Inbox Blueprint Review-Is this a scam?

Inbox blueprint review where I will be showing you the truth about the program which can be enough to help you make your own decision at the end.

Affiliate marketing is no doubt one of the most saturated markets out there and this is due to many people jumping into it since 2020.

However, not everyone is earning a full time income with this system which can make it hard to follow. This is why you need a system that will actually work for you.

Inbox Blueprint promises to work for you due to its ability to focus on help you with the email marketing side of affiliate marketing which is said to be key.

Before you jump into it will you really be learning what will help you or is this just another big hype for you.. Well read on so you can find out.

Hi, my name is Thabo and I went from earning $0 online to making a full time income.

I now help people find the right programs to help the make real money and thus this is the reason I created this website. So today I will be helping you in regard to inbox blueprint.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this review.

Inbox blueprint review

Program name: Inbox Blueprint

Program type; Email marketing

Creator:Anik Singal

Price:$999 once off or a payment plan of $397 for 3 months

Recommendation: NO

Summary: Inbox Blueprint is an email marketing program that makes huge claims that you can make big bugs with email marketing within a few days.

The program is a decent one except that fact that Anik makes many huge claims for earning lots of money in such a short time which makes the whole program questionable.

This program is generally for people who have lots of money to play around with since there are quite a lot of trial and errors you will be doing especially with the paid traffic part.

What is Inbox Blueprint?

If you are new to the world of online there is a saying that goes “money is in the list” which basically means that the more emails you have the more money you will make.

This is why this program is based upon email marketing. It is essentially and affiliate marketing program that focuses on email marketing.

The creator has done a lot of trial and error to come up with a system that will work to generate passive income like he does.

(more about him in the next section).

The program has been out for quite a few years because many people say they have gotten some good results.

This is also the reason that it has been upgraded for many times. There has been 3 versions such as the following Inbox blueprint, Inbox Blueprint 1 and now inbox blueprint 2.

The program has also been called Email Startup Incubator in the past and it has been re branded to make it sound appealing to the modern business.

However, do not let any branding fool you because it is not like anything huge ever changes and this is the case with inbox Blueprint it seems.

The way the program is that you will be giving training and software which is said to help you make money by a method of promoting people’s products or programs.

This phrase is known as affiliate marketing and it is a legit business model which I also use to generate income online and have been doing since 2019.

This thus means that you will be following a business model that does work but now you will be doing it via focusing on email marketing.

I know most people hate email marketing because they either do not know how it works or feel it is too much effort however all you need is the skill to make it work and the drive to learn the right thing.

So will using Inbox Blueprint be the way for you or not? well it seems like it according to the creator.

Who is the creator of Inbox Blueprint?

Before I delve in deep with this inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review let me talk a bit about the creator so you can have an idea who the person behind all of this is.

I always check this so that you will know who you are investing with so you will know if it is even worth it.

The creator of the inbox Blueprint is Anik Singal who is a successful entrepreneur who not only has a company that is recognized in America is one of the top 500 growing companies but he named one of top Young Entrepreneur in Business week magazine.

He is also a well known motivational speaking helping and coaching business people to take their business to the next level.

He owns a company called whereby he is helping people with his coaches and advice for business. What I like about his business is that he has loads of free courses available to people to use on this website.

This speaks volumes about what kind of person Anik is and you would not be wrong taking advice from someone like this.

Given all his credential it is safe to see he is a reputable guy. Now how about his program, inbox Blueprint?

Well that is look.

How does Inbox Blueprint actually work?

Let us now take a look at how the program works and is made.

The program is made in two components which both have the ability to help you earn money long term. Below are these:

  1. Basic Training to help you ste up your business
  2. Launchpad which is something that you will use to make tools for your business like email sequences.

  • Basic Training

The training you will get will have 8 modules which will mainly teach you step by step to make your email marketing work in the long run.

Below are the modules:

  • Module 1: Addiction meter
  • Module 2:The bait
  • Module 3: TYP Method
  • Module 4:Email Machine
  • Module 5: email and list relationships
  • Module 6: Payday Secrets
  • Module 7:Easy Traffic
  • Module 8: Unlimited Success
  • Bonuses: Replays and Resources

Let us look at these module in details:

  • Module 1: Addiction meter

This module is all about choosing a niche which will be the foundation of starting your business. If you do not start this process then your business will not work.

This means that you will be given different niches that work when it comes to make money.

  • Module 2: The bait

This module is about teaching you how to make an opt-in page and a free gift. You will be needing to have this on your landing page or website.

You will have to do this with a free e book that is related with your niche. This is called an ethical bribe because you will be bribing people to give you their email address in exchange for a free valuable book.

This is an old way that marketers have been using to accelerate their business to the next level.

  • Module 3:TYP Method

This method is all about when you have gotten the email of the person and now all you are doing is looking to promote a product to them as they have decided to be part of your email list.

You will be shown how to do this without actually coming off as being a salesperson.

  • Module 4:Email Machine

This module is about teaching you how to send emails using your autoresponder so that you will be able to communicate with your email list.

You will be learning how to send broadcast messages and also email which will go on for weeks or months.

You can use any autoresponder service, I use Getresponder, However the program will recommend a service that was created by an email marketer who is affiliated with Anik and the email service is called Sendlane.

It is still cool but it is on the expensive side of things and if that is something you don’t mind paying for it is pretty good otherwise you can use any service.

Module 5: Email & List relationship

This module, according to, is one of the most important ones because you will be learning how to establish relationships with your email list which is what will help you make you passive income.

If you keep spamming your email list then you will have trouble with gaining trust from your list in the long run.

You will be taught how the creator actually does it to make money monthly.

