Perpetual Income 365 Review- Is this worth your money?

Welcome to the perpetual income 365 review where I take an unbiased review of this program so that you can be able to make up your own decision when you are done.

This is vital because you will be using this program for a while to achieve the results you want.

We are all looking to make enough money to be able to afford our lifestyle and give our family the life they would enjoy.

The problem is getting proper help to do this. I know this took a while for me to earn online.

This happened because of many scam programs. So now I make sure to look in deep to a program before recommending it to anyone.

This is why this review is good because I do not want anyone going through the same thing that I went though 3 years ago. you can check my story here and I am earning a 4 figure income online now.

Enough about this let’s get into the program to see if it is worth it or not.

Perpetual Income 365 ReviewPerpetual Income 365 Review

Program name: Perpetual Income 365

website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Shawn Joisiah

Price: $47 rating: 3 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • The creator is real
  • Good for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers


  • More focused on one affiliate marketing style (email marketing)

Perpetual income 365 Overview

Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing program which uses unique approach of making passive income with the use of Netflix.

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Now the program has found a unique angle to help anybody to be able to make passive income which is unlimited from the growing Netflix world.

Imagine getting a piece of pie for people who are using Netflix…That is crazy because it is so unlimited,

Who is the creator?

The good thing is that the program does have a creator in it and this can help us with trusting it even more.

More than this the creator has created successful for himself online of more than $100 00 on affiliate marketing places like clickbank.

This gives us more confidence for the product. However, there is still more to look at the see if the programs is actually legit or not.

Let’s continue

How does perpetual income 365 work?

Now I will talk about how this program actually works so that you will know what you will be doing when you enter the program.

The programs is simply going to give you a system that has automatically done for you such as sales copy pages which you may need to pay for as an affiliate marketer.

You will also be able to get the opportunity to advertise and promote the perpetual Income 365 course.

You will get a squeeze page whereby if a person clicks they will be taken to the course’s sale page and if they purchase you will get a 50% commission every time.

So you can have multiple ways to earn a commission for yourself if you join this program.

What are the features

It is vital to know what you will get when you purchase and this part I will talk about what you will be getting

  • How to do solo ads

The program has a section of how to create solo ads easily so you can make passive income through Netflix.

It shows you all steps to do this.

  • Email marketing sequence for 30 days.

You will also learn how to do email marketing and they will show you how to set up a 30-day email follow up sequence.

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Most programs do not go in depth like this since they usually show you how to do it for a few days and some do not even do that.

  • Ready made squeeze pages

You will also get 2 ready-made squeeze pages so that you can be able to start your online business easy and quick.

Training system

The training is also another aspect that we have to see if they have and if it is worth it or not.

The program really does not have any helpful training for you to fully understand what you are doing as an affiliate marketer.

This is because everything is already done for you when you purchase the program.

This definitely not the way to actually succeed online as an affiliate marketer because things change so you need to adapt your promoting strategies for your products.

The verdict

The programs is basically made to actually give you money fats without learning too much. I personally know this is not a scam however it is not good for gaining skills for long term.

Here is a summary of why I say the programs is actually legit and works:

  • The creator is real and reputable

Shawn has had his success online as and affiliate marketer so that is good to know you are doing a program from someone who succeeded themselves online.

  • Things are done for

You will see straight away if you are wasting your money or not since the only thing you need to do is to basically put in money to drive traffic to the automated and ready-made pages.

If you are looking for a program that will help you learn the skills of affiliate marketing and will not require you to pay further on top of the program payment you can check out Wealthy Affiliate which helped me quit my job.

You can also start with a free program to check it out.

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Final thoughts

Looking to make money online is what most people are looking for right now and good programs are scarce so finding a good one is a blessing.

The Perpetual Income 365 programs is a program which offers this for any person looking to get started.

The good thing is that almost everything is done for you already which means you waste no time at all checking if it works or not.

The only thing I do not like is that they do not give you to learn all these ways yourself so you could be independent in the future.

You also have to pay or traffic yourself which is something they do not say explicitly.

Other than that this is a good program especially if you are looking for quick success and you have money to invest after buying the program.

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I hope you enjoyed this perpetual income 365 and I hope it was beneficial to you. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you as normal.

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