Passive Income Geek Review-Is this a scam?

Welcome to my passive income Geek review where I will be unloading all you need to know about this program so that you will make your own decisions at the end.

If you are here you are likely researching to see if this course is worth it for making money online or not. Well this is the best place to check that out.

This is because I have been online for more than 5 years and I have survived many scams online trying to make money online so I could leave my job as a young adult. So I am in a great position to assist you here.

In this review I will dig in and go in depth in the course so that you know all of what it involves.

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Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Passive Income Geek Review

Product Name: Passive Income Geek

Creator:Morten Storgaard

Price: $299 per year for the first year rating: 4.5 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to understand
  • Systematic based course
  • The creator is real and an expert
  • Community


  • Needs some discipline

What is Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek is a course that teaches you how to make money online by specifically affiliate marketing which you may be familiar with.

If you do not know affiliate marketing is making money selling people’s products and you get a commission whenever a person buys through you or your links.

The course is made for beginners and professional affiliate marketers who want to make a living online.

Even though the course/program teaches affiliate marketing a bit different from normal programs we can see that it still works as it has been a system the creator has been using for years to make money online(more about how it works later).

Who is the creator?

The creator of the course is a person by the name Morten storgaad who has been able to make money with affiliate marketing with different websites since the early 2000s.

He was able to quit his job and work full time online and have passive income with these sites.

After 10 years in the game of affiliate marketing making loads of money he decided to give people some tips on his YouTube Channel which is called Passive Income Geek YouTube Channel.

After some great content his audience demanded that he make a program to help teach them step by step (You Know how hard it can be to learn from YouTube as it is not structured).

Morten also helped his wife create her YouTube Channel where she was able to get more than 100K followers.

Judging from all of his success we can see that we are dealing with a real deal when it comes to affiliate marketing or making money online.

However, we still have to dig deep into the program to ensure that the program is real as effective as it may seem or not.

On the next sections I will be exploring this for you.

How does the Passive Income Geek work?

The course works in terms of a system which you will need to follow to fully repeat the benefits.

The main basis is that you will be making websites which will in turn help you to be able to make money.

Step 1: Finding a niche of your choice

The first part of the course you will be taught how to better get a niche for you to make money. This is addressed because most people who look to make money online usually have a problem when it comes this which ends up causing issues for generating income,

Step 2: Finding the best domain name

The next step you will learn how to find the best domain for your chosen niche which is one of the other important aspects for ranking your website (although not the most important).

You will learn how to best research this in a way which most people do not really know which Morten has been using for over 10 years of his blogging.

This part is usually taught in many other course however the unique part is that here you will learn exactly what Morten has never revealed and that is why I think the price of the course may seem hefty for others.

Step 3: SEO

You will also be taught how to write the best and most converting content (known as SEO-friendly) which will be able to help you keep earning a passive income.

The tricks you are taught here are mainly for helping to not paying for ads and the like but rather to take it one step at a time.

Step 4:Outsourcing writing

Some people may finding the writing a bit time-consuming and so that is where the outsourcing comes in handy.

I have personally never seen a program teaching you how to outsource, so hats off to Morten for doing this section.

I know I had to personally learn for myself on how to do this when I started.

Step 5: social media promotion

In this section you will also be taught how to promote your website through social media platforms the best way possible.

The other aspect is that you are re taught which social media platforms to not focus on a lot as they may not be lucrative.

What are the features of Passive Income Geek?

Now that we know a bit about the program/course it is now time to take a look at what you will get when it comes to the features of things you will get by joining or purchasing the program.

  • Access to all modules of the program (all mentioned above)

The modules are in text and also in video form which is helpful because it means you do not have to watch the video if you want or read text as you can choose what you prefer whenever.

  • Access to community

You will be able to meet other people who have joined the program which you may be in the same level with and others who are experts.

This community is there to help you grow and be a better affiliate marketer as you will be getting tips of people’s failures and success.

This I think is one of the best aspects of the program as it can help you grow faster.

How much does the Passive Income Geek cost?

The passive income Geek cost of $299 per year and if you wish to continue after than you will pay a lower amount of $99 per year to still have full access.

When you compare this to many other course or programs online you can see that the program is relatively very affordable for any person.

I have been online for long and I know that most programs cost no less than $900 and not to mention that you will still have to pay more costs by joining that program and also the tools you get forced to buy.

However, with Passive Income Geek this is not the case at all because you get all of that with this yearly price and you also do not have to keep buying addition tools.

The only main things you will invest in is a domain and a hosting platform for your domain.

Who is the Passive Income Geek for?

My Personal Frequency Review

The program is mainly for people who are tight on budget and are looking to start making money online without spending too much.

If you also do not want to spend ads money to make money through social media than this course is definitely worth it for you.

I will list the people who are suited below as a summary:

  • Beginner affiliate marketers
  • People who are looking for increasing their income online
  • Expert affiliate marketers
  • People looking for a system which make take long to make money
  • People with less money for making money online

Is the passive Income Geek a scam?

Here is the part that you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the program is a scam or not.

If you have read until this point than you may know that the program is legit as they come. However I will leave a summary just to emphasize.

  • Creator is an expert

We already know that the creator of the program is real and more than that he is legit and has been making money for 10 years in this way.

We can thus see that we are dealing with an expert in the subject which gives us more chances of knowing the program will work.

  • Program is based on fundamentally working principles

If you have been working online for long you will know that the methods implemented in the course is very legit and can make you a good income.

How does the Passive Income Geek compare with other programs?

The passive income geek system is one of the best programs out there for beginners and if you check other programs they may be very expensive and yet give less value.

The program is comparable to Wealthy Affiliate which is a program which helped me make full time income and I mentor people make money in.

Other than that there is no other program I would say it is better than it currently especially for people who are starting out.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money online it is evidence that one needs a course that works and a course which has some sort of mentorship so one can make consistent income.

The other aspect is that the person must get a program with creators with a great track record of making money online.

The Passive Income Geek is a program/course which is made to help people be able to make money without spending loads of money on things like Facebook ads and the like.

The other aspect is that the program is made by an expert creator who has made loads of money through his websites.

The program is simple to follow by anyone who wants to make money online.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value you were looking for when it comes to making money online.

If you have nay comments or questions you can leave them below and I will also be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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