Income League Review-Unbiased Truth exposed?

Welcome to Income League Review where I will be telling you if this program is worth your time and energy or not.

If you are one of those people looking a way to make an extra income or full time then you may have heard of Income League as a way to do this.

However, is this the right way to go about doing this or do you need to leave it and do another program?

With many scams out there it is really hard to know which program is a scam, so having made money online and being exposed to various programs I now know better as to check programs that are worth it.

Thus in this review will help you find out.

Before we get started you may be interested in checking out How I was able to make a full time income.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Income League Review

Program name: Income League

Creator: Matthew Neer

Price: Starts at $47 rating:1 out of 5

Income League Pros and Cons


  • Creator is real and an expert
  • Business model works


  • Many false promises
  • No real testimonies

What is Income League?

Income League is basically a program that promises you that you will be able to make money with affiliate marketing with simply signing up and putting up ads.

You are told that this will help easily and you will start ranking in $1000 per day as this will be autopilot.

Firstly the business model that is used is legit and it is called affiliate marketing. This is where you promote a certain program simply by signing up to that program or product, getting a unique link to you.

You will then need to promote that product/program with your link and when someone clicks it and buys you will get the commission.

This is a great way to make money and it can turn to a passive full time income just like me. However, it needs to be done right.

Income league is definitely not the correct way to do it as it promises quick and easy riches without effort whereas affiliate marketing requires huge amount of effort to see returns.

There are many legit programs that teach that and for me I was taught by a program called wealthy affiliate.

So I do know a program that works vs one that does not work.

Who is the creator of Income league?

Having a real creator for a program is good as it shows that at least you are not dealing with some dodgy person hiding behind the computer to take your money.

The creator of Income League is Matthew Neer who is actually and expert in affiliate marketing and has made successful for himself.

He has also made many other programs which, unfortunately most fall under the scam category and some of these are the following:

The other creator is Jamie Lewis who you will also come across and his is also an expert but only in the crypto space and has created programs too.

It is no doubt that both these guys are experts and know how to make money online.

The only issue is that most of their work or programs have not really lived up to their promises and you rarely hear any good testimonials.

How does Income League work?

Now that you know a bit about what Income League really is, let us now dig deeper and see how it really works.

Income league basically works similar to an MLM where you make money by getting people to sign under you on a continuous basis.

You will be doing this mainly using ads which is why it is advertised as ” make money posting tiny ads”.

However, what you are not told is that this whole process is very hard and complicated and will require loads of money to get it going.

So the ads that you will be doing will be trial and error and will require you to know a lot of other factors to make it a success.

Heck, even top affiliate marketers have to do this and sometimes it doesn’t work out well since they have to try different campaigns.

You literally need someone to guide you properly otherwise you will burn so much of your cash trying to make your ads works so you will start making commission.

I also know it myself from owning different websites that this process is pretty demanding financially and time wise.

So the promise that you are told about making “tiny ads” is simply a marketing scheme.

If you have checked other programs that Mathew has you will see that he likes using this language of promising you easy money with little effort but all he is doing is making sure you get lured in. I mean who doesn’t want to make easy money.

But remember if it was that easy do you not think that many people could be doing this and making easy money?

More than that to sign up to this program, just like his other programs, you will be given lots of up sells to buy more .

For example, you will be told to pay $49 to gain access to the basic training and program and once you have signed up you will be lured into signing up for more programs.

You will be made to sign up to a VIP Training” and after that “Massive Traffic Training” and you still would have not gotten into the actual full program.

This is because the way Matthew does his program is that he makes you sign up to many of his course so that he can make income every time you sign up to a bigger and more expensive course and still does not give you the full information or full access especially if you don’t have the means.

Even if you do have the means to pay for all the up sells you still need to set aside money to pay for your ads which are not expensive at all since you will still need to do trial and error ( there is no escaping this part).

This is why I don’t recommend such a program for people who want to make money online without so many sign ups and are looking to make money with little investment upfront.

Luckily there are many programs like that and as I said before I make a full time income and I was helped by Wealthy Affiliate which doesn’t require you to pay ads to make money and there are no up sells to get full access, You pay for premium and get full access to everything.

The good things is that I am also there to help you out along the process to follow my foot steps.

Here is a summary of how this really works:

  • Set up a landing page
  • Drive traffic to that landing page
  • You use paid solo ads to drive traffic

Of and I forgot to mention that you will be promoting the program itself for people to sign up under you. This means you will not have your own website or business niche which is what I don’t like since it becomes more of a MLM than an affiliate marketing business.

What are the features of the program?

In this section I will be showing you what is inside Income league and what you will be getting for signing up:

  • Basic Training

You will be shown the basics of how affiliate marketing works and how you can leverage ads to make money.

  • VIP Training

You will learn some ways to set up ads and how ads are run when you are promoting.

  • Massive Traffic Training

Here you will be shown the importance of traffic for you ads so you can make money with your ads. You will learn how to run traffic effectively.

Income League Pricing

The pricing is what I briefly talked about above and as you will see the prices are high for each sign up.

So you don’t just sign up for one program but many and here is the list of payments and up sells:

  • Basic training:$47


  • Done for you email campaign: $199
  • Vendor secrets training:$67
  • Matt’s Webinar library:$77

It is vital to not that with the basic training you will get little to nothing value or training which is why they lure you to the up sells.

Is Income league a scam?

Income League is a huge scam that is disguised as a great money making opportunity and here are the reasons I say this:

  • Too much hype and false claims

As you may have seen there sales page has a language that only makes things look easy whereas it is totally opposite to what you will find.

  • Fake testimonials

The testimonials are from Matthew’s friends who are posing as students who have used and succeeded from the course which is what should raise some alarm bells for you.

Final thoughts

There are many scams out there that make it seem super easy to make money online only so that you can join or sign up to their course.

This is why doing research like you are doing is key and it will help you a lot when it comes to not being scammed.

Income League which was created by Matthew Neer is one of those programs as it uses the same technique.

Matthew is an expert when it comes to this space of making money with affiliate marketing , However most of his courses are just scams to make money of you.

The courses he sells like this have so many up sells which are not needed.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and i will, be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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