Is avon a scam?- The truth exposed finally

Network marketing companies are always popping up every week and this especially since more and more people are looking for different streams of income.

However, there are network marketing companies which have stood the test of time and although some work some can be a very big waste of time. Today I will reviewing one of these. So today I will be doing an Avon product review to see the company has good products and business opportunity.

I have been in network marketing many years back so I have seen which ones are best and work well.

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Avon Review

is avon a scamProduct name: Avon

Creator: David H McConnell

theworkathomegraduate rating: 2.5 out of 5

What is Avon?

Avon is one of the oldest retail company which also does distribution of its products by using sales reps who sign up voluntary.

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The company is similar to Forever living which is also old in the game.

Just like many big companies in the MLM industry the Avon company started with humbling beginnings where it started with offering on product which was a unique and attractive perfume.

Who is the founder?

With all of my review I make sure that I look at the founder to check if the company is actually backed by a real person.

Well this review is no different from any I have done before like Qnet review and forever living.

Avon was founded by David McConnell who, as I said before, started by selling a perfume door to door first to his friends and family and then later others.

In 1894 David teamed up with another great marketer to start a company which was focused on helping give people unique and best perfumes in the industry.

After the company had grown the company started to add other products like skin care and the like and then the name Avon was born in the 1932.

Pros and Cons


  • Avon is one of the most affordable big MLM companies to get started when talking about cosmetic MLM companies.
  • The company has a real person behind it who was known and succeed in the direct selling marketing (MLM).
  • The company has a long reputation for being staying the course of time for many years since the early 1800s
  • Easy to sell there products because the company has a good reputation with their products.


  • The network marketing side may not grow as before (It is a well-known company).

How does it work?

Now let us look at how the company works and how anyone like you can get started. There are two ways you can be involved with Avon and they are the following.

  • You can buy their products for your daily use to improve your wellness.
  • You can sell these products and be a distributor developing it into a business. You can also recruit other people to be in your team which will build a team which will be another business of yours.

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So now we will look at both of these aspects individually. Now let us get started at look at the product line.

The products offered by the company

Avon is basically a MLM company which provides cosmetics to people. So what type of products do they provide?

Well I have all of these here:is avon a scam?

  • Skincare
  • Personal care (bath)
  • Perfumes
  • Jewelry
  • fashon

Over the years they have been adding more and new products which people have likes. However, they have also removed some of the best and affordable products like beauty fluids.

This made the company go as consumers looked at the company’s products very expensive and not be able to be afforded by the average people.

  • So what are the customers saying about using Avon products?

To check if the products company’s are working or if they are good you need to check what people are saying.

So many people love Avon products because of their quality on the body for in the long run.

Many reviews online are mostly fake so it is hard to find real ones however the there are platforms which verify all their testimonials about product.

Below are the testimonies for this and as you can see that they are all verified (meaning these are real people)

As you can see most people are raving about Avon products.

Now let us look at the business side of he Avon opportunity.

  • Avon business opportunity

Just like with any MLM company you will be recruiting people and also selling products (if the company is legit).

You get commission of 10% when you start which grows to about 40% and 50%. You will need to make a lot of people who will be in your team and you need to build.

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To get started you need to have only 410 which is unheard-of in the MLM industry as most MLM companies make you pay high amounts of cash.

When you get started you will need to buy your stater kid and the products you want to buy and sell to people.

Your starter kid will include a brochure that you need when you are selling and also some shipping procedures etc.

To see how the actual structure works you will need to basically have I have left a video below:

Who is Avon business for?

Avon is basically for anyone who is very experienced in MLM other than that it will seem very saturated as if people already know about it, of which they do.

Avon business is not at all recommended for beginners to make your success in network marketing.

Below are the people who can do well for this business:

  • Experienced network marketer
  • People who are already quite successful with many clients in business generally

The reason experienced network marketers have higher chances of success is because of their experience in the industry so this works in their favor as they know what works and what doesn’t.

The verdict

So is the Avon business opportunity a scam or is it real?

Well the Avon opportunity is real because the company is not in it to recruit people but to also sell products to the people as a way of helping them with their problems.

The business opportunity is quite legit however it is hard to be successful if you are starting out since many people are already familiar with Avon and in fact you may end up running into people who have once promoted or were involved with network marketing.

So what makes the Avon company and business opportunity legit? Here are the 3 reasons:

  • The company is not only focusing on recruiting but selling real products

Most companies in the MLM industry are very scammy due to the fact that they are focused on recruiting as a way of earning money which makes them a ponzi scheme.

  • The company has real person

The company was started by a reputable network marketer who has passed away and even the current leader has a good reputation.

The company has a real person as a founder

With any legit company you will always know the founder, even though it may not be personally. This really helps with the trust as a customer.

Avon meets this criteria.

Final thoughts

Avon is a MLM company which is based on selling cosmetics to people and also to provide people with a business opportunity.

Avon has a huge advantage over other MLM companies in that they have a very cheap starting capital of $10 unlike other companies like Forever Living.

The company has a big reputation for delivering great products to the retailers as many reviews online rave about the quality of their products.

However the downside is that if you are looking to make money through recruiting with Avon it will be super hard if you are a beginner especially,

This is because of many constraints such as lack of experience and the saturation of the Avon business opportunity.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below.

4 thoughts on “Is avon a scam?- The truth exposed finally”

  1. Hey,

    This was a really interesting read, I considered Avon before I found out about Wealthy Affiliate. Ultimately I decided against it, because a)my heart just wasn’t in it and b) i Wasn’t confident about building a network, it seemed like quite daunting work for a beginner, so I’m glad you mentioned that, as it confirmed my gut instinct and I think it’s easy for a lot of beginners to go into it and be blindsided so I’m glad you clarified this.

    I do have a friend who sells Avon, and she seems to be doing very well. I particularly like that they bring out perfumes that are copies (as said by them) or rather cheaper alternatives of well known designer perfumes. They’re quite affordable too.

    1. Hey Natalie

      Wow it is great hearing from someone who was about the join Avon and someone who considered network marketing as a business.
      I was also in networking marketing in 2015 and didn’t like it at all.

      I am glad that your friend is actually succeed in network marketing.

  2. Hi Thabo,
    Thank you for the interesting post above and all the research you did.
    This is one place where we can come to get the ins and outs of MLM business reviews.
    Good job.
    I noticed you mention that there are 3 reasons why AVON is a legit business but I only see 2 mentioned.

    Love the use of colours in your images and the way your post is set out.


    1. Hey Vivian

      I am glad you enjoyed this article and I am thankful for showing my one thing I didnt add.
      I appreciate the love

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