Paid Traffic Mastery Review-Is Molly Pittman a scam?

Welcome to paid Traffic Mastery Review where I will show you in the event that this program is a trick or not and regardless of whether it is worth the effort.

Hence, being a program I experienced on my excursion of hoping to bring in cash online when I needed to leave my place of employment and work independently.

After certain years and seeing it everything considered I want to give you extraordinary point of view which can assist you with pursuing a decision.

Before we start I need to initially salute you for finding opportunity to do your own examination before purchase such a program. It will help you not get defrauded.

Before we start you might be keen on checking my # 1 suggestion for bringing in cash online which assisted me with stopping my office work in 2019.

Moving right along, how about we begin.

Paid Traffic Mastery Review

Program name: Paid Traffic Mastery

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Molly Pittman

Price: $495 once off rating: 2 out of 5

What is Paid Traffic Mastery?

Paid Traffic Mastery is a compensation for every snap (PPC) publicizing instructional class that spotlights on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

The course will show you how to drive paid traffic to your site or other internet based business from these sources.

The Paid Traffic Authority course is separated into eight preparation modules, every one of which has 47 video examples.

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This program will tell you the best way to fabricate crusades, run promotions, enhance and develop your ads, and so on.

It’s essential to underline straight away in this survey that the course’s primary center is Facebook advertisements, not Google promotions, which are Molly’s forte.

How does Paid Traffic Mastery work?

In this segment of Paid Traffic Dominance audit, I will separate this course into pieces. The course has been intended to tell you the best way to make and run paid advertisements on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram effectively.

The whole course extends north of 7 modules and 47 video examples. Every module has been intended to show you the essentials of making and running paid advertisements on currently referenced stages.

The center thought behind Paid Traffic Dominance is to assist you with driving designated traffic to your site, deals pipe, or blog.

You will figure out how to plunge profound into the Facebook Advertisements stage and influence it to get hot traffic.

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Molly Pittman is a specialist on Facebook promotions and she will tell you the very best way to configuration advertisement crusades that create results for your business… quick.

The course is meant to show you how to effectively build and execute paid Google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and also Instagram ads.

Paid Traffic Mastery’s core principle is to help you drive targeted traffic to your website, sales funnel, or blog.

You’ll discover how to go deep into the Facebook Ads platform and use it to get hot traffic.

Molly Pittman is an expert in Facebook advertisements, and she will teach you precisely how to create ad campaigns that generate results for your company quickly.

Who is the creator of Paid mastery Traffic?

Molly Pittman isn’t just a lovely face that is intended to sell you this course, and it has been the situation with numerous other web-based tricks.

She is a genuine individual with a strong foundation in computerized promoting. Molly Pittman is a cultivated computerized advertiser and paid promotions master with a perceived vocation and spent more than $2 million in paid promotions.

Molly Pittman is certainly a solid individual. Molly is likewise a VP and traffic director at Computerized Advertiser.

What’s more, presently, she’s decided to impart her plans to you through her Paid Traffic Dominance course.

Let’s look at the modules that you will be getting.

Module 1 – Beginning

The primary module is where you get to meet Molly Pittman. She will walk you through her course momentarily and give you a prologue to paid promotions.

She will discuss what paid advertisements are, and why you ought to utilize them. Likewise, she will walk you through a client buy cycle to provide you with a thought of how it functions “from the above mentioned.”

Module 2 – Center Idea

The subsequent module inside Paid Traffic Dominance is centered around the essential center ideas of paid publicizing. Molly goes over the significance and distinction between hot, warm, and cold traffic and shows you which one is awesome.

Obviously, the principal center is around the hot traffic. In any case, you ought to likewise watch out for the chilly one and expert the procedures for heating up the virus leads.

Example 1: Center Ideas

Example 2: The Traffic Store

Example 3: Traffic Temperature

Example 4: Content and Paid Traffic

Example 5: Cold Traffic Content

Illustration 6: Warm Traffic Content

Example 7: Hot Traffic Content

Example 8: What’s Straightaway?

Module 3 – Making Your Mission Resources

Module number three is tied in with making your most memorable missions. In this module, you will figure out how to portion and make your client symbol, focus on your future clients, make great promotion duplicate, and significantly more!

One of the most mind-blowing strategies from this module of Paid Traffic Authority is focusing on and making promotion duplicate. These two abilities assist you with taking full advantage of your promotions without squandering a lot of cash.

Module 4 – Facebook Profound Plunge

When you go over the essentials of paid promotions, this module of Paid Traffic Authority will acquaint you with Facebook advertisements.

Molly will show you how to begin with Facebook, follow the consistence, place your most memorable promotions, track your missions, introduce the Pixel, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Additionally, she will acquaint you with Instagram promotions too.

Example 1: Getting everything rolling With Facebook

Example 2: Facebook Consistence

Example 3: Understanding Effort Construction

Illustration 4: Positions, Offering, and Financial plan

Illustration 5: Instagram

Illustration 6: Following and Mission Send off

Illustration 4: Retargeting and The Facebook Pixel

Module 5 – Investigating, Improving and Scaling

This module is tied in with breaking down your information. When your missions start, you will figure out how to follow, improve and scale all your Facebook missions to get endlessly better return for money invested.

