National Achievers Congress Review- The truth finally EXPOSED

I have always been a person who is motivated and looks for opportunities for advancing himself and this was the case when I chose to attend the National achievers Congress in Pretoria 2016.National achievers congress review

My life has changed a lot ever since that day and I have experienced a lot of ups and downs to be where I am today. In this National achievers congress review I will be unloading to you if this event is worthy of your time or not.

Before we start let me introduce myself so you know who I am.

  • I have been an internet marketer since 2016 and am now working full time online at home as I get a portion of my income online.
  • I review online programs to see if they are scams or not and whether they work or not.
  • I help people who want to get their income online just like me.

My aim for this review is to help you skip the 1000 steps I had to go through to get to where I am today and possibly further if you have the drive. Is that fair?

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Ok now that we have got that out of the way let us start the review.

National Achievers Congress ReviewNational achievers congress review

Product Name: National Achievers Congress


Owner: Richard Tan

Price: Free, Premium, Gold and Platinum rating: 7 out of 10

National Achievers Congress Overview

National achievers congress review

National Achievers congress is a platform, Under Success Resources, which helps anyone looking to achieve their financial, spiritual or sports goals in life. Although the focuses is mainly on financial more than anything else it is generally about success.

National achievers congress does this by inviting many world top speakers and financial experts or Gurus at one stage where they share a bit of their blueprint on how they reached success and how you can duplicate this in your life aswell.

When you get there it is very entertaining and the energy is always high as you get to do many high energy moves at the hall.

You also get to be pitched their products or services at the end of their talk generally or most of the time

Pro and Cons


  • Ability to network with financially successful people you would never have known
  • Get the highest motivation to reach your goals
  • Have lots of wealth vehicles to chose from
  • Get to meet and take pictures with the most success speakers and wealthy people in the world


  • Too many sales pitching
  • Can be too long

Who is National Achievers Congress for?

National achievers congress review

The national achievers congress is for anyone who is to look to get to financial freedom in any sense whatsoever. If you are a beginner in starting any business or to look to grow your business this is the platform for you.

So if you do not yet have a vehicle that you want to focus on you will benefit a great deal in these events.

I would not recommend this event to anyone who already has a financial vehicle they are working on or who have reached high wealth.National achievers congress review

Basically here is the list of people that can benefit here:

  • Beginners in business.
  • People who are to look to escape their 9-5 job and do not know how to.
  • People looking to network for their small business.
  • People who would like to have an exposure of their business.
  • People with lots of money but do not know how to use it to generate more income.
  • People looking for more streams of income.

These people I mentioned above will find that this event can have a turning point in their lives just like it did for me when I was starting out as a beginner in creating financial freedom.

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How does it work?


RegistrationNational Achievers Congress review

When you register for the event you only need to go to their website or their other website here and choose an upcoming event near your area.

Sometimes you can get free tickets especially if you get a promo code from a friend who went the last and he or she invites you.

This is the good incentive they give to reach more people to attend their events and raise awareness.

Seating arrangements

The seating arrangement is done in terms of priority from the back to the front. This means that if you got a free ticket or the cheapest ticket then you will seat at the back.

If you paid for Silver membership you get to seat in front of the people who got the cheapest ticket.

If you buy a platinum ticket you sit right in front of the speakers and normally you get to have a picture with the speakers.

The experience

National Achievers Congress review

National achievers Congress works by inviting speakers who are well-known and are successful in given financial spaces.

These speakers are given a time of about 30 minutes to present their material to the audience, Basically their success blueprint.

The material is presented normally by videos or just normal presentation of overhead materials which everyone can see.

The speakers are very good at their content and enthusiasm which captures almost everyone’s attention as they give great and valuable advice you can usually take into your business.

After each speakers presentation comes a part I do not like 100% as it is more like force people to do things they wouldn’t do otherwise.

The speakers present a sales pitch for the audience for their products which they say will help the audience succeed.

It is not so much the sales pitch that I hate but the way that the speakers present it to the audience for the following reasons:

  • Most people are not aware that they will need to invest money which they do not really have at the time.
  • People are told to pay cash now otherwise they will not get a guaranteed spot.

Although I know that these are all techniques done by top marketers but I do not agree that National Achievers Congress reviewpeople are forced to take out money.

As I said earlier it is better if you know their will be opportunities you may need to invest in and thus that is why I am doing this review for you.

This will help you know that by going to such an event you will be expected to invest in a program which you willingly like to do and not forced to do.

I have been to these events twice and twice people in the audience complained about being made guilty by not investing money.

Please note that no one forces you to take any of these opportunities but the speakers are so convincing they make you want to take action now.

This they do it by using psychology. They make the audience scream word like ” I take action now”, “I am a millionaire”, ” I do not have excuses for my wealth”.

How on earth would most people not take action in such things and end up taking loans and the loans.

Just know that when you attend Success Resources you will be asked to take a program which will help you reach financial freedom.

Luckily the first I went I had money and I was ready to start and make financial freedom with my money so it was great for me.

Do these programs work at all?

Now getting into the core of things will be what is important for you going forward. So do any of these products work.

Although I haven’t tested all of them from all the speakers I have tested or bought 2 of them and I will briefly talk about them.

Below are the program

  • JT Foxx’s coaching

National achievers congress

I registered for this on the day of the event although I did not have the full cash at the time I put a deposit in to reserve my space.

AS far as to how far I got with this I can say that I stopped when they gave me an upsale of more then $10 000, imagine.

That is when my dreams of starting a business with the speak was short-lived.

  • Internet income intensive by Peng Joon

National achievers congress review

This program was what excited me the most since Peng Joon (the speaker) told us the idea of making money online using automation.

