Is forever living a scam?- Find out if it is really worth it.

It is without a doubt that most people are looking to earn extra money or full time income in other places than their jobs and Forever living is one of the most well-known opportunity for those looking for this forever living a scam?

However the true question is: is forever living a scam or is it a legit way to reach financial freedom?

You have come to the right place to find out about this question as I will be reviewing it for you.

Firstly I would like to congratulate you for doing your research to find out about this opportunity. This is the best way to ensure you do not get scammed even a bit.

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In this review I will focus on the company and the products along with the business opportunity they have.

Forever living ReviewIS FOREVER LIVING A SCAM

Program: Forever living

Creator: Carl Jensen and Rex & Maughan

Founded: 1978

Recommendation: Yes

Forever living overviewIs forever living a scam?

To ask this question : “is forever living a scam?” it is better to first understand what the company is and what it is all about.

So, Forever living was created in 1978 in the United State of America in a city called Arizona. The company was made to fill the need of good quality cosmetic and diet products.

Forever living is one of the oldest Multi Level Marketing companies to exist and thus on its starting phases and over the years it has faced many lawsuits.

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The company basically has three offers to the public or customers and these offers are:

  1. Aleo Vera-based drinks
  2. Bee-derived drinks, dietary supplements and personal care products
  3. A business opportunity called Network Marketing.

So a customer may choose anyone or all of these options from the company.

For those looking to make extra money the business opportunity may be appealing to them. But is it?

Well we will expand more about these here.

The essence of the business is that you will sell products to people to earn a commission and you can also choose to simply recruit others to be reps as well.

The company grew small by the creator/founder selling at a small scale to his friends and family to earn a living.

So who are the founders?

The founders of Forever Living are Carl Jensen and Rex & Maughan who were originally had accounting backgrounds.

Rex had a degree in Account and after working for 13 years in a company called Webb construction company he decided to start Forever living.

Forever living started off as a company which sold lotion which was made from a plant called aleo Vera.

Now it has grown to include other products other than lotion even though the main ingredients in most of their products are still aloe Vera.

The company grow through the distribution of Multilevel Marketing also known as Network Marketing over the decades.

More than this Rex Maughan was listed in the Forbes as being the in the top 400 richest people in the world in 2002.

From this we can see that the company has good reputation and the leaders are legit and we can see their achievements.

This is what the background of the company tells and it has a good reputation.

Now let us look at other aspects such as the business opportunity ?compensation and the products.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to build business skills
  • Company has really and legit creators
  • Company has creditable creators


  • The marketer is getting way too saturated
  • Product quality has changed over the years.

How does it work and how do you earn?

The Products part

When it comes to the products forever living sells products which are made with mainly natural ingredients and particularly with the aloe Vera plant.

The reason they have this plant is because the company has its own farm to produce these.

Over the years they have diversified the products they sell since now they sell products on many niches and here are these:

  • Weight loss products
  • Skincare products
  • Healthy drinks
  • Products made from bees
  • Nutritional supplements

One thing you must known about the forever living products that they do not have side effects as they are natural. This means you do not have to worry like using other products.

Although the products are considered not FDA ( which means being tested medically by doctor experts to check if they won’t harm you) they still work.

Most people have been worried about this however we must remember that forever living products acts as supplements since they are natural.

This is why I said there are no side effects from it. The products are made from plants.

The reason I can also back this up is because I have been using natural products to cure my clogged arteries so I known how powerful natural products are.

Business opportunity part

Is forever living a scam?

Now let us look at the Business opportunity (MLM) and its compensation.

Firstly I want to say that I have been a network marketer myself in 2016 for a few companies and I can say that Forever living has one aspect that most of these MLMs have and this is the fact that you are not required to pay an upfront cost to join their program.

You can literally just start buying the products and sell it to anyone right of the bat.

Now let us look at how it really works.

Step 1: You purchase join for free as a novus customer and notify the company that you will be a sales rep of which they register you and put up your profile. (You contact the office of Forever living nearest to you).

This step is where to tell them if you want to be a sales reps that recruits) or if you just want to sell their products (although this is not a must).

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Step 2: You purchase your favorite Forever living products at a discounted price. You than can sell them and you will be able to make a profit of up 40% depending on the product you chose.

