My Personal Frequency Review- Is this a real scam?

Welcome to my personal frequency Review where I aim to give you all the facts about this product before you actually invest in it.

As always I ensure to give you my unbiased review so that you will be able to make your own decision at the end of the day.

Have you ever wondered how you can actually achieve all your goals with minimum effort but great focus?

If you are a normal human being you wonder about this daily if it could happen to you especially when you see lottery winners daily.

Well a new program called my personal frequency seems to have cracked the code on helping you achieve this.

However, I will be checking how true their claims actually are.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review

My Personal Frequency ReviewMy Personal Frequency Review

Program name: My personal Frequency

Website:>>Click Here<<

Creator: Jude Ritz rating: 4 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to follow
  • Made for any person
  • Money back guarantee


  • Mainly about listening to music
  • Only available online

My personal Frequency Overview

My Personal Frequency Review

My Personal Frequency is mainly a program which is designed to help change your mindset and body so you can be able to achieve all the goals you want in life like financial, health and spiritual.

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The program is based upon the science of the fact that we are all energy beings and that we can either achieve less due to having low energy or we can achieve more success due to our high energy levels which attract more success.

The program is based upon the personal experience of this fact and how he was able to achieve his desires simply by this desire.

This is not really like the Movie “the secret” but rather through science

Who is the creator?

Knowing the creator is great because it will help us have more trust of the program and also see if the creator actually is walking the talk or not.

Luckily the program does have a creator who is real and his name is Jude Ritz who has experience great changes since the learning of the method of reprogramming the brain.

After learning, it and be being able to achieve many life goals a decision can to release it to the public to see how much success people would get.

How does my Personal Frequency Program work?

Now it is vital we have a bit of insight of what a program we are about to invest in actually works and in this section I will be doing just that.

The program will guide you through a five part process of high frequency to harness your brains ability to be able to more than you may have though possible.

Let us explore the some parts you will be exposed to:

  • Financial boundary breaks

In this first part is the audio which works with your normal believes about prosperity and they focus more on the financial part.

You will also be taught how to use your vocal chord in any effort to produce to activate vagus nerve which is said to help you instantly reshape and reprogram your my mind.

Do not worry, You do not have to be any singer of note for doing this as it is just a simple process any person can do just by following simple steps laid out in the program.

My Personal Frequency Review

You will also listen to Vagal Tone which is said to not only help you attract all the desires of your life but it will help change the vibration of your body.

This will mean your immune system will become healthier and you will fill more fulfilled in life generally.

This is a good state to be in no matter if you haven’t achieved your goals as this will help you state in the high state of vibration which is needed for you to be able to start achieving your goals.

What are the features of the program?

It is also good to know what you will get when you purchase a program so you will se if it is worth your money or not and here is what you get with this program

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With this program you will mainly just get audios with music frequency which you will need to listen to.

The audios are more of like a meditation that you will put your mind in so as to help it change state.

The features will also depend upon the membership you will join under.

The basic membership you will get only one audio or two but if you are in other membership you have the chance of also get more audio tracks and also be able to save money in the long run.

We will look at the different packages later for these packages later but essentially there are different discounts for different levels.

What does the science say?

Just like with all my reviews I make sure to look at the science if it actually backs up the claims of the program or not.

According to research the vagus nerve is a nerve that is connected to the brain to help enhance its abilities.

However the research also says that not every person can be able to use this such as those with lung problems or ulcers.

Other research also says that the vagus nerve is actually very effective when it comes to influencing the mind drastically.

We can conclude that the research and science does confirm the workings of the vagus nerve and what it does just like what the program claims.

Who is the program for?

My Personal Frequency Review

At this point I want to point out that My personal Frequency is not for everyone and knowing this can be able to assist you on your journey.

My Personal Frequency is suited for people who are looking to change their lives specifically financial and in health.

If you are also a person who wants to explore a unique way to enhance your mind you will be happy to use this program.

Briefly here is a summary of the people this program is for:

  • People looking to improve their financial life
  • People looking to boost their health
  • People who are dedicated to working on learning new skills
  • People who want an alternative to meditation.

My Personal Frequency testimonials

It is also a good thing to look at who has gotten help from using this program so it will show us proof.

My personal frequency has helped only a few people during its launch this year and I would be very unfair to judge it for only having a few positive testimonies.

However, seeing that some people have been helped it is a sure indicator that the program does who indeed at least to some people.

We will have to wait to see the results on a long term scale.

With many programs I have reviewed in the past I usually do not find any results or any good results at its beginning stages.

Here are just a few positive testimonies from the program.

How much does My Personal Frequency cost?

Now it is vital to actually look at the cost before starting a program so you know what to expect.

I personally don’t like programs which hide their cost because it makes you not know how to budget.

You get three options that you will choose from and as you will see on there sales page they have these and below are the prices.

Package 1: $1 for trial ($19 monthly for 3 )

The first trial is super cheap at $1 to help you basically try it before using it fully. If you decide you love what is inside you can then pay $19 per month to gain access.

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So what does the trial actually involve?

In the trial you will have the option of getting you money back after 60 days of no results from the program. This helps you have a risk free access.

You will also get access to the same monthly audio tracks which are updated according to your level of development.

The access at this point will be unrestricted.

Package 2: $47

This is the most popular package because of its different items inside

This package is a bit similar to the first one accept for the

The verdict

Now here is the part you may have been waiting for where I tell if the program is legit and if it is worth investing to or not.

Although this part should be made by you I always make sure to give you what I think.

Here are my thoughts The program is legit and shows signs of working already and here are the reasons:

  • The Creator is real

Having a real creator is a great thing to have for a program as this will give us the confidence when it comes to the program.

The program was created by Judy who has experience in using his mind to achieve many goals.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

This aspect shows us how confident Judy is when it comes to workings of this program. You can use the program and if you find that you do not have any benefits you can get your money back.

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Final thoughts

Achieving financial success is not only about wishing and hoping things will get better. However, most people have it backwards as simple and as cliche as this may sound.

This is the reason that there will always be 1% of people who actually make it.

The new program called My Personal Frequency is a program which is like no other program as it works with your vocal chords to influence your nerves which will influence the brain.

The program is made by a real creator who has been able to use the same process to achieve their dreams in life.

The program is mainly for any personal looking for financially prosperity and a bit of health.

The program is basically risk free for 60 days where you can use it and see if you benefit.

>>Try My Personal Frequency Program risk free here<<

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helped you make a decision about the program. If you have any questions or comments you add it below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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