Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Review- A big scam?

Introducing Matt’s Marketing Blueprint: A Done-for-You Affiliate Marketing System

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint is an all-inclusive marketing solution designed for affiliate marketers who want to start earning without the hassle of building a website, setting up affiliate links, purchasing a domain, or organizing hosting services. This comprehensive system automates these tasks, leaving you with the sole responsibility of promoting the affiliate website and driving sales through your affiliate links.

You might have come across Matt Graham while reading a review on the Matt Marketing Blueprint online. He is the founder of Marketing Blueprint, Digital Marketer, and Online Blueprint, providing insight into his association with the field. But who is Matt Graham at his core?

Matt Graham portrays himself as a seasoned affiliate marketer and a successful 8-figure online entrepreneur. He emphasizes generating tens of millions of dollars in online sales over the past years, investing substantial amounts in paid advertising.

Additionally, he offers an eBook titled “The Millionaire Breakthrough System,” available for purchase starting at $37.

Although Matt Graham is involved in various business ventures, Marketing Blueprint stands out as his most prominent endeavor. For further in-depth information, we have also crafted a Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Review, delving into aspects such as Matt’s Marketing Blueprint cost, product offerings, legitimacy, and more.

The core focus of Matt’s Marketing Blueprint is to promote the system itself, turning you into an affiliate of the program. While additional private label rights (PLR) products can also be promoted, the primary objective is to sell and promote the marketing blueprint. While this approach may suit some individuals, it may not be ideal for those who prefer to choose products based on their own niche.

Creators Behind Matt’s Marketing Blueprint

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint was co-founded by Orlando Diaz and Matt Graham, both of whom are business entrepreneurs. However, there is limited public information available about their backgrounds and business profiles, raising questions about the transparency and credibility of the system.

What’s Included in Matt’s Marketing Blueprint?

Upon signing up for Matt’s Marketing Blueprint, you gain access to a range of essential marketing materials and resources:

  1. “Done-For-You” Marketing Materials: This includes a complete sales funnel website, affiliate links, domain, and hosting services.
  2. Training Videos: Basic marketing training, covering online promotion strategies, product selection, and the use of paid ads like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  3. Dedicated Sales Team: Access to a dedicated sales call team to handle inquiries, sales closure, and customer service.
  4. Lead Generation: An option for “done-for-you” lead generation, generating leads and directing them to your affiliate website for a monthly fee.
  5. Other PLR Products: The opportunity to sell various PLR products and earn commissions.

Cost of Matt’s Marketing Blueprint

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint offers four investment levels with varying benefits:

  1. Gold – $3,247
  2. Platinum – $7,447
  3. Diamond – $14,647
  4. Royal – $21,847

Earnings from Matt’s Marketing Blueprint

Your commissions from Matt’s Marketing Blueprint are determined by the investment level your referrals choose. You earn a 50% commission for each sale made through your affiliate link, with higher commissions for higher investment levels.

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However, your earnings are capped at the level you have joined, potentially limiting your income if your referral chooses a higher level.

What Online Blueprint Brings to the Table

Online Blueprint distinguishes itself by offering the following features, eliminating the need for training videos:

  1. Ready-to-Go Offers: They assure a functioning system, ready for use.
  2. Pre-existing Advertisement Campaigns: You are relieved from creating or managing ads as they are already active on their affiliate platform.
  3. Built Funnels & Systems: They handle the creation of systems and sales funnels on your behalf.
  4. Kinesthetic Learning: Education in sales and marketing techniques is provided.

Overall, Online Blueprint aims to provide a “done-for-you” high ticket affiliate marketing system to its clientele.

Ideal Audience for Online Blueprint

Given its offering of a semi-passive income, Online Blueprint is a suitable choice for individuals who:

  1. Are willing to invest a substantial amount in a pre-established system.
  2. Aspire to generate revenue through paid advertisements and sales closure.
  3. Have an interest in affiliate marketing and crafting sales letters.
  4. Are comfortable with risk-taking and action-oriented decisions.

Despite the apparent allure of affiliate marketing as an enjoyable and straightforward profession, it demands meticulous planning and careful consideration. Therefore, engaging with Online Blueprint should be a deliberate choice, made with an awareness of potential risks and preparedness for possible setbacks.

Pros and Cons


  • A “done-for-you” marketing system, suitable for individuals looking for minimal involvement and a streamlined affiliate marketing approach.


  • The business model primarily revolves around promoting the marketing blueprint itself, resembling MLM structures that prioritize recruitment over product sales.
  • The system’s focus on recruiting and lack of emphasis on product quality may raise concerns about its legitimacy.
  • Dependence on a “done-for-you” system can increase business risk and limit your ability to monitor and control your progress effectively.

Final Thoughts on Matt’s Marketing Blueprint

In conclusion, while some individuals claim to have earned from Matt’s Marketing Blueprint, concerns about its business model, low-quality PLR products, and alignment with FTC guidelines highlight potential issues. The system’s heavy focus on recruiting and lack of emphasis on product sales may not align with a sustainable and ethical business approach. For those seeking better opportunities to make money online with minimal monetary capital and greater control, exploring other options beyond this marketing blueprint may be advisable.

How I Establish a Sustainable Online Business and Generate Passive Income

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