Paid To Read Email Review-What you should know

Welcome to my Paid to read email review where I will be telling you all you need to know when it comes to this program which promises quick riches.

As there are o many ways to make money online it is vital that you find what will work for you and run with it and that is why I did this Paid To Read Email Review for you so you can see if this is for you or not.

I have been reviewing hundreds and thousands of programs which promise to help you make money and I can say these days most of these are either scams or do not give you enough more to live a life of freedom.

I was lucky to find programs that helped me be a full time online earner and travel the world many times during the year.

So join me as I look at this program and help you decide if you should invest your time with it or not.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Paid To Read Email Review

Program name: paid To Read Email

Creator:Not visible

Niche: make money online rating: 2 out of 5


Paid To Read Email is a legit service that helps people make some money with reading emails as the name suggests.

But the whole way of doing money like this is not as easy as advertised since there are a lot of loopholes this did to ensure that people do not really get loads of money from it.

You have to work really hard to make money with them and them more you work and long you work the less money you will ens up making.

This is why this program is not my biggest recommendation for people who are looking to make legit and sustainable income online.

It is good for people who are just looking to have fun and get some cash backs and points etc But for actual income I would recommend a legit program like the one that helps me be able to live a full time laptop lifestyle.

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Paid To Read Email Overview

paid to read email is a regular website that helps you be able to read emails and in exchange get points and also some money with your time.

This is similar to other surveys websites that help you make money doing surveys but the difference with this is that you will have emails to read.

There will be two types of emails you will be required to do and I will explain this in the next section so that you will know what you are putting yourself into.

The website said to be an earning passive income website but this is not really the case as many reviews online state otherwise.

This is what shows some red flags that you need to be aware of because of people are complaining about the service there is usually an issue (more about this later).

This website is similar to other websites like Paid Social Media Jobs and Paid To Write Jobs as they operate in a similar way.

Who is the creator of Paid To Read Email?

It is always good to see who the creator of the website or program is before jumping in as this will save you a lot of time and hard ache.

This is because many scam websites have no visible creators as this is for them not be found should things to go well.

This is not to say that all websites that have no creators are like that but most of these are generally scams well that is my general rule of thumb that I check if programs are scams.

What about Paid To Read Email?

Well this website does not have a real creator that we can see also and they do not try to put it on their website as well. For me this was the first big red flag that must make you wary.

Since the service has been up from 2005 it should be visible=bile for any person to know who they are dealing with but they still hide this information.

How does paid To Read Email work?

How to earn money online with a blog

Let us now look at how Paid To Read email works so you can have an understanding of the whole service.

The program/ website will give you more than two ways to make money of which the main ones is reading emails.

Let’s first start look at the getting paid with reading email. There are two ways to get Paid To Read Emails.

  • Pay To Read Email

For this you will get credits of $2 to start off and read emails Which is 100 emails). You will be given a set of emails to read and once you have finished reading them you will get paid.

However the issue is that to earn more you will need to get more emails which because harder to get and this is where people complain a lot.

To get more emails to read you will need to do other things on the website to get points.

  • Surveys

This part is where you get emails for doing services for the website and this will usually be needed to be done due to the fact that you will need to earn points in order to be able to get The Paid emails,

The tricky thing with the surveys though is the fact that you need to qualify first inorder to start using these.

This makes it hard for you to earn because many of the surveys may not be catered for you in any way and will need for you to ensure that you are the right candidate.

To be frank I think they do this on purpose so that people will not earn a lot of money because most of the time people do not qualify for many surveys,

More than that there is a waiting period for these which will require you to be able to patient and this can make you wait for a week without getting a response.

How do you earn with Paid To Read Email?

In this Paid To Read Email Review I will tell you how to earn with this service as a way of making a side income.

  • Cash Back

Cash backs are what this website works with and this means that you will have to buy a product on their website and then you will get cashback credited to your account.

So this is what you will get with this website even though there is not a lot you will really get with this website.

I would say there are far better websites that have better cashback offers you can opt for instead if that is your focus.

I am not surprised because this is not a cashback focused website anyways.

  • Points

How to earn money online without any investment

This part is where you will be doing surveys as I said on the previous section and this means that you will be focusing your intention on increasing these points so you can get more emails to read.

