List Leverage Review-Is it worth your time?

Welcome to List Leverage Review where I will be giving you all the facts that you need to take when it comes to this program.

Making money online has been made easy with all the technology that is continuously coming out on a weekly and monthly basis.

However, this also leaves people to be scammed buy fake programs that promise them huge amounts of money with just one click.

This is why doing proper research is key and I am glad you are also doing your own research here. It will really help you make an informed choice.

Finding a legit way to make money online is not easy but if you do it right then you will be okay.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

List Leverage Review

Program name: List Leverage

Price: Starts at $49 per month rating:2.5 out of 5

What is List Leverage?

Before we start I want to make it clear that this is an unbiased review as I am not in any way affiliated with List leverage and I was not paid to do this review.

So, in short list leverage is a webhost platform plan that incorporated lead pages which you will be promoting to get commission.

The whole thing works similar to an MLM where you recruit people to get the plans which you will get paid the more people you get to join.

However, it is more complicated in terms of getting leads because you will need to get people to your lead pages by driving traffic to the pages and then you will need to have an email system to engage with your leads so they can buy eventually.

However, the email service you chose will not be of your choice since you will need to sue what they recommend to actually make the whole system work.

Mind you, you will still need to pay for another program which you will be encouraged to join so you can make money and the whole thing work.

This program you will be encouraged to get is the Traffic Authority which is a good program and it should not be hard to promote it to others who have decided to join your list leverage program.

By the way you will need to promote these 3 programs (List leverage, Traffic Authority and Sendshark) and you need to sign up for them too in order to promote them.

Who is the creator of List leverage?

The creator of List Leverage is a well-known figure called Matthew Neer who has been successful with affiliate marketing using email marketing and organic methods.

He has also made many successful programs in the past like Income league and viral cash app just to name a few.

In this program he decided to take it a notch and call other experts in field of email like Joel Therein and Greg Chambers who came to collaborate with Sendshark and Traffic Authority respectively.

How does List Leverage work?

Now that you know a bit about the program let us now dive in to how it works.

The system is made essentially to make money promoting lead pages, email system service and also traffic which is all utilized from these lead pages and to the lead pages.

There is nothing else you will get besides that. This is different to many other programs where you will get things like traffic to scale your business.

Here all is based on getting people to use these services and you can make passive income for life if they utilize all this and stay on it forever.

What are the features of List leverage?

The features of List Leverage as follow:

  • Sendshark
  • Traffic authority

How much does List leverage cost?

In this section I will give you the actually list Leverage pricing so you will know wheat it entails when it comes to cost.

Like any normal online program there are different price packages to choose from and with List Leverage there are merely two of these and I will list them below:

1. Beginner package: $49 per month

2. Super Affiliate package: $398 per year

When you start out I do suggest that you start with the beginner course as this will help you see if the program is worth it for you or not.

The good thing about this is that it is risk free which means that you can get a refund if you feel that the program is not worth it for you.

Is List leverage a scam?

Here is the part you may want to here the most where I tell you whether this supplement is a scam or not.

The simple answer is that List leverage is not a scam at all and you can make money if you are serious and have the means.

However, to make it work well you need many requirements which I will talk about later. For now let me give you reasons why I say this program is not a scam at all:

  • The creators are real and are experts

We not only have one expert but we have 3 experts who have made a success for themselves online and are now sharing for others to “hopefully” make money too.

  • The system is used by millions to make money online.

making money by promoting lead pages is one of the well-known methods and it does work if you are have the necessary skills and put in the work.

  • Money back guarantee

This is perhaps one of the best features that this program has and this means that it will leave you with a risk free factors for you to explore and use the program easily with no strings attached.

Who is it for?

List Leverage is basically a program for people who do not mind requiring others into their business to make money and have the skills.

If you want to do it but you don’t have the skills then it will be so hard for you to make money and thus I would not recommend it to you.

It is also for people who have the means to pay to many ongoing subscription fees for each program.

However , if you don’t you should stay away from the program.

What are list leverage alternatives?

In this section I will be telling you the list leverage alternatives that I recommend especially for people who don’t have the means for paying the list leverage subscriptions.

These are programs you can also get loads of good training which you would not get if you too list leverage.

  • Wealthy Affilaite

This is my #1 recommendation for beginners who want to start without putting too much on the line when it comes to finances.

This is because this program is structured to take you from earning $0 passive income to full time income just like it did for me.

You will be taught how to make money building websites and more easily and more than that if you use this link I will personally mentor you along the way to also get the same results as me on a monthly and yearly basis.

  • Authority Site System Hacker

This is another program that is basically designed for beginners who want to make money online with websites and is similar to Wealthy Affiliate.

many people have also gotten very good results with this.

Final thoughts

If you have been involved in any MLM you likely know how hard the business model is and that it can cause tensions when you have to recruit people you know.

Luckily the internet has helped us not be able to need to face people to do it and that is what List leverage has done.

List leverage has created and opportunity to make money online by combining MLM and affiliate marketing.

This then means that you will need to be able to leverage promoting their lead pages and getting commissions everytime a person signs up with you.

The creators are all legit and have made huge amounts of money themselves using these methods which means you are dealing with something that works.

However what I do not like is that you have to pay for many monthly subscriptions without any guarantee of making money.

The program also has a money back guarantee which will leave you with a risk free factor.

I hope this List Leverage was helpful to you and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for.

4 thoughts on “List Leverage Review-Is it worth your time?”

  1. Hi Thabo

    Thanks for this. I have never heard of a lead generation product that is MLM.

    My pet hate is any programme you buy that doesn’t work unless you buy something else. This seems to fall into that category.

    Having been in MLM myself for 10 years, I would rather not have to rely on other people taking action in order for me to earn. (Some people are great at it though.)

    I just checked out the sales page and was surprised to find that it was really badly written. If that is the quality of the marketing materials they have, I wouldn’t want to promote it in any case.

    You put so much effort intodriving traffic, it has to be attractive if people actually click on your link!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hey Jean

      Very well said. I am glad you had a look at their sales page and I can say that I was also part of an MLM business before for some years and it did not really work as I also didn’t enjoy recruiting people to make money.
      Yes you are right some people are good at it though.

  2. List Leverage seems like a legit MLM business opportunity, but you also need to purchase other 3-party tools to run your business with it, which might cost a lot initially. Not to mention they promote further upsells down the road, so it’s not my cup of tea.

    I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member, so I vouch for everything you mentioned here. WA is indeed a platform to start an affiliate marketing business. 🙂

    1. Hey Matt
      Glad to hear that you resonate. Yes the program is basically there to help those who are looking tomake money using different tools which is why you have so many unnecessary up sells.

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