Passive Income Geek 2022-Truth Exposed

Welcome to my latest Passive Income Greek review for 2022 where I will be revealing to you whether this program is still worth it or not.

If you have been looking for the best way to make money then by looking at affiliate marketing you really are in the right place.

However, choosing the right program is what will help you have success in this game and help you to reach financial independence.

This program is basically one of the few programs that has been in the market for a very long time helping people.

However, as the years go by things change so we need to see if it is still relevant.

I have been in affiliate marketing for years and I make passive income online and I know which methods work and which ones do not.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Passive Income Geek Review

Program name: Passive Income Geek


Creator: Morten Storggard

Price:$299 per year for first year and $99each year after rating: 3 out of 5

What is Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek is an affiliate marketing training that shows you how to build an affiliate business without too many issues where you focus on not investing a lot.

It is the similar method that I used to get started with my affiliate marketing in 2018 after getting scammed by a course called Internet income intensive by Peng Joon.

So I know now from experience which are the best programs to follow and what they entail especially when it comes to what is working currently.

the program is made to help newbies make their own online business using simple websites and more than that you will be not using loads of ads to make money.

This is one of the reason this course is well-known as most people do not like to start with ads as they may usually be on a budget or looking for a side income.

It is not like other quick rich schemes where you will be promised quick money with less money so that you can fall in the trap like programs like Cash Formula.

It is also not like those cheap websites where you will be also told that it will be easy and you can just do surveys to make money like Paid To Read and Paid Social media Jobs.

You will be required or rather should I say you will be taught how to properly manage make a long term SEO based website or business.

Who is the creator of Passive Income Geek?

The creator of the Passive Income Geek is Morten Storgaard who has been in affiliate marketing for long and has been an influencer for people who are trying to start out.

Morten is also an owner of a YouTube channel where he shares his expertise in affiliate marketing. He also does some interviews with established online markers on his channel.

He started his YouTube Channel in 2020 and now has 11K subscribers that he boosts and this is growing fast.

He shares his story to of how he made with affiliate marketing and what he used to quickly reach success.

He was first a SEO consultant back in 2010 and started creating passive income websites which he later created his own websites to make money and retire.

He also helped his wife grow her YouTube Channel to 100K which was used by his expertise.

His YouTube channel is quite insightful if you ask me because you will learn more than you can think of even if you are already making money with affiliate marketing.

So given all of this we can see that we are dealing with a program that has a real creator and that is made by an expert who is looking to help you out.

How does Passive Income Geek work?

Passive Income Geek works by helping you create a website that will make money with SEO and ads although the SEO is not the main way you will make money.

This means that if you will not be too focused on SEO and ranking which is a method that is similar to a course called Income School project.

I will highlight the modules you will be learning in and there are 9 modules to help you do this.

  • Module 1: Niche selection

Here you will learn the importance of a niche which is what you will be focusing on when it comes to your blog.

You will be learning vital aspects of how to find the best niche and which niches work best and are the most profitable.

Although you will be given some of the best niches I would have liked that the program helped you with a niche that you liked and helps guide you but they do not.

I think this is vital because for people who are starting out they really need to know what will work so they do not waste a lot of time when they are starting out.

You will learn the mindset of a good niche and a strategy around any niche that you are looking to start.

  • Module 2: Topic research

Jaaxy keyword research tool review

This module will be all about how to find the best topics and this will be able to help you to be able to have the right niche.

This section is where the program goes in deep to ensure that you are good.

You will also be shown what the best practices the creator uses so that you can also use the same mindset to create your own website.

  • Module 3: Find a good domain


This section is basically about helping you realize that having the best domain will go a long way for you.

Finding a good domain is what separates the top earners from those who are not making money online. This is simply how one can do it.

The module will also help you learn how to get the domain even if the name you want is already taken and this is not by stealing but it will help you find a better and similar name without changing much.

  • Module 4: Setting up your website

This part is where you will be doing the practical part of your business and this is where you create a website for yourself for your domain name.

You will then be shown how to put other aspects of the tools to make your blog be visible and authentic and safe and secure.

  • Module 5: Writing Awesome Content

This section will be teaching you how to make good content for your visitors so that you will always have engagement and followers.

You will be shown what content is helpful and how it can be able to help your audience on your website.

  • Module 6: SEO Tips

How to sell shoes

This section will be able to help you learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will be able to help your website ran with Google.

This means you will be able to make sure that you can get free traffic with Google and be able to track faster with visitors on your a monthly basis.

I do feel that they need to do an update when it comes to how SEO is working these days as I feel the training is not enough.

  • Module 7:Monetization

How to make money as a personal trainer

This section is one of the most important because without it you might as well forget about making a real business.

The program will show you some of the best training and they mainly focus on advertisements and also with regards to affiliate marketing.

