How to sell artwork online- Get your cash now

Most arts in the real world struggle in selling their art and this is because of many factors which could lead top this happening such as artist not reaching the right people and many people.

Luckily with the internet many people are and have been cashing in on art work in a very easy How to sell artwork onlineway. As an artist myself I will show you how to sell artwork online the simplest and fastest ways.

This method was revealed to me in 2016 when I had not known anything about selling online and after a lot of failures along the way I have managed to learn and know the process.

So this is the process that I will be showing you today.

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Why selling your art online yields the best results

Let’s face it anything that is sold online tends to yield more sales in this age more than ever. This is one of the reasons why you have been struggling to sell your art offline.

How to sell artwork online

The problem with offline is that people nowadays do not have the time to walk around looking for things and even if they do see you selling they don’t have the time.

We live in an era of fast paced activities so this is the reason it is worst to sell offline.

There are many benefits for selling online and I will list them below for you:

  1. Many platforms to help you sell easily
  2. More audience for your art
  3. Doesn’t require your physical presence
  4. You can often sell your art more than your normal price.

Before we start let us look at the video of an experience artist who makes a full time income online

1. Create your own website

How to sell artwork online

The first way to sell your art online is having your own website and selling your art there.

Do not worry if you do not know how to create a website, it is actually very easy. Unlike before technology has advanced so much that you can create a website in less than 1 minute.

In fact, you can create your own free website here (no credit card details needed)very easily.

The benefits of having a website is the fact that it can be your base platform where you refer your customers to and also where the online customers can be captured from.

Once you have a functional website you will need to be able to drive traffic to your website and that can be done in many ways, some of which require you to pay money while others are totally free.

I know this can be very overwhelming and confusing when you are only starting out because you have no idea about it.

This is why I recommend you get training for this and the best platform which is free is wealthy affiliate.

There you will learn not only how to create your own website but also how to easily advertiser your website so that you draw traffic AKA customers, to your site.

Join Wealthy Affiliate free and start my website.

Once you have a fully attractive website there will be no limit with getting money online.

There also other platforms which you can join and start selling your artwork online and we will explore them below.

2. Etsy

Etsy was first created in 2005 and from then it has been the main online platform that allows designers and artist to open up there stores and sell.

The great thing with etsy is that it doesn’t have any restrictions of type of clothing or item you are looking to sell, they will give you an opportunity.

The other thing you should know with etsy is that they charge you a nominal fee and a transaction fee for your using their platform.

3. Ebay

Ebay is another commonly used and big platform by artists as and this is for many reasons.

The first one is that Ebay provides so much support and help for all its vendors due to the fact that they do know that the platform will benefit with having many vendors.

Ebay was created in 1995 and this shows how much of a reputation this company really has when it comes to being a trusted platform for all artist looking to cash in.

4. Amazon

Amazon is another giant when it comes to art selling and providing a platform for selling. Although amazon tends to have some sort of pre-approval steps to fulfill it is still very functional.

The pre-approval steps are to ensure that they only allow certain types of arts in their section of art. Just note that some arts will not be allowed with them so you may have to double check.

Besides this negative amazon is a dedicated platform for art selling as it recently opened a special Amazon section to cater for the demand.

5. Zazzle

When it comes to Zazzle you are literally spoiled for choice as you have many ways to make your art and sell it. Here are some few ways:

  • Putting your art on stationery
  • Designing business related products with the use of your art.
  • Design home decor products with your artwork

Although most people think zazzle is for advanced graphic designers and artist but it is not at all due to the fact that the platform for everyone is the same as there is no pre-approvals processes.

6. Society 6

Society is another great platform allowing artist to sell there art in an easy and effortless way.

Unfortunately you do need to pay a $1 for the verification of your account that you create, other than that it is a pretty good platform.

7. Artsper

Here is another prestige art platform which merely allows top professional to sell art on their sites.

Again I do mean professional artists because they do evaluate you like artfinder (which we will discuss later) to make sure you are really a professional and not a mediocre amateur.

I would recommend this platform for top professionals as they will be able to get huge amounts of sales due to the fact that this site attracts wealthy people who are looking for the top-level art in the industry.

8. Artpal

Artpal is on online platform I would recommend to any artist who wants to use online platforms other than a website to sell their artwork.

The reason for this is that Artpal does not charge you any commission on your sales and on top of that they do not have any fees for using their platform unlike most platforms.

Most artist also love the fact that this platform goes far and beyond by helping artist with marketing so that they will be able to get commission…how cool is that?

This is the reason it is my number recommendation especially if you are getting started.

9. Singulart

Singulart is another big artwork platform for well-known or reputable artists. They really put emphasis on this aspect so before you join just make sure you are reptable first.

The best thing is that you really get a lot of support once you get approved, some of which is they handle all payments for the artist as well as insurance, shipping and delivery


10. Artfinder

Artfinder is a great platform for selling art which focuses on selling or permitting you to sell only original artwork. If you are a talented and undiscovered artist this site is good for you.

This is because this site only wants choose quality artwork and artist. This they do this by making you go through several submition or samples of your art work.

Final thoughts

When it comes to selling your art online you are literally spoiled for choice as you can either create a website of your own which will be your ecommerce.

You can also use other platforms to sell your art which make your work very easy and effortless as they have all the systems you require to sell.

If you are preferring to create your own website and sell your art there I highly recommend you get training from Wealthy Affiliate which is free of charge as they will teach you how to create an ecommerce site of your own from scratch.

If you prefer the latter then you should decide if you are an amateur artist or a professional because some of the best platforms like artpal will require professional on their platforms.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was beneficial to you. If you have any questions and comments you are more than welcome to leave them below.

2 thoughts on “How to sell artwork online- Get your cash now”

  1. Those are great suggestions. I believe that selling artwork online (and everything else) is getting more and more popular. Everything actually is moving online because of the simplicity of things. Shoppers and sellers can both get what they want 10X faster than in the real world. Thanks again for sharing those awesome ways for making cash from the internet.

    1. I appreciate you feedback. Yes indeed everything is moving online now and for artist it is the best way to cash in what they really have been looking for.

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