PriceAction Forex Ltd Review-What you are not told!

If you have been looking to earn money and get it through an online business or investment you may have heard of PriceAction Forex Ltd.

Well before you decide to use it you need to know whether it is even worth it or not. In this PriceAction Forex Ltd Review I will reveal everything to you so you can easily decide.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I am a Professional Forex Trader of 5 years and an online entrepreneur[preneuer who helps people make money online.

It is good to always listen to someone who has the skin in the game and knows all the scams in the Forex Industry and all things related.

AS normal, I will make my reviews very unbiased so that you can easily make a decision for yourself.

You are also welcome to leave any questions or comments below this post if you want to know more. I will be ready to assist you.

PriceAction Forex Ltd Review

Program name: PriceAction Forex


Creator: Many

Price: Free and $40 per month

Niche: Forex Trading rating: 3 out of 5

What is PriceAction Forex Ltd?

PriceAction Forex Ltd is simply a Forex Signal provider that claims to help you make money monthly with the good high quality signals.

If you do not know what Forex Trading is it is simply where you trade different currency pairs against each other in order to make profit.

It is one of the biggest industries for making money online along with cryptocurrency.

I have personally been trading for a long time and I can tell any person who starts that it is not easy at all especially if you are trading for yourself.

To succeed you need a good tried and tested system and a mentor to guide you on that system (this is my best advice) or you could just develop your own strategies which will take time and lots of trail and error,

So when you get signals it is for you to not do the work of trading but follow the work of someone when they tell you to buy or sell.

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You can make money as long as you follow good quality signals and also if you are able to take the signals at the right time and of good quality.

With PriceAction Forex you are told you will be making about 1500 pips per month which is quite good.

Also, if you happen to visit the website they will tell you that they have 90% win rate for the signals

Who is the owner?

It is always good to see who the owner of the platform is to check the success in this game long term.

With this program there are many owners who are there and they are all claimed to be Professional Forex Traders.

It is good to be able to follow people who are good in the industry as it will help give you confident.

How does PriceAction Forex Ltd work?

This is mainly a signal providing platform which means that you will make money with the signals that they give you daily without doing the actual trading.

This means that you really need to be alert when they give out signals daily so you can make profits.

They have free and VIP signal like most signal providers.

  • Free Signals

You can join the free signal channel on Telegram where you will follow what they give you. Something to mention here is that they do give you Entry points, Stop loss and Take profits.

They generally give a few signals a day for this channel so people can test the signals out. Their signals are quite good according to me and you will be able to benefit if you have the right mindset.

Just know though that the free signals are very limited.

  • VIP signals

These signals are for people who are looking to make good money because you will be able to get many signals throughout the day and analysis.

The good thing is that the channel is very open which means it makes it transparent for people to follow.

Out of all the VIP signal providers I have seen they have the highest quality so far. I guess this is because they trade just like me.

What I like about PriceAction Forex Ltd

  • Team of expert Traders

Having team of experts who know what they are doing is helpful in making your journey a success especially when it comes to signals.

It helps to increase your chances of success.

  • A good track record

The service has a god and well proven track record of winning so this helps in helping you have more success.

  • The service has been long in the game.

During lock down the service has been operation which shows they know what they are doing.

What I do not like about PriceAction Forex Ltd

  • No mentorship course

To be successful in trading it is vital that one trades for themselves. Signals are not your best bet if you are looking for financial freedom.

For example, you are relying on someone for directions. What happens if that person, God forbid happens to die?

It is better to be in control.

  • Risk is high

With relying on signals you are in the dark for making money and when there is a draw down you can lose a lot. This is what happened to most people who relied on the service during the lock down when they had a draw down.

  • The testimonials look fake

There are many ways to buy testimonial actors and that is what looks like these guys are doing as they would go to Fiverr to do this.

How much does PriceAction Ltd cost?

There are two ways to get the service for this program. There is a free version and a VIP service. The VIP service is basically a subscription of $40 per month.

This is reasonable price provided the signals are good quality.

This means that you can cancel anytime you prefer.

is PriceAction Ltd a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether this is a scam or not. Well if you have read until this point you will already know that this program is not a scam at all.

It is legit and works to help people and has been helping them with making money in Forex Trading.

Here are some reasons I say this.

  • Team of expert professionals
  • Good success rate of signals

Final thoughts

Forex trading, just like any business, is not easy at all and requires a person has good and sharp skills that will help them be able to make money every month.

This is why if one follows signals they follow someone who know what they are doing and have a proven track record for this so that they will be able to see more success.

PriceAction Ltd Forex is program that helps you with signals. You can try the free signals before committing to the VIP signals so that you will be able to not feel scammed.

The service is left by a team of professional traders who have been trading for long and have been doing well.

I do recommend people to use this service if they do not feel like learning to trade.

However for those who want to earn more money and control the income I highly recommend learning from a good program with proven recommend like Forexgraduates which I lead to help people.

More than that I help people get bonuses in their accounts if they attend my mentorship so that it helps maximize the results.

Otherwise for those who are looking for other ways to make money the is affiliate marketing which helps you make money with websites or social media.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal

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