Overnight Freedom Review-Is this worth it?

Welcome to my overnight freedom review where I will be giving you a full and in depth insight of this course so that you can be able to make your own informed decisions.

If you have been scammed like me online for many years you will know the importance of looking up a course or program before investing your hard-earned income into.

This is only fair for you because there are far too many scams these days so if you do the right research you will discover which are the right courses for you.

In this review I will be doing that for you with this overnight freedom review.

Without further ado, let’s get stared with this review.

Overnight Freedom Review

Program name: Overnight Freedom

Creator: Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones

Price:$2497 once off or 3 monthly payments of $997

Theworkathomegraduate.com rating: 3 out of 5


What is Overnight Freedom?

Overnight Freedom is an affiliate marketing course which claims to make 7 figure income in a short space of time (which we will know is hard to do especially for beginners).

Well to their defense they say they can do this by ensuring that you build a business that is focused on paid ads (more about this later).

This course also claims to have had some proven results ever since it was launched in 2019 I was not able to verify any positive testimonials from students.

Who is the creator of Overnight Freedom?

With any course it is vital that we look at who are responsible for creating it as a way of having some trusted (the initial trust).

The course is made by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones who are all known in the make money space.

Mark Ling is known for as the creator and owner of an affiliate program called affilorama while Gerry and Rib are well-known for there good affiliate marketing programs on Clickbank.

It is safe to say that we are dealing with leaders of the industry who are not only real and known but have gotten results before in other programs. This gives us a good initial trust of the course. However, we still have to go deep and look into the course even more.

How does Overnight Freedom work?

The course will teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing using paid ads. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing, it is a way of making money by promoting people’s products and getting paid a commission for each sale you get.

In this business model you are a middleman, You don’t need to create and product of your own rather you get a share for helping the creators or the company get their product out there.

This is one of the best model for making money online which I have also been doing with many of my websites since 2016.

Anyway, you will be taught how to use social media ads like Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads etc to make money online.

This is a good way to make money online don’t get me wrong, however it is quite expensive if you are just looking to start up and generate side income and scale up.

This makes the barrier of entry a bit large for most people. This is taking into account the fact that ads are quite expensive to start generating money from since you have to do loads of trail and error with your campaigns.

Given the cost of the course this makes this even more expensive.

What are the features of Overnight Freedom?

In the course you will get 8 weeks of training which will all work to get you set up to start earning in your business.

I will list all the training:

  • Week 0: Pre-training webinar for clickbank set up and Facebook page.
  • Week 1:Setting up your Facebook marketing Funnel
  • Week 2: Do your first ad
  • Week 3:Set up your presell page
  • Week 4:analyse and improve your sales page
  • Week 5:Learn split testing and tracking/scaling
  • Week 6:Learn ads accounts
  • Week 7:Learn advanced strategies for paid ads
  • Week 8: Learn the secrets of being an affiliate marketer

How much does Overnight Freedom cost?

The course will cost you a one time payment of $2497 which gives you full access of what I mentioned above and it excludes the running costs of your business.

You also can do 3 monthly payments of $997

To give you a total that you will need I will list some things you need to take into account:

  • Facebook ads:$300 per month at least
  • Email marketing tools : $15 month at least

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee which only works if you have used the course and attended all the lessons. You can see that they make it hard for you to get your money back.

What I like about Overnight Freedom?

There are quite a few things I liked about the course which I will mention here.

  • Real creators which have experience

The creators are real and have shown that they know what they are talking about and this can be seen by the programs that they have produced.

  • The business model works

I have also used these paid ad methods and I can assure you that they work and will give you the results that you want.

There is no doubt about that as long as you follow the training and do the work.

  • There is a money back guarantee

This process shows that the creators are confident about the course that it will give results to the point that they give you a money back guarantee. This doesn’t happen often for such programs for affiliate marketing especially.

What I do not like about the Overnight Freedom?

Let us look at the things I do not like about this course/program.

  • Too expensive

This is probably the biggest thing for me as I believe that people who are looking to start off are people who are looking to start making passive income.

This means they do not have loads of cash to start off with. So for the fact that you pay a lot to start the course and also for running your ads makes it hard for normal people to start with this course.

  • Hard to get your money back

So in the previous section I said that you can get your money back within 30 days of getting the course. Well, there is a condition for that.

There are many hurdles that you need to get over just to fulfill that condition. This for me makes the money back guarantee seem useless in a way.

