Jt foxx scam review- The truth Exposed!

If you are on this post you may already know who Jt foxx is and how he operates. If you do not know him and want to know more do not worry I will be expose all about his products and who he is.

This Jt foxx scam review is here to help you make informed decisions before you think of trusting him or investing in his programs.

If you are new to my website I want to inform you that I do reviews on all make money business adventures, companies and people.

I do research on all the products, people and companies I review here and some of which I have attended so I have inside information.

As far as Jt Foxx I am speaking about inside information, basically what I experienced with his products and programs firsthand and in no way am I biased in my approach.

After this review is done you should be happy to know what to do for your next move.

You may also be interested in checking my #1 recommendation for making money online.

JT Foxx Review

Product name: Multiple make money programsJT Foxx scam review

Website: www.jtfoxx.com

Owner: JT Foxx

Support: Average

Theworkathomegraduate rating: 4 0ut of 10

Who is JT Foxx and what does he do?

JT Foxx is known as the millionaire # 1 wealth coach and is known for helping people achieve financial freedom from his different programs.

Whether he is really the number 1 wealth coach I am not sure and my research did not find anything to prove that.

The only thing I found is that there are many Gurus, in the same industry, like Tony Robbins who are known for helping people be financially free too so his title is debatable.

Jt Foxx’s work includes speaking on stages worldwide where he promotes his programs to masses where he promises to make sure they succeed in business.

To say the less obvious, JT Foxx is a great marketing guru and that is why he is well-known and his events draws hundreds of people.

What programs does Jt Foxx offer

If you have attending Jt Foxx’s countless programs you will be familiar with the fact that they are all very linked together and tend to have the same theme of “powered by your success and family first.

This is his mantra which he has established to make all the programs be in line but all in all they tend to do the same or similar thing, which is building a business through Jt Foxx.

Now let us explore the types of programs JT Foxx offers and what you will be exposed to:

  • JF Foxx Mega Success

JT Foxx scam review

Mega success is one of a few of JT Foxx events which does not include speakers selling you any of their programs like normal.

The way JT Foxx arranges these events are so that people can meet celebrities,network for business with them or increase their brand with celebrities.

The events are also for people who are looking to up the business career by finding potential investors for the business ventures or ideas.

These do add value to people because people do get brand recognition at the end of the day.

  • Dream Team

The dream team experience is all about connecting and interacting with some of the most successful people in business.

  • The Underdog millionaire

JT Foxx scam review

This event is one I went to twice in my life and this event is about business basics, branding (as there are always celebrities or successful entrepreneurs).

JT Foxx invites some of the most successful people to come to this event to talk about their business success story.

At the end of his presentation you are also sure to hear JT Foxx bragging about the people who he has made successful in business where they also share their story.

This is usually an event which is very affordable and almost anyone can attend. In this even that is where he advertises all of upsells to you in an effort to get you to buy, thus the reason for celebrities and successful people.

  • The top 1 experience

The top 1 experience is the ultimate package that JT Foxx wants everyone to buy since it is a high priced ticket.

However the sad truth is that almost no one can afford this because it is crazily priced, The last time I went it was $200 000 just to be in JT Foxx’s house where he gives you steps of how to start tour own business from scratch.

If you look at this it can only be afforded by people who already have huge amounts of money.

I personally cringed when I heard this because I had wanted to get mentorship from someone who is successful in business back in 2016, but the price was way out of my reach at the time.

Do his programs really work?

JT Foxx scam review

Now this will be purely based on the products or programs I purchased from JT Foxx because I believe in talking about what I know.

So I came across JT Foxx and his program through a personal and financial development seminar called the National Achievers Congress in 2016.

JT Foxx was one of the speakers there and he caught my attention as I wanted to succeed bad in business as I was starting out.

At the end of his presentation I went to purchase his program which involved his business coaching to start any business and also the millionaire underdog which I talked about.

To be honest I was only loaded with information on how a business is done and what types of business one can start (which was something I could have found on the internet myself).

After that I expected some coaching from him, however there was none of that except that he still gave us an upsell at the end of his business coach session in Sandton.

This is when I started to see that he was all about upsells more than helping individuals especially those who can not afford to pay for his high ticket products.

However I did learn one positive thing from him and that was to be a great salesperson and how to be confident and lure people to buy into you and also the importance of branding in business (that was about it really).

I would not say all his programs do not work because mega Sucess Branding is where you can get connections to expand your business.

below is a video of his Mega Success

But if you go there to socialize that nothing will work for you. The good thing about Mega Success event is that you are not sold any programs or products, but it is all about you and your business success with connections.

I have never been to the top 1 experience but you must expect to pay for your own flight to JT Foxx’s house and accommodation on top of the high priced ticket you paid.

