Rank XL Authority SEO Review-What you need to know

Welcome to my Rank XL Authority SEO Review where I will be exploring this course in depth for you so that you can be able to make up your mind about it.

If you have been looking for a reliable affiliate marketing course then this is one of the course you may be interested in checking out.

Before you choose any course it is vital to take a look find out more about the course. This is why I am glad you are doing your research.

This is the best way to help you avoid scams and find legitimate ways to make money online. I do want to assure you that you have come to the right place to find out about this.

Without wasting any of your previous time let us take a look at how this course works and what it is.

Rank XL Authority SEO Review

Program name: Rank XL Authority SEO


Creator: Multiple creators


Theworkathomegraduate.com rating: 3 out of 5

What is Rank XL Authority SEO?

If you have been interested in creating your own affiliate marketing course that is not too costly to start off with then this is where Rank XL Authority SEO comes in.

This is because this is a course that is made with the customer’s success in mind and this would explain why they constantly have many updates.

However, since this program focuses on SEO this is the other reason that it ends up needing to be updated constantly.

The aspect that the program is based on SEO means it is a blessing and both a curse of some sort.

The blessing is what I mentioned above when I said it means you will be focusing on free methods to make money at the same time the curse is that your success will somewhat short-lived.

You can ask any SEO expert if the methods they used 3 or 4 years ago is still the same as the ones they use now and the answer will always be a big fat NO.

So this is the main issue I have with the course even though the course does provide the results.

Who is the creator of Rank XL Authority SEO?

With any programs it is wise to take a look at who created it so you will have some trust and who to account to right?

Well unlike many other courses I have seen before this course basically has many “owners” due to the fact that it gets updates constantly.

The current owner is Andrej Llisin who is a SEO marketing expert who works with many online websites as an SEO expert.

There is not too much mention of Andej online to actually know his full story and accomplishments. This made it a bit complicated for me to actually find out more. Any how let us look into the actual program to see if it will work or not.

How does Rank XL Authority SEO work?

In this section we will take a look at how the course works and what you will be doing inside it. I will take a look at the modules inside it.

As a summary you will be learning how to do keywords and content that you can produce over a year on your website.

  • Part 1: Niche and keyword research

The aim for the first part is to get the foundation of your business by doing research on topic that you like.

After doing the research you will check which top has better potential in terms of demand and competition analysis.

You will then choose that topic as a niche that you will build your website. This is basically that is normal for start an online business and make money, In fact that is how I got started with many of my websites.

You will also been shown an example of how to do this with a website niche the creator made. This means that you will have an actual real practical model that you will follow.

There will also be a bonus book that you will get at the end of this section on the content part of this section.

The only issue with this part is that it gets too much into details of the tools you need to use and the terminology which is very complicated for a beginner.

I can understand why beginners can get overwhelmed at this section. But again the course is based on SEO.

  • Part 2: On-Page SEO & Site construction

Once you have found the niche for your website the next step will teach you how to create your own website around your chosen niche.

You will be shown the best practices to increase the authority of your website by using on-page SEO which is basically using links to link many pages of your website so you will increase the user engagement.

  • Part 3: Link Building $ Off-page SEO

This part is all about giving your website more authority in Google’s eye’s where you will be linking to other authority websites .

This part is very comprehensive and value packed as it is the main core of your website’s success.

  • Part 4: Magnetization and growth

This part is all about helping you make money with your website. The focus on this section is Amazon mainly and display ads.

Although these are not my favorite ways to make money due to lower revenue it is still a viable method.

Considering that Amazon will only give you 5% commission for most of the products you promote and get a sale with and display ads on the other hand has decreases in terms of potential to earn a lot of money.

The thing is that with display ads you need to write loads of content so you can have loads of traffic which is hard for most people.

Even if you combine this with Amazon the income is not lucrative at all unless you already have a huge following on your website.

I would rather prefer other affiliate programs which give you a higher percentage.

What I like about the program?

There are quite a few things I want to point out about this program which I found intriguing. I will list these below:

  • Update of the course

Since this is an organic traffic /SEO method you should know that Google constantly updates how they do their system of ranking websites.

So if your website is not up to date as far the latest Google’s requirements then you will have fewer chances of making money, it’s that simple.

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I like that the course always makes sure to keep updating for you.

  • Easy to understand

The course in it’s entirety is basically simple and straight forward because it is made in a step by step manner.

  • Creators are real

Although the creators, especially the current on, are not elaborated on we can see that we are dealing with real people.

But that is besides the point because many programs hide all this information all together.

What I don’t like about the program?

There are a few things I also don’t like about the program and I will list these here:

  • Too much work

let’s face it Free organic traffic like SEO will always require a lot of hard work. AS I mentioned before you will need to always be aware of Google’s updates otherwise your traffic will tank.

You also need to put in work daily especially on your initial days while you are pumping up your website.

  • Amazon and Display ads method

This again is one of the lowest revenues for making money with a website especially since you will be putting so much tome into this.

As I said before I would rather you focus on affiliate programs that have higher commissions like ShareAsSale and Clickbank instead as that will give you a good return of your investment.

Is Rank XL Authority SEO a scam?

Well as far as making money using this course we can safely say that without a doubt you can make money, however the issue is will it be enough to have you living the laptop lifestyle you may be seeking?

Well; I doubt so especially for a few years unless you have a huge budget to put into your business by hiring many writers for your content.

The affiliate program and display ads are not as lucrative so this would not be worth it for a person looking to make a big passive income.

Will you make money with Rank XL authority SEO?

If you have been reading til this point you may already have an idea whether this program is a scam or not. If you haven’t I do want to let you know that the program is not a scam at all, .

The reasons being is that It has all the affiliate marketing methods which have been proven to work in the past and more than that the course is always being updated.

This shows the amount of dedication the creator has for the program.

Final thoughts

The course is basically all about making money online and its name is Rank XL Authority SEO which is owner by multiple people but the one who updated the original course.

The course is mainly made to help you make money using SEO which is a free way to get traffic but requires a bit of hard work.

The course focuses on helping you make money with affiliate marketing using Amazon as well as display ads.

The course is very expensive for a person who doesn’t have a stack of money to get started with.

Granted the course is step by step which makes it easy to follow for any beginner but you should note that you still need to apply work for a year or two to get results.

I hope this review was worth it and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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