  • Module 6;Payday Secrets

This is the fun part of the whole module because you will be learning how to actually make money and the focus will be affiliate marketing.

You will be shown how to promote people’s products with your email list and you will be focusing on affiliate networks like Clickbanks, Amazon etc.

You will be also be shown how to use Webinars which are said to help you increase your sales.

  • Module 7: Easy Traffic

This section you will learning methods to get traffic (customers) which is the most important part of making the whole system work.

Without this you might as well forget about making money online as you will have no one to promote to.

You will be shown free and paid traffic methods so that you can choose whichever is good for you.

Free method is good but it can time-consuming and take a long time to come through whereas paid traffic is basically instant and will be costly.

  • Module 8:Unlimited success

This part is about testing and optimizing so that you will be able to start making money by knowing what works and what does not work.

So to give a summary this is what you will be essentially learning with this program:

  • Getting traffic

The first step is that you will learn how to get people to got to your landing page so that you can start collecting emails.

Once you get these email constantly then you will have an audience to promote your products to.

  • Lead magnet for emails

To get these emails you will need to have a valuable freebie which will cause these people to give you their email. Without this is will be impossible to get their email at all.

  • Build a relationship with your email list

Once you have created a fan base of people who agreed to be in your email list then you will need to keep them warm by building a relationship with them constantly.

This is where email sequences that you will learn in this program will come in. You will be shown the best words to use to speak to these people.

  • Promote your affiliate programs and products

You will then need to promote affiliate products or products of your own to your clients weekly which should give you passive income.

This is all cool and well until you realize that Anik does not really do a good job in guiding you on what programs to promote.

Anik mainly teaches his students that they just need to choose any niche program which they feel will make them money. So it is not about really helping the clients but rather promoting whatever.

How much does Inbox Blueprint cost?

Inbox Blueprint has two payments you can choose from.

  • One time payment of $997 and you will have full access to the course to do all the things I mentioned above.
  • 3 monthly payments of $397 and you will still have access to the course as long as you finish paying all 3 months.

This price is increase from the $2590 that it was when it was inbox Blueprint 1 which also had some upsells of $297.

The other thing is that you must also keep in mind that there are other hidden costs that you need take in to account which will be needed to make the whole system work or should I say to make your whole business work.

Let me highlight these few things so that you are aware because most newbies are not aware.

  • Domain & hosting page

This is the first thong you will need when you are looking to make money with this system as you will need to host your landing pages.

  • Autoresponders

You will also need to have an email service which will help you keep sending email to your clients and the one that is recommended by the program is sendlane.

Ofcourse you can use yours as long as you are willing to do that.

  • Paid Traffic

You will be needing to do paid traffic to get the best results with this system. Yes you will be taught free traffic but I can issue you that it will be hard to get results initially.

What I do not like about Inbox Blueprint

  • Too many false claims

Right off the bat you are promised you will make $5000 in just 60 days with his online program. These are only claims that not a lot of folks are falling for these days.

  • Expensive

The program is not the only thing expensive since you will still need to pay for other things like traffic and setting up your business.

This can be too much especially for people who are looking to make a side income with this system and considering this needs lots of trial and error you will be spending without guarantee.

  • No money back guarantee

The money back guarantee is usually good as it gives the customer a piece of mind when it comes to getting the program because it shows that the creator is quite confident about the program.

  • Not a lot of testimonials

There are not a lot of testimonials to relate to and help us trust the program.

What I like about Inbox Blueprint

  • The creator knows what he is doing

Not only is the creator real but he knows what is doing as has many businesses where he helps people achieve financial freedom with his skills.

  • Two payment plans

It is good having 2 payment plans as these will help people who can’t afford to pay to full price at first.

Is InboxBlueprint a scam?

Although I would not say Inbox Blueprint is not a scam It would be hard for me to actually recommend it for people at this point due to many false promises or claims from the creator.

The system that is taught in the program is legit and can make you money but not the way that you are promised here “$5000 in 60days”.

I have been in affiliate marketing for a long time and I know how long it takes to make money even if you are using paid ads.

Do I recommend Inbox blueprint?

The simple answer is that I do not recommend Inbox Blueprint to people who are looking for a genuine business and this is because if you want to start a business you will have to look for something genuine to help you.

This will help you know that you are dealing with people who know how a business works and not get any hyped up claims like inbox Blueprint.

Inbox Blueprint reminds me of a program like Secret Email System which operates in a similar way to this program.

How I make money online

I have been making money online full time since 2019 and the program that helped me was one of the best way to help me leave my job.

The program is full of support and you get a free trail to try the program which gives you training step by step until your business works.

There is a premium if you are looking to get all the exclusive training which is cheaper than most programs I have seen and used.

This program is still one of my #1 recommendations for making money online.

The good thing is that you do not need to leave you credit card details online before joining the program. This what helped me be able to check it out and see before committing.

It is the same system that helped me start from $0 to earning a full time income as it has a fully-fledged community willing to help you along the way if you have any issues with your business.

This is the reason I was able to reach full time income quickly. You can check it out yourself below and see what I am talking about.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to make money full time online there are many systems you can focus on but most of these business models or systems may not work.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways that I recommend to any person who is looking to make money without too much investing.

There are many programs you can choose to help you do this and inbox Blueprint is one of those methods.

The program is made by a reputable business person called Anik who has been helping many people making money with his programs for free on his website called

His program called Inbox Blueprint is more about showing you how to make money with email marketing.

The program is average according to me due to the fact that there are many false promises he makes to make you buy the program.

This makes it hard for any person to actually start trusting the ethics of the creator and the program especially since there are not a lot of testimonials.

I hope this review was helpful and I hope it gave you the value that you were looking for. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you as normal.

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