Paid social media jobs review-Scam or Legit?

If you are here you may have seen paid social media jobs everywhere and are curious to know whether it is worth your time or effort.

Well, you have come to the right place to discover that as I have looked at it my self and thought it best to help others too.

Jumping into something without any knowledge or in depth knowledge is dangerous and that is why I am glad that you are doing your own research.

This will always help you not get scammed before getting any program and this is what saved before when I was looking for a program to help me make money full time online.

I have looked at more than 100 programs online to help my readers know if they are dealing with scams or not and I believe I always have the expertise to help you on this.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Paid social media jobs review

Program name: Paid Social media Jobs


Creator:Annie Jones

Price:$27 upfront


What is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Paid Social Media Jobs (Also known as Paying Social Media Jobs) is a system that promises to help you make money simply by you being a social media manager.

The way they say it is that you will be messing around social media a couple times a day to make consistent income.

You are also told that you can make $24-$34 per hour simply as a freelancer which they will be showing you how in an easy way that anyone can do.

The way that they try to do this is that they play with your emotions and act as if you will be chosen to do what you are told.

You will be made to apply and see if you will be approved unlike other programs which take you to a sales page with a specific video.

So once you apply what they do is that they still convince you to pay in a very weird way. You will get a count down clock to push you to pay for the system.

This is a known tactic that many programs use to ensure that they make you buy into their program super quick.

Who is the creator of Paid Social media jobs?

You see with any programs it is vital to check if there is a creator for a program or not. The Paid Social Media Jobs is said to be made by Annie Jones.

But when you really look at it you will see that the creator (Annie) is basically a stock Photo which is basically made to help capture gullible people.

These pictures are free and anyone can do the same thing for their program. I do not know about you but I would like to always invest in a program that has a real creator.

How does Paid Social Media Jobs work?


I will be going over what training they promise to give you and how it will help you when it comes to making money.

You will be told that the training will take you from knowing nothing to knowing a lot and start making at least $24 per hour.

Below is the training/modules that you will be getting:

  • Module 1: understanding what social media is

In this module you will learn the general reason why social media program is and also how it can be easily started by any person.

The module will go over a video which will also be showing you what you need to convince people or companies to work for you since there is a huge demand.

  • Module 2:How to get started as a social media Jobs?

This module will tell you how social media actually works and how to keep on top of your social media accounts that you are managing.

  • Module 3:Finding Clients

This section basically about showing you the best way to find clients from local businesses and also how to properly get your local businesses.

  • Module 4:Advanced training

This section is the practical steps on how to do social media marketing like Facebook ads for your clients. All training is made in such a way that it only gives you minimal training which will not really help you know a lot.

Trust me I have done a lot of training and I know what works and what doesn’t work.

What are the features of Paid Social Media Jobs

  • Job Database

You will be getting jobs that will be able to be to help you apply for the skills that you have learnt. You will get tools and jobs for social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

However you will be shocked to see that the jobs you will be getting will can be found for free for yourself as they are on platforms like and

  • Training

You will also be getting training which has 5 modules for you to help you with knowing social media marketing and the like as I mentioned above.

How much does Paid Social Media Jobs

To get access to Paid Social Media Jobs you will be required to pay a one time cost of $27 which will give you access to all the things I mentioned above.

But you must remember that you will not pay more for any upsells that they will convince you to get.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a scam?

There is no other way to say it but paid social media Jobs is a pure scam which is out there to ensure that they get your money.

This means that this if you are willing to give them your hard-earned money they will not be giving you anything of value as I have seen.

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Although they have money back guarantee I would still not waste my time on it at all.

Final thoughts

When it comes to make money online finding your best or most preferred method will be what will give you the endurance you need.

The Paid Social Media Jobs is a platform that promises to help you make money by giving you skills for being a social media to be a social media manager.

When it comes to this platform you are sold a dream because even the creator is not real and a stock photo is used and named Annie Jones.

This means that you can rather spend your $27 on something that is meaningful and that will give you actual and real training.

The platform is basically made for people who are looking to get their jobs and not an actual business.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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