One of the vital action items from this module of Paid Traffic Authority is scaling your advertisements. As such, when you begin producing income, you must utilize the pay to run more advertisements, and in this way create more pay!

Example 1: Investigating, Improving, and Scaling

Example 2: Breaking down Information

Example 3: Investigating Efforts

Example 4: Improving

Example 5: Scaling

Module 6 – Google Promotions With Mike Rhodes

In this module of Paid Traffic Authority, you will meet Mike Rhodes. Mike is a specialist on Google promotions and during the following ten illustrations, he will tell you the best way to use Google to get significantly more paid traffic to your site.

Dissimilar to the initial four modules where Molly has separated FB promotions into pieces, this module isn’t quite so thorough as it ought to be. As I would like to think, this is only an outline of Google promotions.

Module 7 – YouTube Promotions With Tom Breeze

The last module is where you will meet Tom Breeze – a specialist on YouTube promotions. Tom will show you how to make video advertisements and run them on YouTube to draw in additional clients to your web-based business.

Yet again dissimilar to the main portion of the Paid Traffic Dominance course, this is only an outline of the techniques. I feel they utilized these last two modules similarly as satisfied fillers.

Illustration 1: Presentation

Illustration 2: Your Clients Second

Illustration 3: The Ideal Video Promotion

Illustration 4: Arriving at Your Client

Illustration 5: Mission Fabricate Walkthrough

Illustration 6: Much obliged

The amount Does Paid Traffic Dominance Cost?

You can sign up for Molly Pittman’s course for $495 one time. This intends that there are no membership expenses or any redesigns not too far off.

Not at all like numerous courses nowadays, Paid Traffic Authority doesn’t accompany stowed away upsells.

What I like about Paid Mastery Traffic

  • For beginners and advanced people

As you will see on the course that whether you are a beginner or experienced you will be able to learn a lot with this course.

  • Money back guarantee

Unlike most programs I have reviewed this program will give you a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can be able to see how the program works within the 30 days.

  • Creator is real

Molly is a reputable expert who knows the business works and is looking to help people achieve success and thus this is the reasons that she created this program.

What I do not like about Paid Mastery Traffic

  • Very expensive

The course is very expensive which means that not everyone can be able to afford it and use it to benefit.

Is Paid Mastery Traffic a scam?

Here is the p[art you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether this is a scam or not.

The simple answer is that the program is not a scam at all.

Molly Pittman is a 100 percent real computerized advertiser who assists individuals with beginning, improve, and develop their computerized showcasing organizations.

As you can see from this audit, there are no over hyped explanations, misdirecting claims, counterfeit acquiring reports, counterfeit tributes, or some other trick flags that could implicate this course.

How I make money online

I have been in affiliate marketing since 2016 and it was only in 2019 that I was able to quit my job and travel the world and I would never have done it had I not joined a course that was cheap and helpful.

The course is great because it gives you free training to see as a trail and if you are happy then you can join premium which is only $49 per month or $359 per year.

This is way cheaper than most courses like Cashwords Formula and also will give you similar training although not entirely the same.

What makes this course a bit ideal then cashwords Formula is that you can easily afford it and also you can get some training to set up you website without giving out your credit card.

Although some training is not as updated as Cashwords Formula especially when it comes to Amazon but you will still get videos from members of the course who have made it and they put it in a platform called classroom.

Anyways this is the same method that allowed me to be able to go from earning $0 online to a full time income which allowed me to quit my job.

Since I am transparent with my earnings you can check out my earnings yourself to see that the program did help and guess what I only use SEO or free traffic to generate these results which means I do not have to keep spending for ads on my website.

This is because what Jeff Does although it is not the same scale as him and magnitude. The good thing is that the website is still new which means that the potential for increasing this income is huge.

This is the reason it keeps growing monthly

If you would like to check how I was able to do this you can click the button below.


Final thoughts

On the off chance that you have been looking for data for checking regardless of whether paid traffic mastery is a scam that this survey ought to have shown you that the program isn’t a trick by any means.

Truth be told the preparation inside is really significant and will give you great measure of pay assuming that you apply and follow everything well.

The program is made by a specialist in Web optimization called Molly Pittman who has been doing this for quite a long time and has been killing it which shows that you are in the right organization.

Anyway the course is over the top expensive and it tends to be difficult for you to get your cash back assuming you ask about the unconditional promise that is guaranteed.

The program is made for any individual who is hoping to scale their pay utilizing free traffic without experimentation.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it give you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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  1. Thank you very much for this helpful review.
    I have a blog and want to get results a bit quicker. I understand that SEO does take time, but I would like to give paid traffic a go.

    Unfortunately, the price is a bit crazy as you said. My other question is, are people happy with using Paid Traffic Mastery? Are there any legit testimonials?

    Thanks for all the help.

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