My Traffic Business Review-The Biggest Scam

Welcome to My Traffic Business Review where I will be telling you all you need when it comes to using this program.

This framework is a partner showcasing preparing which professes to assist you with bringing in cash very much like the makers of the program accomplished for themselves (more about this later).

in the event that you have been searching for most effective ways to bring in cash on the web, this program may be something that you might be keen on.

Anyway prior to bouncing in you truly need to know regardless of whether the program is worth the effort and to that end I am happy you are here and doing all necessary investigation.

I am Thabo and I went from making $0 to a four figure pay in the span of a half year and this permitted me to leave my place of employment.

I presently assist with peopling find genuine ways of bringing in cash on the web and to this end I in all actuality do profound exploration or purchase programs for this.

Moving right along, how about we begin with this survey.

My Traffic Business Review

Program name: My Traffic Business

Niche: Traffic

Creator:James Wendell rating: 3 out of 5


This is a Traffic generating program but will not even train you to get traffic but rather it will show you how to spam people with emails.

This also means that you will have to focus on email marketing along with affiliate marketing but in the wrong way.

I would not recommend this to most people especially beginners as it will be a waste of time.

If you are looking for a legit program you can check my #1 recommendation which helped me.

What is My Traffic Business?

Let’s start off by talking about what My Traffic Business is all about. The simple and basic explanation is that My Traffic Business is an email marketing program that sells you on the idea of making money easily with sending emails.

You will be told you will be able to make $1000s just by doing a few minutes of work a day.

The way you will do this is that you will have to promote to people products so that they can buy and be able to make money online.

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However, the whole thing is that the program is showing you how to spam people with emails and this means that you will be not be able to make money.

This is the old way to make money with affiliate marketing that does not work at all.

Just to be clear, affiliate marketing and email marketing is one of the best models to make money and I also use to make money online.

Who is the creator of the program?

The creator of the program is advertised as James Wendell but just know that this creator is not real at all.

This person is only using stock photos which you can get from any free image site online as you will see on the pictures that you are on the page.

How does My Traffic Business work?

My Traffic Business is basically a program that works with email marketing and affiliate marketing as I said before.

With My Traffic Business, they vow to show you how to make an email rundown, and afterward you will end up being a subsidiary of My Traffic Business.

Your work here is to direct people to the page and get others to join.

On the off chance that those individuals you allude didn’t buy in immediately, their email would be added to your email list, and your errand is to circle back to them and persuade them to join.

To that end they guarantee that it is not difficult to utilize this framework, yet actually, it isn’t.

As I said before, the nature of the preparation isn’t excessively great, and on the off chance that you are new to this, you will be all battling to set everything up.

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In addition to that, the program doesn’t show you how to drive traffic which is the main piece of the business in light of the fact that, without traffic, you won’t bring in any cash.

This is what also helped me level up my business when I was looking to make money with my websites in the past.

How much does My Traffic Business cost?

My Traffic Business cost a $47 one-time expense.

Does the program offer an unconditional promise? Indeed, it gives a 30-day unconditional promise, which is the beneficial thing about this program.

What I like about My Traffic Business

Money Back guarantee

You will be able to get the program risk free since it has money back guarantee for 30 days to help you see if it will be worth it for you or not.


The price is super affordable for any person who is looking to get started.

What I do not like about My Traffic Business

Counterfeit Testimonials

This has to be one of the most negative of the whole program as it made be cringe.

In the video, you will see individuals discussing My Traffic Business and how this program turn their lives and makes them cash.

Notwithstanding, actually those individuals that you saw are paid entertainers from Fiverr.

Fake creator

The creator is also a made up name and figure just to make you trust the program. There is no James at all and this should make you run away.

Misleading cases

As you definitely know, the program guarantees that you can $500 each day and in addition to that it likewise guarantees that you can acquire $10000 by utilizing this program.

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These cases that he shared with you are simply advertised up cases to cause you to accept that you can bring in that sort of cash and bait you in to purchase the program that doesn’t work.

No training

You will also not be getting any training when it comes to ensuring that you will succeed which is also something that makes the whole program worthless.

is My Traffic Business a scam?

Indeed, My Business Traffic is certainly a trick. You’re given phony stock photographs of the proprietor, shown fake surveys by paid entertainers and it’s simply not the genuine pay arrangement we were told as the sheer volume of protests from individuals who’ve attempted it will validate.

How I make money online

With regards to bringing in cash online I am additionally utilizing member showcasing and hence I understand what I takes to prevail in this game.

In the wake of doing, everything without anyone else for a long time I was not fruitful by any stretch of the imagination and, surprisingly, attempting different program nothing worked for me at.

This is the point at which I found a program that was really useful and gave me all the help I expected to bring in cash with subsidiary showcasing.

The program has a free path for you to get free preparation so you find out about how it truly functions. It was after only a couple of days that I went premium with the program.

I devoted a half year to the program and applied the preparation and I had the option to go from $0 to procuring a four figure pay.

July 2021

This permitted me to leave my place of employment and carry on with an existence of opportunity. This is the explanation I generally prescribe the program to individuals who need bring in cash on the web.

The program has numerous fruitful individuals ready to assist you en route as well as live week after week preparing that you with canning go to as well assuming that you are a part.

The vast majority love it when they perceive how much help there is in there.

On the off chance that you might want to find out how I turned out from making $0 to a four figure pay and the program that assisted me you with canning really take a look at it beneath.

Final thoughts

Presently you are familiar My Traffic Business and why you ought to avoid this program.

No good thing will happen to you with this program, and that multitude of cases that he said will not occur.

There is something else to say regarding My Traffic Business as I have shown you every one of the warnings.

To that end you ought to avoid this program and track down better choices to bring in cash on the web.

I generally tell my followers that before you purchase a program or item, you ought to continuously do your examination first to check whether those are genuine or not.

For instance, My Traffic Business is modest and reasonable, yet it isn’t worth the effort since it is a trick program.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be able to engage with you as normal.

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