Job Killing Review- Is this the biggest scam?

Are you one of those people looking for ways to leave your job and live on your own terms or you simply want a side hustle to compliment your income?

Then Job Killing might be something for you. Today I will go over the job killing Review in depth to help you see if this opportunity is for your or not.

I have reviewed more than 100 programs in the past as I was trying to find what could work well for me and after seeing many scams online I decided to help people know about different programs.

So like all my other program reviews this review will be totally unbiased so you can make a clear choice for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Job Killing Review

Program name: Job Killing

Creator: Dan Klein and Brad Campbell

Price: $5000-$15000 rating: 3 out of 5

What is Job Killing?

Job Killing is simply a lead generation program where you will be taught how to get leads for business which you will be helping to generate income for.

This means that you will be able presenting or offering rare skills to business owners in your local area or even global who you can work with for the long term.

This business model is often called lead generation as you will be generating clients who are also called leads.

The course has been in operation for a long time since it was started in 2014 on humble beginnings and has grown to a huge empire with students all over the world.

The course is made for beginners or advanced marketers who are looking to generate a side or full time income online.

Over the years there have been a lot of negative reviews about this program as people were saying it is illegal to sell leads to businesses.

These were just internet trolls looking to generate sales through this program as it was said to be one of the most effective and unique way to make money online for people.

Who is the creator of Job Killing?

The original founder of the program is Dan Klein who come up with the idea after which he partnered with a lead generation expert Brad Campbell.

You see brad is more than a marketer he is a big copywriter who has been killing it hard online and has been teaching people through his website since 2014.

His website is and as you can see that his domain is promoting MLM and his main program he used to promote is called Empower Network.

This is the MLM program he used to promote before in 2014 and since then he has been mainly focused on the lead generation business model.

How does Job Killing work?

Job Killing is simply a lead generation program as I said which means that all you need to do is to sell a skill to your local business owners.

Many business owners, especially during the pandemic, have been looking to go online to advertise and generate more clients.

This means it is the best time for you to get into this business and start making money online with this skill.

If you join this program you will be shown the skills of how to target the local business owners to offer them your skills.

You will be learning all the google algorithms of how to rank a website or a business with SEO and also some paid traffic methods.

You will not just be learning the skills of ranking you will also be learning the aspects of how to maintaining the ranking of a business on google monthly so that you will be paid monthly.

The businesses owners will be happy to pay you a small commission for the clients you will be generating for their business with their huge profits that you will be getting.

More than that you will also be getting weekly trainings to help you with new updates skills for the business model so you can stay on top of your niche.

What are the features of Job Killing

Job Killing is quite packed with features you will get once you join the program and I will highlight these below:

  • SEO Training

You will learn the best ways to optimize a website on Google using free methods that the creators use to be on number 1 on Google.

  • Tools

You will be introduced to the best tools you will need for our business which will need you to pay to use.

  • Live trainings

You will also be involved in annual events of the company where you will get to have information from people who are killing using this business model.

How much does Job Killing cost?

Job Killing basically costs $7000 to $15000 which is only the price of the program and this is what is not really made clear for people who are looking to start out.

This is a huge price of you ask me because you will still need to pay for other tools to run your business such as buying quality links and other website tools.

This means that the whole thing will end up costing you anything between $20000 which you will not notice eventually but will see later on.

What I like about Job Killing

  • Legit business model

Without a doubt this is probably the best model that has been working for years and as far as the Internet is alive it will be helping people making money online as long as they can learn the skill.

The program will show you legit and methods that will work well to help you make passive income.

  • The creators are experts

Not only do we have real creators but we also have creators who are experts in the industry which means that it will be easy to know you are following people who know what they are doing and have been doing this for years.

  • The program has been in existence for years

The program has been alive for many years (since 2014) which means that you know that this program is trusted and is working otherwise if it was not it would not be working.

  • The program is very comprehensive

The program has all the help you need as you will be not left a lone along the process which is needed for success.

What I do not like about Job Killing

  • Had some bad reviews

The program has been hurt a long in the past due to people who wanted to hurt the brand and make money from it. So this may make others not really trust it.

  • Very expensive

Since most people are looking to enter online businesses so that they can start making passive income this program may not be ideal at all.

I personally could not start with this program when I started my online business because it was simply too expensive.

Who is Job Killing for?

The program is mainly for people who already have a business that is generating a huge income and want to add to their income as the price is too high than most programs.

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Is Job Killing a scam?

Here is the part you may have been looking forward to throughout this review where I tell you whether this program is a scam or not.

If you have been reading until this point you may already know that the program is legit.

It has all the components of the training that shows that it works well and it even has experts who are willing to help you along the process.

You can also see that many people are benefiting from using the system as per social media testimonials.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money online you do need a system that is proven top work and will be able to help you make money online in the most convenient way.

This is where a program like Job Killing comes in since you will be shown how to generate clients for local business owners.

You will get all the training that you need for the experts who have been doing this for many years and have been and are still helping people around the world.

The program is very expensive though which means that you will need to have a lot of start up capital to help you along the way.

The program still needs lots of hard work even after paying the hefty price to join it which means it may not be for everyone.

I hope this review was worth it and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

2 thoughts on “Job Killing Review- Is this the biggest scam?”

  1. You’re right. This program is very expensive. Anyone who wants to start an online business or a side hustle must consider other options. And the bad reviews, as you say, make it look untrustworthy, even though it’s legit. However, it’s good to know there are programs out there geared to help users or businesses find other means to make additional income.

    1. yes I am happy to hear that you have this perspective and this helps you not get scammed in many ways which is helpful for people looking for commission that will help you a lot.

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