Low Hanging System Review-Is this a scam?

So, you stumble upon a course that claims you can rake in a five-figure income with minimal effort, and you can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

That’s the pitch from Low Hanging System, brought to you by Rachel Rofe and Don Wilson. Now, the big question is, does it live up to these grand promises, or should you be exploring other options?

Our aim here is to help you figure out if it suits you and if there might be better alternatives worth considering. Let’s dive in.

So, what’s the Low Hanging System all about? Basically, it’s a Print on Demand (POD) system where you come up with catchy phrases, throw them on gear, market it like crazy, and collect the cash. Simple, right? It’s similar to other POD courses out there, but with a twist – you need to use the creators’ platform to make it work.

The brains behind this operation are Rachel Rofe and Don Wilson. Rachel handles the marketing, and if you’ve been on YouTube, you’ve probably seen her ads. She’s been in the online money-making game for a while and seems to know her stuff, especially in pushing merchandise.

Don Wilson, on the other hand, is the founder of GearBubble, the platform you’ll be using for this venture. Oh, and he’s Rachel’s boyfriend. So, when you make money selling mugs using GearBubble, Don makes money. A bit cozy, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem unethical.

Now, the cost – the Low Hanging System comes with a price tag of $1,491 for the basic program. No direct buy button; you need to hop on a webinar and end up in a sales call. Some people snag a “deal” and pay less, depending on how the call goes. You can split the cost into three payments of $497 each.

And of course, there are upsells. The Low Hanging System Jumpstart will cost you $1,997. This includes extra materials like more training, bonuses, Done For You Templates, and weekly live webinars. While there’s no one-on-one coaching, you can ask questions during the webinars.

In a nutshell, that’s the Low Hanging System – a POD adventure with a price tag and some extra bells and whistles if you go for the Jumpstart. Is it worth it? Well, let’s just say, we’re here to spill the beans.

So, what’s in the bag with Low Hanging System?

Well, they offer some add-ons and upsells that might catch your eye:

  1. Effortless Integration: This allows you to list and market your products on various e-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, and GearBubble. It’s a one-click connection to reach potential customers quickly.
  2. SpotNiches And SpotWins Software: Depending on your chosen package, you might get access to these tools. They’re handy but not essential. You can still find similar info manually, just a bit slower.
  3. Utilize Forecaster Software: This tool predicts how many designs you need to launch daily to meet your sales goals. It’s helpful but not a must-have.
  4. Free Mugs (5 boxes): You get five boxes of mugs to kickstart your journey. Each box contains 180 mugs, and you can even give some away for free. Selling each mug could bring in around $14 in profit.
  5. Free Done For You Designs: If you’re not a design whiz, they throw in a hundred ready-made designs to use on various products. Keep in mind, these designs might not be groundbreaking.

Now, they also talk about a “Holiday Success Blueprint,” a tool to maximize your earnings during the holiday season. It involves inventory management to keep tabs on your stock, sales, and orders.

The burning question: Is Low Hanging System a scam? Well, technically no. They won’t vanish with your money. Can you make money with it? Yes, but it’s not the walk in the park Rachel Rofe might make it sound. There’s a load of upfront work, and success isn’t guaranteed.

Now, let’s talk money. The basic program costs $297 as a one-time payment, but there are upsells. The Low Hanging System Jumpstart, priced at $1,997, includes weekly webinars, Done For You Templates, and extra training features.

But hold on, no refunds here. They changed their policy, and Rachel Rofe no longer offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied, don’t expect your money back.

Sure, you can make cash with Low Hanging System, but there’s a catch. Print-on-demand isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It demands effort and dedication.

Rachel Rofe is a legit player in the print-on-demand game, but it might not be the best fit for everyone. If you’re a newbie, there might be better mentors out there.

In the grand scheme, Low Hanging System doesn’t stand out much in the print-on-demand course scene. Despite the promises, print-on-demand isn’t a passive income dream. Success demands constant effort, innovation, and dealing with the challenges of the Ecom industry.

So, is it worth it? Well, that’s for you to decide based on what you’re willing to put in and what you expect to get out of it.

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