They will show you how to drive free traffic and start making money without too much investment.

  • Module 8: Social media and your business

This module will show you how to integrate your social media with your website to have a huge audience or reach.

This means that you will have the option to open up a page that you can operate although the course says this is not a necessity.

  • Module 9: Outsourcing work

This part is all about scaling up your business by hiring writers and you will be shown how to do this in a more effective way.

The outsourcing is all about helping you have hands-off on your business and be able to make more money and have more time with your family.

If you have this part wrong it can have many issues when it comes to your business. I know I struggled with this aspect to when I started to make money with one of my websites.

What is inside Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek will have some valuable things to help you once you get and here are the typical things you will get:

  • Training materials

These are the modules that you will be getting in order to be able to make money online.

  • Private community

The private community is basically very active as you will see that students are trying to ask when they get confused.

  • Systematic approach

The approach that you will use will be systematic and will be made in such a way anyone can follow to make money.

How much does passive Income Geek work?

Let us look at the price of the course to see if it has a good value and if it is reasonable.

The course is an annual fee of $299 for the first year and $99 for the following year.

The course also comes with a refund within 7 days and nothing afterwards if you ever need any refund.

However, unlike other courses like the one that helped me this one does not have a free trail or training for you to check it out.

I believe this price is reasonable and not high if compared to other courses of the same business.

What I like about Pasive Income Geek

  • The creator is real and legit

Motern is a well-known figure in the affiliate marketing space as I have said before and you can see his work as he does not hide anything that he does.

  • Creator is an expert

The creator is also an expert that can be verified with his work that he keeps sharing to people with his channels like YouTube and Websites.

  • Affordable

The course is basically super affordable and it will help you be able to make money easily.

  • Legit system

The system of affiliate marketing is legit and you will be able to make money if you do things right over a period like myself.

  • SEO

It is good that you will be taught a free way to make money online and that is with SEO which is one of the best free methods.

  • Money back

You will have the ability to get your money back if you request a refund within 7 days. This is good to show that they do care about your satisfaction.

What I do not like about Passive Income Geek

  • Lack of in depth SEO

I feel the program is still lacking in the current ways SEO works and these include things such as number of words and the links and back link quality.

These are vital these days due to how many blogs are now online.

  • No ads training

In this day it is also good to have an option for others to make money fast with using things such as Facebook ads and Google ads.

It would be lovely if people had an option for this as it will make the program more versatile.

  • Competitive industry

You will be focusing on a competitive industry that where you will be trying to get income with your website advertisements.

This means that this will really be hard for you to make decent income especially if you will just focus on ads to make money.

Is passive Income Geek a scam?

passive income geek is not a scam and you can rest assured that this course will give you all the information that you are looking for.

There is no doubt that all the methods that are taught work and have worked overtime as the creator is one who can confirm this.

The program is also made in such a way that you will be able to ensure that you can see others who have made this work.

Here is a summary of why I say the program is not a scam:

  • Creator is real and is an expert

You can find Morten on most social media like YouTube.

  • Good refund

The creator is great as he gives you some form of refund to give to his students.

  • All methods are legit

The methods all work although they need to be updated for some.

Do I recommend the Passive Income Geek

I do recommend Passive Income Geek to people who are looking to make money online with websites.

However, I do not recommend it if you do not have time to dedicate a lot of work writing because that is what you will be doing for at least a year.

What is a bit bad is that the methods are a bit behind the industry which means when your website ranks it would have taken more time then normal websites.

My #1 recommendation for making money online

I also make money with websites as this is my other source of income that helped me quit my job and now I use it to travel the world.

I also struggled to get a good program, However things changed after I found a program that helped me go from making $0 to a full time income.

As you can see this is my typical income below and I make this while I sleep and the cool thing is that I created this long time a go and money keeps rolling in.

July 2021

The program that helped me is what I recommend to anyone because it helped me a lot.

The program simply has a free training to help you get started and then later if you are satisfied you can go to premium.

The free training has 10 videos and 2 free websites of your own to help you put the training and practice.

The other cool thing is that you will not be required to put your credit card when it comes to this so you will be able to know you are not forced and I have not seen any program that does this so far.

To see how I was able to succeed with the training form this program you can check my story below.

Final thoughts

Passive Income Geek is a course that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing and blogging using free methods.

This is a good program that is new, However I just feel that it is a bit outdated as far as the free methods because the affiliate marketing industry is very competitive.

yes if you are experienced it can be easier but for beginners nope.

The program has 9 modules that take you through until you understand everything that you need.

The program is $299 per year and $99 for the second year and the following years. The program is also made for any person whether they are beginners or advanced.

You will also get a refund if you feel you do not like the program within the first 7 days which I feel is not enough to check a program

The creator is an expert though which means you are following someone who knows what they are doing.

I hope this program review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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