Compensation plans for business

All products are categorized according to points which are called case credits. The more expensive a product the higher the case credits for that product.

You accumulate these credits the more you sell the products and they can accumulate to a substantial amount and you can be awarded many incentives.

You will need to accumulate these credits which will help you be whole sale qualified from which you will be able to buy the products at a wholesale discounted rate.

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After qualifying for this you will start making good money when you sell the product.

This was just a summary of the compensation and if I were to explain the whole thing it will take long so I have decided to put a video which will expand about the whole compensation.


The main worry most people have when starting a business is if they will have support from the company while they are selling the products or are business owners.

So does this have a good support structure?

There are teams of reps that will help support you as you go up. Normally you will have an up line person above you (your direct line who recruited).

This person has no choice but to ensure that you get training because they known they if you grow they will also grow. This is pretty much in every MLM company.

What about the training?

is forever living a scam

To be able to sell these products you will need to have good training for your selling these products.

The training that they have is done in the form of events which happen quarterly in your corresponding country.

The training is done by the top leaders of the company which come to inspire and help you become the best sales person.

The training normally lasts for nearly the whole day for 2 -3 days.


Is the forever living a scam or is it legit?

As we have talked above this company has many good things going for it and we but to check if it is legit let us check if it fits the following:

  1. Real creators
  2. Pyramid scheme

1. Real creators

The product has real authors who have a credible reputation which we can be happy to known.

2. Pyramid scheme

A pyramid scheme is where the people at the top are earning and the ones below are not. Eventually the company falls down.

A pyramid scheme is a company which has no products to sell but focus on recruiting.

With the Forever living we already known that they have good products which they provide great value which is helpful to them.

You do have to recruit people granted, however this is not a must it is only a choice as you can sell a product.

How I am making money

First of all I have been in MLM before and I never even made one sale after 2 years even though I worked so hard.

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Final thoughts

Forever living is big MLM company that has existed for years and has given people a lot of help in their bodies and also financially.

The company was developed by Carl and Rex in 1978 which was aimed at helping people with lotion that used a natural plant called aloe Vera.

The company has since grown to include much more diverse products other than lotion to include other products for nutrition, energy and drinking.

Even though their products are not FDA approved they are natural and have no side effects which makes them safe.

More than that they have a business opportunity in the form of network marketing.

This opportunity they have is legit because you are selling products not just recruiting people to go to the top.

However it is hard to get to the top as the top leaders have taken the spot and the opportunity is saturated since the opportunity has been around over decades.

This is the reason I recommend looking at other MLM which are just starting.

A better alternative which has helped me start earning well is affiliate marketing where you do not have to recruit anyone to get to the top however you just build a money generating income.

This opportunity is free to join and it is called Wealthy Affiliate. If you work hard you can have a six figure income in less the 2 years unlike MLM which may take longer.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was helpful. If you have any question or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave it below.

Forever living review

Good training and good quailty products

The Forever living company has great training for you to do the business and you do not have to pay to start the business.

The products are one of the best in the market

10 thoughts on “Is forever living a scam?- Find out if it is really worth it.”

  1. Informative post. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about this program until now. It sounds legit. Not like the rest that seem like obvious scams.

  2. Thank you for this informative post. I’ve already done a review on this company and although they are a legitimate company they tend to use the MLM business model. That is the greatest minus in my opinion.

    The problem with this model is the fact you have to pay for the membership and even if you don’t make sales – company is still secured. This feels unfair because it is extremely hard to achieve real success in any of these companies.

    Have a nice day.

    1. hey man

      I can really relate to what you are sating as I was part of an MLM company. Even at this point I do think of the amount I had to put in to make money especially since I never had even the slightest success with the MLM company I joined.

  3. Great article on the MLM Company very good review of this company I’m really thinking hard about joining this company because of your very detailed review thanks.

    1. Hey Telly

      Make sure you look into it further to check if it will be the right business for your personality. Best wishes

  4. Thanks for your reviews, they helped me make decisions about my future part time business. I hope you can do more and keep us all informed , at least you are brave enough to make a decision and give the readers a recommendation

    1. Hey Mark

      I take it you enjoyed the information and my site. I hope you were able to also learn from my review to make informed decisions.

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