My thorough Trenzy review-Discover the actual truth of this app

Have you ever thought of a way you could get loads of traffic instantly just by great and hot content on your website? Well if you have trenzy might just be something you are looking for.

But before you get your hopes up I will help you decide if this way is a good option or not. On this trenzy review I will be unbiased like all my reviews so you can make an educated decision.

Without wasting any of your time I would like to get straight to the point for you.

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Trenzy overviewMy thorough Trenzy review

Product name: Trenzy


Price: $49

Owner: Dr Amit Pareek

Support: adequate

Training: Yes

Bonuses: Yes

Theworkathomegraduate rating: 2.5 out of 5

What is the trenzy?

Trenzy is basically an app designed to help you make money easily through doing one click to make you get huge traffic to your site.

The way trenzy works is that it allows you to find the most trending topics in your niche on autopilot which in turn will make your content trend.

If you know anything about online marketing or online businesses you will know that when your topic trends your content will be rewarded by google (by placing you on the first page).

This then will give your site a lot of traffic which will turn to a lot of revenue for you.

Now, Here is the thing. The program says you will be able to do that with just one click and the program does everything for you.

Now what I did not like is the fact that you will be using other people’s videos and content for this.

Although the author says you will be doing this legally but when I first heard this I did not get comfortable and in fact this was what led me to ask for my money back (of which they gave me).

Whenever ethics are not met I distance myself from that business because my business will not be ethical.

This program reminded me of one program I reviewed a week ago where it promises to make you lots of money with using other people’s videos. You can check out YouTube Secrets Review to see what I mean.

Other than that the other components seemed to be ok.

The owner

Trenzy review

Just like all my reviews on this trenzy review I will open up about the author.

Firstly the good thing with this program is that there is a legit author which we can say it is comforting and it is the first indication that this is a genuine program.

But is the author real? that is the big question.

You may remember that some programs have fake owners also known as posers just like the YouTube Secrets.

So like always I did my digging….

It turns out that the owner/author is Dr. Amit Pareek and he is real and is not a poser (that should give you relieve hey).

Can we trust him?

It turns out that Dr Amit has been a top selling vendor on JV zoo for the last few years (from 2005 to be exact).

Well to me I would like to say although he has a lot of credentials behind his back introducing an automated system of which he did not succeed with is a bit dodgy.

This is the second reason I decided to leave this product and focuses on something you can build for a long term like the community I am in wealthy affiliate.

Again the reason I did this is that I believe businesses are not quick rich schemes and the community of wealthy affiliate did not promise any quick riches upon joining for free to learn to build a business online.

Pros and Cons


  • No monthly payments
  • Good for beginners and advanced online business owners
  • No installation of any software for usage.


  • Promises quick results
  • Using other people’s stuff to grow your website.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who is to build a business online whether you are beginner internet marketer or advanced. Basically if you are work online like me.

Even though the software is for any beginner however I do not advise beginners to start here because this will rob you of the skills you need to learn in the online world.

Rather focuses on programs which will help you build a long term like  Wealthy Affiliate   or affilorama which are both great programs.


So let’s get into the interesting things which talks about what you will get when you purchase this software.

  • Built in traffic generation 1 click button.
  • Creation of SEO generating pages
  • Analytics
  • System for generating and using other people’s viral video for profit
  • Posting of content and videos in one click
  • Artificial intelligence to put in affiliate links for affiliate marketing.
  • Royalty-free images to use
  • Ste by step training (which is long)
  • No domain and hosting.

How does it work?

Trenzy review

The software basically works in these simple steps as a whole:

1. Publish your content

This step you basically type in your keyword of your relevant business niche and the artificial Intelligent automatically finds the best videos and content related to this.

It will then post it and make sure it is done legally for you. You need to set this up though it is not as easy as this.

It will post it mainly on social media channels.

2. Artificial Intelligence lead offer grab

The artificial Intelligence finds the best lead offers to attract the most traffic and uses that.

3. Duplication

This step the system works for your every day, every minute and you can duplicate this to other sites that you want.


As I said before the training for Trenzy you will get will be through 31 detailed videos which will require you to put in a lot of time in them so you understand the functions of the program.

Since I did not use the program enough to see if the training is adequate I will not comment on whether the training is good or bad.

Honesty, I believe, is the best thing one should acknowledge. All I can say is that the training seemed so long for something considered an automation solution for working online.


Trenzy review

So do I think trenzy is a scam or legit?

Well I consider it a scam and I do not recommend it since there is a lot of false advertising to lure people in (speaking of personal experience).

This is not a one click and all of a sudden you have traffic. Not at all.

The owner is hiding the fact that you will need to work to see the results from this program. Another reason I recognize it as a scam is that you are basically stealing other people’s work to succeed.

This means your business’ success relies on other people’s work. This will not last long enough as it is not authentic. We have all seen programs or softwares like these.

They work for a few months or years and then die and people have already lost lots of money in the process so that is why I advise you to take another route to succeed.

You can either join a free online business/affiliate marketing training which teaches you to build a business online like me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Final thoughts

Making money online takes a very long time to master and that is why most people quit early. However, a new program called trenzy promises to give you this in a short period.

However, upon evaluation I found out that this program does not deliver what it actually promises.

Even though you may end up making it work it will take a lot of time to master and most importantly to sustain it will be a disaster since it is not ethical at all.

Programs or softwares which use other people’s work is definitely marked to fall soon.

This is one of the reason I decided to not use the program upon initial usage.

Trenzy review

False advertising for quick riches

It actually takes a long time to master this software but the advertising is very false.

9 thoughts on “My thorough Trenzy review-Discover the actual truth of this app”

  1. Thanks for the Trenzy review.

    It’s always good to find a reviewer who gives the pros and cons of the products he is reviewing. The fact that you took it one step further and stated you bought the product and returned with the reasons why, gives it that much more substance and athenticity. I find a lot of these software products have a lot of bugs in them and don’t work well. What has been your experience?

    1. Hey bob

      Great to hear you enjoyed my trenzy review and you benefited from it. Yes i returned the trenzy back because it di not deliver what it had promised.
      As for bugs I never got to use it a lot to notice this.

  2. Hey, thanks for the review, I think generally people just wanted get rich quick without wanting to learn the basic. That’s how other people fall from it. Good info!

  3. Hi, very thorough review that in my opinion is relevant for everyone who wants to make money online. I like the fact that you gave go into such detail, and that you tell the truth that making money online is a long process and there are no shortcuts.
    Thanks for the review.

    1. Hey Michael

      This review is to help anyone learn how to make money online so I am happy if you benefited from it and I hope you will implement my strategies

  4. Now it’s safe to say that the internet needs websites like this to give the reader the chance to make their own decisions afterwards. Although you said it was beginner friendly you then stated that a beginner shouldn’t get it because it would rob them of what they need to learn to make it in the online world? However I believe there were some good and bad features about the product.
    I just hope the next time I read one of your post you can guide me to a winner lol.

    1. Hey Dallas

      Thank you for your comment. Yes I help people decide on their own mostly and give my reasons why some people would not benefit especially since I was in that beginner stage once.

  5. Great review on Trenzy. Its good to see the pros and cons listed here and your open minded honest opinion on the programme. I don’t agree with these automated things at all, especially steeling other peoples hard work and like you said, this is not a way to build a long sustaining online business. I have put a lot of effort into building my business and into my content, so it would be very frustrating if someone could just use some of my hard work for their own success. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the best way to start an online business.

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