If they really wanted you to get your money back they would have not included so many conditions.

Is Overnight Freedom a scam?

Here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the course is scam or not. The simple answer is that the course is not a scam at all.

It fulfils all the conditions of a course that works and that can produce results which I mentioned under the ” What I like about overnight freedom”

The creators are legit and we can also see that the strategies are proven to work.

Who is the overnight Freedom for?

The is simple for people who have lots of many to spare whether they are beginners or advanced in affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have much money to spare but you are looking to make a side income then this course is not for you at all.

Do I recommend Overnight Freedom?

I only recommend the course for people who have been doing loads of money with affiliate marketing already with free strategies and are looking to leverage their income.

I also recommend it for people who have been struggling with paid ads who are looking for a legit way to do it.

Other than that there are many other course you can start of with and one of those is the one that helped me make a passive income.

The good thing is that it was able to help me without starting off with huge amounts of cash and the running costs were close to non-existence.


Final thoughts

If you are looking to make money online affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do it considering you are able to get a legit course.

I only recommend course that will help you start off with little income and are legit and have shown to help people make money.

One of the course that is good is Overnight Freedom as it has real and experienced creators who are leaders in the industry.

However, the course is a bit too expensive and it is also hard to get your refund back within the 30 days they mentioned if you are not happy.

These are all the things which made me not recommend the course to many people who are looking to start out in affiliate marketing.

Otherwise the course is legit and the methods they teach do work if you follow them and put in the work.

I hope this review was worth it and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

9 thoughts on “Overnight Freedom Review-Is this worth it?”

  1. Dollar signs went off in my eyes when I saw the course was $2497, do they have an affiliate program? In all honesty, though, that is pretty expensive. I am not sure it is really worth that much cost. I feel like you could just figure out paid ads with free information online, especially with affiliate marketing groups in Reddit, there are a lot of smart people out there.

    I mean, that price is high, and I have never heard much about overnight freedom! The Authority Hacker site system course is probably the most famous course that I have heard about, and that course only costs $997, and I don’t think that this Overnight Freedom course does a better job than the Authority Hacker course does.

    1. Yes there is an affiliate program. Yes I do agree the cost is to expensive and the costs can be saved by going to low priced courses and also as you said via internet free content.

  2. Hey Thabo,
    Thank you for your Overnight Success review. The price is wow! That is very very expensive. That pricing will be a big stumbling block for many.
    Its interesting that the Affilorama Creator has also created this course. Do you know if he is still actively involved with both courses now?

    Also does Overnight Success have an ongoing community for ongoing support beyond the 8 week training period?

    I’d want to know that there are real people and real testimonials before committing as well as ongoing support.

    1. Hey John

      Yes the creator is still involved with both programs although a bit involved with this program more than the other. The program does have an ongoing community for help once you have done the payment.

  3. Hi there!

    Okay wow, the price tag that I first noticed is quite huge! But… when I read your blog post, it gets you thinking… I think I’m on your side with this. I wouldn’t want to go with this specific program at the beginning but if you have some experience from affiliate marketing and you know what you are doing.. Then maybe but I would still study out everything from the program before joining. So it’s a big maybe-yes from me.. 😀

  4. I’m right here with you. The SECOND I see unreasonable claims of revenue it’s a major red flag for me. Thanks for detailing everything about this platform in an easy to understand way.

  5. Overnight Freedom is not the most expensive Affiliate Marketing training program I know of. But price isn’t everything.
    I’ve known about Mark Ling and his courses for years but I haven’t heard of the other two people involved.
    That doesn’t mean much as no one knows everyone who has a course teaching affiliate marketing.
    What anyone interested in learning how to become an affiliate marketer needs to look at is a number of courses at different price points and to watch any videos the course creator(s) have put out.
    There may be some free training videos on YouTube or recorded webinars people can look at. It’s important to learn if you can relate to the person who’ll potentially be teaching you and if they and their teaching style resonate with you.
    If you end up with a mentor/coach you find you don’t like (something that happened to me), then it’ll be nearly impossible to learn from them.
    You have to find the mentor who is right for you because, as good as a course might be, it’s down to you to learn from it and apply what it teaches. And that’s a lot easier if you like the person teaching you.

    1. How this is a great comment. I never thought of this. You are right people should look at the people they want to learn from so that they can be able to get the most value from this as much as possible.

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