I am excited to show you my income updates for Forex Trading so you see my journey as I try to be very transparent to people.

With trading just like any other skill your income increases the more skills you gain. I started trading in 2016 but only started being profitable by end of 2018 (Yeah, it is a lot of hard work. No quick riches).

My reports will not be as professional but I will try to keep it simple. Having multiple Forex Trading accounts also makes it hard to report everything and also to keep monthly updates so excuse me if I get floppy and not add my other income from other accounts in some months. (You can check more on my social media-Instagram for more proof).

  • June 2020

In June 2020 this is where my trading started to accelerate hard and I was getting 4 figure income since end of 2019.

Below I made $2400 which is R35 000 for this month.

  • August 2020

In August I was able to make something similar to previous months although it was nearly double.

  • October 2020

October was also a bit the same as August and September in that my income or profits ranged at  the same amount as I made $4095 which is R60 000.

The rest of November and December the profits were more or less the same so it is useless putting it here.

  • September 2021

  • January 2022

This is a screenshot from my social media page. Instagram and Facebook stories where I show my results regularly to show transparancy.

  • February to May 2022

Results for these methods were more or less the same. I have screenshots of my withdrawals which is more or less $4000 per month.

For more results I share you can check my Social media stories ( my Instagram profile on my highlights here)

*More proof of my work can be found on my YouTube channel

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