading head start ReviewReading head start review

Program name: Reading head start

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Sarah Shepard rating: 4 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Creator is real
  • Creator is credible
  • Program is well researched


  • Only online
  • Not for all children (only 1 -9 years old)

Reading Head start Overview

Reading head start review

Reading head start is an online program which assists students of a young age on how to learn English better.

It is catered for children at an age of 1 to 9 years old with guided and proven methods which mainly work for these level of children.

>>Check the Reading Head Start yourself here<<

The Program is award-winning and is unique in methods that it shows such as level differentiation so that a child can learn how to read and understand instead of traditional ways of memorizing everything.

Who is the creator of program?

It is also good to see who created the program so we know if the source of this information is even valid. This is what I do with all my reviews.

In this there is a creator is Sara Shepard who has been an English teacher for 14 years as teaching English has always been her all time passion.

After seeing how children get affected by the current ways of teaching she decided to provide changes as she is also a mother to 3 children.

Knowing that the program has a creator who is not only real but experienced should give us peace of mind when deciding to use the program.

How does Reading Head start actually work?

Now let us look at how to program actually works so we can have a brief overview what out child will be exposed to.

The program is formulated scientifically so that the program it can speed the learning of a child more than what an average learner can actually learn.

The program is structured to use activities, games and read along videos which will help your child learn 3 times more than an average school.

There are 200 lesson plans which are broken down step by step for any child to be able to understand.

The program also helps parents be able to be involved to help their children easily every step of each lesson or activity.

What are the features of Reading Head Start?

Let’s look at what you will get when you purchase the program for your children as this will help you see if this is actually worth your money or not.

>>Try the Reading Head Start yourself here<<

The program has many different categories and these are what I will be showing you today.

  • Read a long Video course

These are videos your child will enjoy and will help them learn quickly. There are about 4 videos including a video such as Pet in a jet.

After each of these videos your child will be required to do some related videos which will help in developing the deeper understanding.

  • Decodable books

You will also get 50 decodable books for your child and most importantly you can be able to download this yourself.

Again these will also have worksheets to do so that your child can learn even better.

  • Addition and helpful tools

You will also get extra tools to be able to use along with your material

Here are things you will get:

  1. Irregular word cards
  2. Downloadable picture cards
  3. Letter formation guide
  4. Advanced Phonic cards

Who is Reading Head Start for?

Reading head start review

While the program is great I have to say that it will not be for any child, in fact most children will not be able to use it.

So who is the program for?

The program is basically made for very young kids who are still learning to read, write or even talk.

The age level is from 1 to 9 years old so if your child at senior high school they will not be really benefit from using this program.

It would rather be better you look for other programs for that.

However, if you have a child or children who fit this age group you will benefit a lot because the materials are catered for every level from 1 to 9 years old.

Reading Head Start complaints

With many programs you will find some sort of complaints and with this program it will be the same should more than enough people use it.

This is because different programs may not be suitable for each individual depending on their preferences.

Thus, far there has not been any legit complaints. This just could also be the program working well for most people as it caters well for each level or age.

Is Reading Head Start a scam?

Reading Head Start is definitely not a scam and to validate this I can give you several points and here they are:

  • Creator is real

The first step to see if a program is likely;y to be a scam is when you see no visible author for the program.

However, in this program there is a real creator or author who was able to not hide herself. The author is also talking from experience.

  • The creator has expertise

The other indicator is that the creator having a lot of knowledge about the subject at hand otherwise he or she is just selling dreams.

With this program Sarah has more than enough experience (14 years).

These two factors among others are great for seeing if a program works or not.

Does Reading Head Start work

Here is the most important part of the program where I say if it is actually working or not and I will address this here.

According to science and what people have been saying it is obvious that it will work for your children.

There has not been any complaints online for the program which is one of the huge indicators that it will actually work.

Final thoughts

Looking for a program to help them develop good and vital skills like reading and writing is vital at this age since schools may not be 100% especially since the lock down issue has made this hard.

Luckily for parents with children of the age 1 -9 years can benefit due to the fact that there is a new program catered for children of this age.

The program is called Reading Head start which was made by a teacher who has had 14 years of experience working with children.

>>Try the Reading Head Start for your child here<<

After seeing a gap of the education system she developed new system to help children learn well and faster.

The program is online and is easy to follow and implement as it is well instructed and all activities cater for different levels.

The activities and games are also great to ensure that children have fun.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you information to be able to make your own informed decision about the program.

8 thoughts on “Reading head start review- Is this a scam”

  1. Hello there, I appreciate your effort in bringing to light such an amazing online educative platform that will help to uplift the cognitive behavior of our kids. Sadly the program does not cater to higher graders but I believe the creator will do something about this. Every great business or company always had a humble beginning. The author is really an expert for implementing activities that excite the haptic, auditory, and visual learners globally and she really deserves an award.
    Thank you again for this and I shall have a more careful look onto this enriching post.

    1. Hey Akon

      yes I also wish the creator made the program for all ages and I also trust that the program will be made to be advanced for all years and ages. You are right about businesses going through stages.
      I am also happy to see that you liked the review of this new and exciting program.

  2. This sounds like an excellent tool for helping very young children to read. It’s good that the creator has so many years experience in teaching English and is a definite plus point.I was interested to see from the video that Head start claim to reverse dyslexia. With so many suffering from this common issue, it’s encouraging for parents.

    1. Hey Kathy

      Glad to see that you like the review and that you see the the program as a good value for yourself.
      The experience is a great one to have because it will give us good trust for a program like this.

  3. Having read your review and checked out the Reading Head Start website, this looks like a really good program for anyone with young kids that are learning to read. Also, it looks like it would be fantastic for kids that are struggling as they learn to read.

    I don’t know what other programs might be out there but I would definitely recommend this to any of my family and friends who have young kids.

    Thanks for doing the research and writing the review

    1. Hey Glenn

      I am glad to hear that you benefited by reading the review and that it helped you make an informed decision for yourself. Indeed it is a good program with all being said.

  4. Thank you for highlighting the importance of your child’s reading instruction. Reading programs are amazing and rewarding, but can be overwhelming for parents who find themselves struggling to determine where to start or what course of action is most effective for their child.

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