Mint Builder Review-Is this worth it?

Welcome to the Mint Builder Review where I will be explaining all you need to know when it comes to this program so that you will know this before deciding to invest it.

If you are looking for ways to make money online it is vital that you look at things and programs that are legit and doing your research (like you are doing) is great to avoid any scams.

I will explain what this MLM company is and will give you all the guidelines of the system.

I review many make money online opportunities weekly and I usually buy most of these too so you are in the right place as I feel I do have an eye for sieving the good ones from the bad ones.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Mint Builder Review

Program name: Mint Builder

Creator: Matt Barkes

Price:$37 lowest pricing rating:1 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • The creator is real
  • Well known and popular company


  • Pyramid scheme structure
  • Very expensive products to promote.

What is the Mint Builder?

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Mint Builder is a system which follows MLM business model of recruiting others into the business as a way for the ones who are at the top to get more money.

This model is genuine as long as there is a product or service that is being sold.

However, with this in mind the Mint Builder does have products it promotes which are coin based and other high quality products.

However, the problem comes in since the products are very expensive which will make it very hard for most people to buy.

This will thus cause most people to resort to only the recruiting part of the business which is not good since you are just recruiting and not selling anything.

This is how a pyramid or ponzi scheme is set up or works. This is the reason that I found the company a bit weird when it came to this.

The founder Matt barkes has been involved in this way of business before so it is clear that he does know what the program really is (more about the operations of the business model later).

Who is Matt Barkes?

Knowing the creator is something that is very important as it will help us know if we are dealing with a real and legit person.

Matt Barkes is the creator or owner of this program. Matt has been involved with another program which has also working in the same way.

His last program was called ISN coin which ended up failing due to the fact that it also operated in this way of promotion things.

Matt is from the USA and operates all his business on his website and expanded it all the way through UK which some people think this business comes from UK.

How does the Mint Builder work?

Now that you know that you know what the program is about let us now look at how the program really works.

There are two ways that you can be able to earn money with this and these are the ways:

  • Through selling their coins on their database.
  • Through recruitment of members into your team.

Since the compensation is heavily weighted on the recruitment side of things it is fair that we should start talking about this first.

  • Recruitment compensation plan

You get paid for mainly 10% for the members that you recruited into your team personally. So if you recruited 10 people that means that you will earn 10% of all of those 10 people forever.

You will also earn more with residual income with people who are below you. This means that if the people you recruited also recruited others those others will be your level 2 while the ones you personally recruited will be level 1.

This can go on indefinitely until you have a large audience of people under you.

You will then be paid an additional residual income for every level of the members that you have under you and you are paid until level 5.

Is MintBuilder a scam?

here is the part that you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the program is a scam or not.

The simple answer is that Mint Builder is a scam in all aspects.

This is because the product is also made to ensure that you are able to mainly make money through recruiting other people mainly.

This is made and known to be a pyramid scheme as the person at the top is benefit and there is not real product or service promoted.

The issue is that even the products that you can promote here are very expensive and need you to pay monthly which will cause you to accumulate debt.

How much does the MintBuilder cost?

The MintBuilder has different plans that you can join under and the lowest one is $37 which is the lowest tier and if you want to make others then you need to join the other ones which are the following.

Who is the program for?

The program is basically for any person who is looking to make money with MLM provided they have the good quality experience at hand.

This is because you will be focusing on recruiting more in this program since the retail part of selling will not be affordable for most people.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money online the best thing one can do is to ensure that they find a program or system that has been proven to work.

MLM system has been proven to work and many companies are making many rich in the process.

However the issue is that some programs are downright schemes just like the Mint Builder because they focus mainly on recruiting.

The other aspect of the program is that it has very expensive products in them which make them very hard for normal people to buy so even if you wanted to join the company and sell their products then it would be impossible.

The program does have a real creator however the creator has made a ponzi scheme program too which did not work well.

This is why they have made this program as a re brand of the last ponzi scheme.

I hope you enjoyed the review and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any comments or question you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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