Qnet review- The truth about this company exposed Finally

Welcome to my Qnet review where I will be telling you everything related to what the company is and how it operates and also its background.

Qnet has been providing a lot of people with an opportunity to make money and also with its products in their lives.

However, the true question most people have been asking is if this company is really legit and if it can be trusted to make you money or its products or programs.

Well you came to the right place because I will be unloading all the facts for you in this post.

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Qnet review

Qnet is an Asian MLM company which is considered to be at the top of most direct people and it was developed in 1998 by a guy called Vijay Eswaran.

qnet review

The company was developed in Hong Kong after Vijay had finished his studying about Multi-Level Marketing.

His career in Multi-Level Marketing started in Malaysia where he was part of a MLM company.

When he started the company it was called GoldQuest when it began when it used to sell mostly jewels and watches. The company has since expanded to sell other products.


The products they sell are for weight management, nutrition, energy, personal care and home care.

The company has also had many big milestones such as being the formal distributor of Athen Olympic games commemorative coins as well as in Syndney Olympic games.

The company has operations in more than 30 countries thus far through the Multi-Level Marketing system although the company still refers to itself as an e commerce business.

What is Qnet?

Products name:Qnet

Website: www.Qnet.net

Founder: Vijay Eswaran

Recommendation: Yes

theworkathomegraduate rating: 4 out of 5

Pro and Cons


  • Has products for many niches
  • Has won many court cases against them


  • Some countries have labeled it as a Ponzi scheme like Egypt, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabi.
  • Requires a lot of hard work to succeed.

How does it work

Qnet works in many different ways when it comes to distributing its company’s product through the use of Multi-Level Marketing.

What perhaps sets Qnet apart from other MLM companies is that they do not give any commission for recruiting people to their business at all.

You should know that a company that merely focuses on their sales representatives to recruit with no product they are selling is considered a pyramid scheme.

This is because the person at the top is benefiting while the ones at the bottom do not at all. Eventually these companies which are pyramid schemes end up shutting down and last for only a few years.

With Qnet there are plenty of products to sell and these products are all very helpful. Let me list the category of these products you will sell.

  1. Watches and wellness products
  2. Health care and wellness
  3. Education
  4. Technology
  5. Education
  6. Personal care and beauty

Now I will show you how the company works in terms of its compensation and all. For the sake of not writing a lot like normal I will give you a video to watch.

Who is it for

The Qnet opportunity is not for everyone especially if you are just starting out in the network marketing business looking to be rich.

In fact if you are new there are 99% of chances that you will not make any money at least for a year or so.

However, the opportunity is still available for anyone who is willing to work hard and the following people are suitable for this opportunity:

  1. People looking to make extra money on the side
  2. People who are good and also experts in Network marketing business.
  3. People who have failed in any network marketing business

Training and support

Qnet review

The most important thing that people should look for when it comes to doing network marketing or any business in fact is if they will get proper support.

This is because training will be needed for you to be able to execute the business successfully.

Back when I did network marketing the thing that made me not be able to have success was because the network company I was in had less training (rather my sponsor had little traffic).

Now the big question is: Will you get training for when you join this network marketing company?

Yes Qnet has very powerful training in the form of tours. This is when the top representatives travel to different countries (where they have offices) to conduct training.

Their training happen every year by their top industry marketers.

This is the exact same way that other MLM companies like Forever living operate when it comes to training.

However, the only thing different with Qnet is that they even have what are called QnetPro talks where successful marketers share their success stories.


The main question you might be asking now is if Qnet is a scam or legit.

The simple answer is NO.

As I had said before a pyramid scheme is a company that does not have a legit company and only focuses on its sales reps to keep recruiting.

Qnet ,as I said above, does have legit products and more than this the company does not have a compensation for its sales reps to recruit to get a commission.

This is the reason the company has stood the test of time over the years while other companies ended up falling since they were scams or pyramid schemes.

How I make my online

This section is to just show you whey I left network marketing of which I failed in to become successful in make money online.

I basically turned to network marketing in 2016 looking to make extra money on the side and I stuck with it for 2 years.

I went to all the training for the network marketing company I was working for but I never made even one sale. I am not a person who quits but this time I did.

I quit because I felt I wasn’t cut off for direct selling or rather convincing people to join my business.

In 2017, I turned to affiliate marketing where you promote businesses online. I started with a program offered by Peng Joon ( a successful affiliate marketer).

I did his program called the internet income intensive for a year and I was determined not quit however due to the lack of support I soon found out I was wasting time.

I actually did a review for it and you can check it on my Internet income intensive review.

I then came across a company called Wealthy Affiliate which promised to train me and support me until I made money online.

Because I was so tired of paying for these business opportunities to make money I decided to give it a try. Little did I know that this company was going to make me succeed online.

Since I joined I have been quit successful online and growing every day since the community is very supportive.

If you are also a person who does not like convincing people maybe affiliate marketing can be for you so you can also try the free program at Wealthy Affiliate (no credit card details needed).

Final thoughts

Qnet is one of the most sought after companies in network marketing as it is one company which is does not have a pyramid scheme compensation plan.

This is because the company only pays its sales representatives for the products they sale and not for recruiting.

The company has the following products:

  • Healthcare
  • Personal care
  • Watches and jewelry
  • Wellness products

These companies are the great since they are of great value.

Qnet is for many people who have been struggling in network marketing and those who want a MLM company which will give you loads of support and training.

I hope this review was helpful to you and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below.

Qnet review

great training and lehit

no recruiting for commission only sells products

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