To be honest the event and every bit of his training was good since it was practical stuff. This event happened 3 months after the Success Resources event.

The only thing I did not like was the fact that we couldn’t have proper mentorship after his training program. The only way we could talk to his team was through his emails and also talk with people on Facebook who had attended the event.

This nearly made quit my dream of building a successful business online. Luckily I was fortunate to find an internet marketing/ Affiliate training program which is free and has ongoing mentorship.

Ever since I joined this free internet program I have been able to build a sustainable online business.

What I liked about it is that it is absolutely free to sign in (no credit card details needed) and what I liked is that you can be able to use the free training as long as you want.

So if I were to give you advice I would say if you are to look to start making money online you should explore this free training yourself and see if you like it.

Below is a video of the live event I experienced when Robert Kiyosaki spoke below

The verdict

So is the national achievers congress a scam or legit? or more importantly will the congress produce wealth for you?

First of all National achievers congress is legit.


Well the program has founders you can get through should you have a problem. There are also quite a few testimonials for people who have made it.

As far as working the program can only work when you do.

The way to succeed is to take action you are told just like I did. Although the actual program I invested ( which was called internet income intensive by Peng Joon)  in upon attending the congress didn’t work but I eventually found a way to make it work.

Final thoughts

Going to events to change our lives is what we all are to look to achieve our dreams and this is the reason why I have been going to many business events to find financial freedom.

When I went to the national achievers congress this helped change my life forever as I am now working on building my dream.

Although the actual program I bought at national achievers congress did not help me give me income online but it was the step I needed to get where I am right now.

National achievers achievers is for people who are to look to start a business or who are to look to get networks for business.

If you are a fully fledged business owner it will not help you at all.

I hope this article was helpful in giving you information about the national achievers congress. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below, I will be happy to engage with you.

National Achievers Congress Review

Great place for any business

Although mostly geared for people looking to start a business this progress can be a great way to network if you already have a business.

12 thoughts on “National Achievers Congress Review- The truth finally EXPOSED”

  1. Hmm I don’t even look at these. I know many are millionaires, but what I have observed is they rely on self promotion and you are paying them a stage fee. $10k for an upsell? you can do a lot with $10k for your self, giving it to some one in exchange for some esoteric information and numerous bonus’s which will probably never be used is a bit rich I think.

    1. Yeah Michael that was when I saw that it was money making of promoting at the end of the day. Sure you can end up succeeding but at what cost? $10K?
      No not for me at all.
      I like things I can see and put effort in to give me results overtime.

    1. Hey Alex

      I am happy this review of the event was helpful. There is always the option of checking the free program as it is totally open to give it a free trial until you achieve your success.

  2. Thank you for this concise review I’m glad to learn events like this can be helpful to folks like me who are looking at creating an online business, i will be on the lookout for the ones closer to me .

    Although what I really just can’t afford is upsells and in $ 10000 that is a huge sum I can invest into an offline business and make gain from it.

    And since I’m just looking into opportunities of starting an online business it will be hard for me to cough out such a huge sum of money with no guarantee of ever making it back .

    As I saw in the review you have a better recommendation which I think will be worthy one’s time and money. Plus, starting an online business requires proper mentorship and support from your mentors if I can’t achieve that then why pay huge amounts of money ?

    1. Hey Barbara

      Yes these events are all over the world and open to anyone. I am sure you will benefit as long as you attend there knowing that you will go at least for motivation and education or if you are looking for a financial vehicle you want to focus on.

      Yes the upsells can be frustrating especially after you have already bought a program.
      Yes my review of Wealthy Affiliate is good for anyone and there are no upsells which will make your head spin.

  3. I have attended success seminars a few times over the years and am familiar with the routine. You get to hear some top quality successful business people and take away a lot of inspiration and tips. You also are confronted with a variety of programs or sets of instructional data to buy in order to help get yourself started in a business of your own. I have to admit, the speakers were always good. I have heard Mayor Rudy Guiliani, Paul Orfalea (the founder of Kinko’s) and a number of other big names. Again, their speeches were worth hearing. Very inspirational. I am sure the programs were probably effective too, but I never got into them. I know some people who did purchase, but I am not sure they either stuck with the programs or even used them. Personally, I would go just for the encouragement and not worry about purchasing a product.

    1. Hey Jack

      I am glad that you have gone to one of these events to give us your feedback because they are worth the time and for people who are already on the building businesses it is indeed great for encouragement.

      I also would go for the inspiration and encouragement now as I know what I am doing and besides they always have too much upsells

    2. I feel you Jack I did the same a couple of years ago when I was begining myt career in the Arts Industry as an arts market developer, I would go to any of these, I did a lot of JT FOxx Too, RAymond AAron, Bob Proctor, DR JOhn Demartini and others, and I was flat broke at the time could not even affford a cup of coffee during break time, I kept on going because it was giving me the inspiration I needed as I modelled themas my inspiration…It worked because I ended up hitting and excelling all my goals, I never bought a single product because by the time the day ends you just are so fatikgued with all these bonuses and offers with scary money to be spent. but the events really create a fantastic success environment for one.

      1. Hey Vika

        Yes man, that is what happens when you are trying very hard to succeed especially if you do not have anything at all to show for it.

        This has led me to end up doing many things over the years trying to find my way to success. Luckily now after 3 years things have finally come together as I have many streams of income now.
        This is what happens for people who do not give up. This is what I have learnt.

  4. I think, in general, this is a good idea to meet people that already have reach goals you wanna reach. In some cases it may be even worth to pay $10K for a program to overcome your way blocks.

    1. Hey Jane

      Yeah I agree but you must always make sure the program will really help support you thoroughly to unblock you

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