Passive Income Unlocked Review-Best way to make money in 2023?

Welcome to my site, Today I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to making money online via doing the passive Income Unlocked Review.

If you have been wondering what this course is all about and most importantly if you can make money with it you have come to the right place.

There are many scams online and if you are not careful you can end up being a victim of such scams. I have been making passive income for over 4 years and now I help people find the right products or programs for making money.

So sit back and relax and let me unload everything you need to know about this program so you can see yourself whether it is a scam or not.`

Passive income Unlocked Review

Program name: Passive Income Unlocked


Niche: Make money online

Price:$90 for 6 months or $150/year or $350 lifetime

Money back guarantee: 30 days

Support: Good rating: 3 out of 5

What is Passive income Unlocked?

Passive Income Unlocked is course that teaches you how to create your own websites for any niche (topic) that you like to about and generate an income in the process.

The course was created for the aim of helping any beginner make passive income even if they do not have any online skills.

The is loads of information in the course that I was often asking myself whether most beginners would understand it all or not.

In this course you will not sell your own products to make money but using other people’s products to make money which is a system called affiliate marketing.

I know that affiliate marketing works and has been working for me for years now. So if it is done right it can give you a good passive income that can last for years.

having said that though you really need to put in a lot of work to make that happen. That is why you need the right system so that you do not end up wasting your time.

Who is the creator of Passive Income Unlocked?

Knowing who created the program is always a great way to know if we can trust any program or not.

Luckily for Passive Income Unlocked the program is created by people who have good amount of authority in affiliate marketing.

Their names are Ben Esman and Jeff Bridenstine who have a YouTube channel where they teach the very same things that they teach on their programs.

In fact if you look at their YouTube channel you will see just how valuable their content is.

How does Passive Income Unlocked

Let us talk about how this program actually works. With this program be taught and shown how to make money online using 3 ways that have been proven to work. Below are the 3 ways and after I will break each one down.

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Your digital products

Display ads


This is basically putting ads on google for people to find the products you are promoting in your niche. The Display ads is a known way to make money online.

Affiliate markertIng

You will be taught how to promote people’s products or programs on your website so that you can make passive money online easily.

Your digital products

You can also promote your own products on your website. You will be taught how to collect payments on your sites and how to make good sales people.

The program is not your typical SEO (search Engine Optimization) program where you build out an authority website like many courses that are similar.

This program you will be taught how to go after very niche website which have long tail keywords and they do not really focus on back linking.

Thus their aim is to ensure you rank more of faster on google without too much technicality. So they focus more on low competition niches.

What is in the Passive Income Unlocked?

The program is hosted on a platform called teachable which will ensure that you can easily use the content and know that you are not scammed.


The program is also made with video content which means that you can look at the content in your own time and rewind or fast forward accordingly.

There are 69 videos which have 19 modules in it.

I viewed the program easy and simple to follow. A large portion of the program is executed by Jeff with Ben taking over for a couple of modules.

Passive Income Unlocked review

A ton of detail has gone into each part, which truly isolates the course from the free content on their YouTube channel.

I like that they give downloadable calculation sheets to assist you with following your work and deal with your business. It makes it significantly more straightforward to oversee what you are doing and to make updates to your site.

For such a low-evaluated course, I was really dazzled with how top to bottom the substance goes.

How much does Passive Income Unlocked cost?

There are 3 price packages for this program and you can choose each one depending on your affordability.

  • $90 for 6 months
  • $150 per year
  • $350 for a lifetime

What I like about the program

Like look at the things I like about the program first.

  • Less focus on back linking

This means it frees up your time for you so that you do not have to spend years trying to get your website to be an authority.

  • Very affordable

The prices are very low when you compare it to other affiliate marketing courses that teach the same thing. Most programs are very expensive.

  • Money back guarantee

The program will be able to give you money back which means that it is a risk free program for you to start and make money.

What I do not like about the program

  • The process is slow

The strategy will really take time for you to start seeing things pick up for you to start making money online.

This means it can take years for it to start making money.

Is Passive Income Unlocked a scam?

This program is a good one for people who are looking to make money online and it is not a scam at all because the strategies in the course is legit.

This is because it is a proven business system for people looking for money online in a legit way. However, I have to say that it is not for people who are looking to start making money now.

You will have to wait for a year to start seeing traction and that is how this business works so you need loads of patience.

Most people fail in this business because they do not see any success instantly and start saying this is a scam which is wrong to say.

To be honest my business took at least a year to pick up when I started and that is after doing loads of hard work. But the good thing is that after that year your success will really skyrocket if you have done good foundation work.

How I make money online

Assuming you are hoping to make automated revenue and construct a genuine business. I would suggest a business that you can begin and in no less than a half year it will be cash you make while you rest.

The business model is similar to the one above but with the exception that you get to do it with a helpful community to ensure your sucess.

This is the very business that assists me with doing this and I had the option to leave my place of employment after chipping away at it for just a half year.

This is my normal pay that I create with it and you can likewise make something very similar assuming that you are significant about building a genuine business that will endure forever.

This program gives you all the preparation you want and beneficially, it has a free package that you can likewise look at underneath.

July 2021


This free preparation will give you 10 preparation recordings and 2 free sites and be essential for a supportive local area including me.

Whenever you are fulfilled (as most are) you can then go for premium and fabricate your genuine business to make no less than four figure pay.

You will actually want to have your very own business that will give you all the opportunity you need and beneficially, it develops every single year as the web is as yet developing quick.

You can check this program and how it assisted me with having the option to make a full time pay and find employment elsewhere quickly.

Final thoughts

Making money online relies on good amount of skills that need to be developed so I do suggest looking at programs that teach you that.

This will help you have skills for years to come and that is what Passive Income helps you with.

It teaches you how to make money with niche websites so you can create passive income that will carry you over the years, The program is created by legit people how know the business in and out.

With the creators knowing what they are doing it sure can work for people looking to make money in the long term if they never give up.

By and large, Passive Income Unlocked is a significant asset for anyone with any interest at all in producing automated revenue through an effective money making business online. The course gives extensive data and assets, and the local area takes into account systems administration and backing. We enthusiastically prescribe this course to anybody hoping to begin or develop their online money portfolio.

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