I really believe JT Fxx’s event work if you are proactive about the things he tells you but the on;y problem is that if you have not mentorship nothing will happen for you, trust me I have been there.

That is why I now work on my online business with full mentorship and this is by far the best path I have chosen because it was free to join the online business program and you have access to 100 of success online millionaires.

You can check my review for this program and see what I mean for yourself.

there are really many ways to make money now so your options are open and you do not have to spend millionaires on mentors.

The verdict

Do I think JT Foxx is a scam? No

This is because he does give you valuable information to go work on. The only thing I would say is that his programs do not have to full support that is needed.

Or put it in another his programs and products do not mean the expectations of the people who buy the mostly especially the grass root level people, those who are starting out in business.

However if you are an established business person then they will give you the scalability that you need in your business.

Also if you are new and wanted to start a business the high costs for JT Foxx’s programs will kill you even before you start your business.

This is why for newbies in business or intermediates I recommended building a business online through my #1 recommendation.

Final thoughts

Jt Foxx is a legit person with all due respect but his programs are really geared for people who are well-established in their business and are looking for scalability and the like.

This is because such people can be able to afford $2000 that JT Foxx requests for you to get a picture or an interview with a well-known business figure all in the name of branding.

However if you are starting out what actually will you be branding?

If you do decide to attend his events just make sure you try to learn a lot because it will be valuable and that information will help you in some aspect of your business.

However if you are new and what to start making money easily online I am here to guide you through the process with my #1 recommendation for making money online.

Jt Foxx scam review

Not helpful for beginners

If you are a beginner in making money online or offline stay away from JT Foxx’s program because they are designed to only help you the more money you put into his programs.

16 thoughts on “Jt foxx scam review- The truth Exposed!”

  1. It’s good to know that JT Fox is doing business the way he does. I don’t like to be pulled by the nose. I believe that no one does actually. Transparency and full price discloser is a far better approach then upsells. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and review.

    1. Yes Ivan that is exactly how I felt when I went to his event and I hated that aspect as it made me not want to carry on further with his events.
      Transparancy in business is very important I agree

  2. I appreciate the insights and information. Since I don’t live in the states, I won’t be tempted to attend any J.T. Foxx events. I’m not ready to shell out $2000, unless a successful and established trustworthy mentor would recommend it and then, only if the legal agreement was drawn up by my attorney and written to protect my assets, including the fee charged.

    1. Hey Charles

      Great to hear your insight and it is refreshing to hear that you ask for advise before starting something. JT Foxx programs are very pricey

  3. I haven’t had any dealings with JT Fox, but lots of the things you talk about, including the focus on upselling and perhaps an emphasis on the high end market and image, reminds me of SFM (Six figure marketing), which I started with, but got frustrated by the lack of actual support at the lower level. I’m happy to have then moved to Wealthy Affiliate, since they provide a wealth of advice, training and support at a an affordable level, and I feel that it will have been worthwhile educationally even if I don’t go on to make significant money in the shorter or even longer term.
    I get the strong impression that you give a fair and balanced assessment of JT Fox, as you highlight the strong points as well as the weaknesses, and anyone considering them would be wise to read your article.

    1. Hey John

      Sorry to hear that you have been scammed by six figures income program. I nearly joined the program back in 2016.
      I am happy that I found a better program before deciding to go to six figure mentors.
      Yes it is go to see the bad and the good of a program

  4. I really enjoyed your article. I am extremely interested in wealth programmes etc so this was refreshing read. Its madness to think that to join a course to become rich you have to part with 200k!! Thanks for the post.

    1. Hey Russ
      Yes indeed it is really what made me to actually leave this program and focus on others like wealthy affiliate. This is more so because there is less support.

    1. Hey Paul

      Yes it is a great way to make money if you use the internet. Jt Foxx is something I wouldnt advice you to focus on if you are just starting out

  5. I attended an event a few years ago that was in effect free, however the focus was very much on buying the programme cd’s etc which was around £600. There was one point when he actually said (referring to everyone in the room) that they were a ‘nobody’ which I found quite offensive. His body language was about him trying to portray himself as approachable but the words he spoke did not match.
    I wouldn’t go as far as to call him fake but I didn’t feel he was particularly genuine as a person. So it was a ‘no’ from me. I get occasional emails etc inviting me to attend for 1:1 sessions, yeah right! But he doesn’t say anything you couldn’t get from doing your own research.

    1. Yes it is very true in his events he does make others feel less than him which I also think is not a great way to attract people to his products or programs.
      I also still get emails from his tea,m myself.

  6. I watched 5 mins of his presentation video on a zoom call meeting and knew right off the bat that he is a pompous ass who good people do not need to get in bed with.Like him I have a waaay above average bullshit detector and it was going off like locomotive whistles.Stay away!!!!!

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