This is mainly what the points are for and nothing else unfortunately.

This is one of the hardest parts to earn money because you have to wait to qualify as I said before. However, if you have time and patient you can make a lot of points to read emails for making money.

The points are situated on the right side of your dashboard and you need to keep checking them so you can ensure you can keep accumulating.

  • Referral programs

This is one of the best ways to earn money with this platform because all you have to do is invite people you know or any person who is interested and you will earn 15% from their activities if they do surveys, read emails or do shopping.

This is a good percentage if you ask me because I have seen many which offer less than 10% and the good thing is that with this platform there are plenty of things to do on the website for your referrals.

I will be able to suggest you focus on this as well as the reading emails if you want to earn more money.

How will you get paid with Paid To Read Email service?

How to earn money online without any investment

The main way you will be paid is via PayPal and the payment will be processed within 5 working days after your withdrawal request.

However, you first have to reach the payment threshold before you can get paid which is $15 ( I know it is very high right?).

You can also redeem your points to and convert them to email credits or use them as Amazon gifts.

It is good that they have these options especially since the threshold is a bit high. This is the reasons I kept saying it is hard to earn money with them as you really need to work your ass off to even make decent amount of income.

It would be better if you are putting in the work and this will be building it for future profits (passive income) but it is not as you will be working for it forever, there is no way to scale it.

What others are saying about Paid To Read Email

let us look at what others are saying about the website. The main thing is that the website has more complaints than praises as you can see from the people below.

What I like about Paid To Read Email?

  • Many ways to earn

Unlike other platforms to make money online this platform you can choose many things. Ofcourse the main way to make money is to read email but diversifying is always good for earning more or getting more from the website.

  • You will get paid

You do get paid and many people do report to getting their payment after reaching a threshold. This is the reason they ask you for your PayPal details so they can ensure payment.

  • Old webiste

The website has been in business for long and at least it shows that people have been getting help in a legit way otherwise it would not be in operation.

  • Jobs are not too hard

The jobs to earn money are not hard at all and this means that anyone can do it even if they do not have a qualification or any experience to do this.

  • Support is there

There is also support if you need it along the way even though it is not the best in the market.

What I do not like about Paid To Read Email?

  • Too many negative complaints

If you go on many online spaces like trustpilot you will see too many complaints about this website as people are not satisfied.

  • Too much work for less pay

You will have to work a lot but not be able to be paid a lot which is not worth it if you ask me and this is because there are far too many opportunities you would rather take to help you make money.

  • The threshold is far to high

This means that the threshold is very high put the work to get it is also a lot and this is why many people get discouraged.

Is paid To Read Email a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I reveal if this is a scam or not and whether it is worth it or not.

Well, the website is certainly not a scam at all as you will be able to earn money and points by doing the work stipulated.

However I would not recommend it if you are serious about reaching financial freedom as it will be super hard. You will work hard forever.

The best way to do this is to get an opportunity that will ensure that you are able to make money even while you sleep.

My best recommendation for making money online

If you are looking to make passive income (money while you sleep) and build a legit business instead I would recommend a business that you can start and within 6 months it will be money you make while you sleep.

This is the same business that helps me do this and I was able to quit my job after working on it for only 6 months.

This is my typical income that I make with it and you can also make the same if you are serious about building a legit business that will last forever.

This program gives you all the training you need and the good thing is that it has a free training that you can also check out below getting started.

July 2021

This free training will give you 10 training videos and 2 free websites and be part of a helpful community including me.

Once you are satisfied (as most are) you can then go for premium and build your legit business to make at least four figure income.

You will be able to have a business of your own that will give you all the freedom you want and the good thing is that it grows each and every year as the internet is still growing fast.

You can check this program and how it helped me be able to make a full time income and leave my job in no time.

Final thoughts

Paid To Read Email is a service that is said to help you make money by doing a simple activity of reading emails.

This means that you will be able to get points and rewards for the work that you will be putting in.

The website was started in 2005 and has helped many people make money reading emails and doing some surveys.

You can also be able to make money with their referral program that will be a huge thing if you are looking to increase your earnings.

The only issue with this website is that it is hard for you to make a stable income let alone passive income since you will have to reach a threshold of $15.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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