Passive profit pages reviews-Should you buy this?

Welcome to Passive profit pages review where I give you the full truth about this program so that you will make the right decision for yourself.

I am sure you may know about passive profit pages and all you want is an unbiased review of which you are staring at right now.

You see I have struggled to make money online for over 4 years and I know how frustrating this can be so that is why now I look at different programs to help people know the right information.

The aim of this review is not by any means to make a decision for you as I said. It is merely for helping you make an informed decision yourself.

If you would also like to look at a program which helped me make money online as for a living you can check it out.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Passive profit pages ReviewPassive profit pages reviews

Program name: Passive profits pages

Website:>>click here for website<<

Creator: Bill

Price: $9 2 out of 5

Passive profits pages overview

Passive profits pages is basically a program that helps you make money online using other people’s products. You may already know that this is called affiliate marketing (the act of selling other people’s products).

This program is a little different to what other affiliate marketing programs out there teach. This one basically builds web pages for you automatically so that you can start making money immediately.

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So all you need is an hour or less to make money and the money can be as high as $1000 depending on your chosen niche.

Who is the creator of this software program?

As with all my reviews I like to take a good background check about the creator so that I know if I am dealing with a legitimate person or not.

This can be very helpful because it could save you from many scammers who claim to help you make money but instead can not be trusted.

This program has a real creator and his name is Bill. bill was a very successful business owner of a cafe with his family.

His business fell after a big brand company came to his neighborhood and became competition which he could not beat.

This is when he went out to find another way to make money and help him achieve a debt-free life.

One of his clients told him about a system called passive profits pages which worked well for him. He then wanted to share this with his friends and one then the rest of the world.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up
  • Needs less than an hour per day
  • Just need computer and WiFi
  • Webpages are done for you
  • Takes 30 minutes to set up
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • You will not get the necessary skills
  • You will get a lot of up sales after purchasing to actually make big money
  • Pages need 3 to 4 updates per week
  • Support may take too long
  • You will need a lot of training if you are starting out
  • Will be hard to actually get google traffic
  • Low quality website pages

How the program work?

Now I will talk about how the program actually work?

The program works by you use pages that have already been made for you to start making money online. You will be assigned only 5 of these pages.

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If you are new to affiliate marketing you will be required to do some training of how things work when it comes to the affiliate marketing business model.

Once you have been given these pages you will then be required to go obtain your personal affiliate links from different affiliate programs.

There will be a dedicated team that holds you step by step until everything is set up right and works good.

Now you may be wondering why the price is so cheap ($9) right?

Is there a catch?

Yes, as I have said I have been in the Internet business for many years and I now how such tactics works.

The reason a program like passive profits pages is so cheap is due to the fact that they will want you to buy more up sales (other programs or products you pay withing a program).

Let’s be real for a second… Do you think someone could give you there money making system which has been working for them for such a low price? No I do not think so.

This tactic has been done for years and it is the same as the freemuim tactic where you are given free training or program only to be sold more after.

Now, do not get me wrong this tactic or strategy is not a bad thing and it is very good because many big companies use it.

Look at cafe shops for example. You can stay in there space for hours and do work with there WiFi (sometimes) and you will not be charged anything.

However they do know that you will end up getting hungry or thirsty and you will end up buying there stuff.

This is the same with such programs.

However one thing I do not like about many of these such as passive profits pages is that they give many up sells to actually make money which are ridiculously high.

For example, you will be asked to buy one of John Christian’s affiliate program which is very high priced which is called VIP membership workshop.

To make matters worse it is not there program but when you purchase it they will make a sale through you.

Now you see the reasoning of why it seems so cheap to start?

This is the reason that over the years I have become very numb to such offers and don’t take things at face value and I am happy with the program which is helping me make money with no up sales but only a premium from wealthy affiliate.

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What are the features of the program?

Now before purchasing a program it is great to also see what you will get. Although I have already spoken briefly about what you will get it is vital to elaborate more for you.

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  • The program will have the 5 pages which you will be making money with. They are all different niches websites already done for you.
  • You will get weekly training videos
  • Support to get started

What is more?

With this program you will also be convinced to but these up sales:

  • Pro Version site builder
  • X version Traffic business
  • The community


Now when you purchase a program or software it is vital that you get immediate support as soon as you need something.

However, with passive profits pages you will literally wait for hours when you have a problem for your website pages or if there are any issues you are facing.

Most people have said that the support has been mostly non existence because by the time you have waited so long they will then start to reply to you.

This can be so frustrating as a beginner to face this.

Who is the program for?

The program is for anyone who is just starting out on affiliate marketing and who wants to get there hands dirty.

Although this would not be my number 1 recommendation program or software I would say id you want to check how things work you can,

The following people can benefit:

  • Busy parents
  • Busy atheletes
  • People with no capital to invest online.
  • People who believe in quick riches in life

The verdict

I am sure this is the part you have been waiting for where I tell if the program is legit or a scam.

As I said I need you to make your own decision about this with all the facts out there.

For me I do believe the program is legit however I do not think you will be able to make money or at least huge amounts of money over the long term.

I will explain this just now but let me tell why I say this program is legit first:

  • The creator is real

There is nothing frustrating like following a company where the is no founder or the founder is not reputable or at least has used the system before giving it to others.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

The program is basically risk free even at such a low price meaning Billy is at least confident about his program.

Why I say it may not work?

There are many reasons I say this and I will be talking about them here:

  • Pages are very basic

The pages you will be using are super basic and they will likely not even rank on google. To make money your pages need to be very inviting trust me I know I have seen it all over my 4 years online.

You will simply struggle for making money especially huge amounts.

  • Program has pages which are not existent

When you try to go into some pages you may see an error page. This shows lack of committed for the $9 program you are sold just because they are looking for you to purchase there up sells more so they make money.

Final thoughts

Passive profits pages is a program introduced by Billy to help people make passive income online by using automated pages.

The program is very cheap and requires less than 1 hour of your time per days to actually make money online as per there claims.

Although the program is very legit because of what they have done and helping you set up the issue I have is that you will not make money or at least huge amounts of money due to how everything is set up.

The pages are so basic that google will not even rank them which will make it hard to make money.

This will require you to get more of there up sells like traffic to even start making money which is there whole point of giving you this cheap amount of money.

>>Try Passive profits risk free here<<

I hope this review was helpful to you and I hope it helped you. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below and I will be happy to engage with you.

Passive profits review

Program cheap but not too realistic

The program can be purchased cheaply but the issue is it may not convert due to it being too basic for google to rank it.

6 thoughts on “Passive profit pages reviews-Should you buy this?”

  1. Thank you for this honest review. Most of such programs target newbies heavily and when newbies don’t make any money they start thinking that the online money world is a waste of time. Thankfully people like you who guide people with honest reviews.

    1. Hey Prav

      Yes it is very true that they target newbies who are new and that is why I know all their tactics now ha ha and I can help people succeed well.

  2. Thank you for this indepth coverage of Passive Profit Pages. I’m an enthusiast of affiliate marketing and I think it can be a great opportunity. Let me check it out and see how it goes.

    1. Hey Zay

      You and me are the same I love affiliate marketing business system but I do not like programs which offer quick riches like this. This is a long term game.

  3. Thank you for sharing the facts on Passive Profit Pages, I see there are more cons than pros to this program so that automatically sends me red flags to stay away from this even though the price is tempting in my opinion it is a waste of time to promote and could even ruin your reputation if you are in business


    1. Hey Jeff
      Yeah it is attractive especially for people who do not know how these operations work they may end up being misled

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