How to make more money as an engineer-Words from an ex-Engineer

In this age of the 21st century almost all professionals are looking for extra income or ways to increase their salary in their jobs. But the often hard thing is knowing how.

In this post I will show you how to make more money as an engineer the most simple and easy way.

The reason I am writing this post is because I want to help engineers see more opportunities for the salary grow. This is because I was an engineer few years ago until I had enough extra income that I quit my job.

So how did I do this?

Well it is simple once you know a few of the principles I will reveal to you. You do not have to quit your job as an engineer of you like it but you can have so much extra income.

I currently have 3 sources of Income and one of them is my sport and the other to are skills I have developed online which is affiliate marketing and Forex Trading which I will talk about in this article too.

So let go over the ways to get extra money or to advance yourself.

1. Getting a more specific qualification in Engineering

How to make more money as an engineer

This is one of the oldest ways to increase your value in almost any professional job where you obtain an advanced qualification for your career.

An example would be getting a Master’s degree in Engineering which will make you more marketable with your skills. There are pros and cons for these two options.

Pros for this, as I mentioned, that you will be more marketable since you will be an expert in a certain filed. For example if you do a Master’s in Water for Civil Engineering then you will be a specialist in water systems.

However the cons for this route is that you will only be able to be marketable for one specific field, in this case the water systems.

Again this all depends on what a person enjoys and wants. If you enjoy focusing on one field or one skill then you must focus on that.

2. Get a business related qualification.

How to make more money as an engineer

Another great way to advance in the Engineering career is to do a business related qualification like an MBA also known as Master in Business Administration.

Not only will getting an MBA give you more salary in some companies, which are still small, but this qualification will help you have business skills to be equipt to start your own company.

However for an MBA you usually need to have some years of experience in order to enroll and that is usually 3 years.

I would only recommend you do this qualification if you are looking to really start your own firm as what you learn in the MBA qualification is related to starting your own firm.

3. Seek management positions

How to make more money as an engineer

In Engineering there are many ways you can get management positions if you are serious about it. Did you know that managers are normally paid more than a civil position with a few years of experience?

I know a guy at work who decided to get a management qualification (Project Management) and right after he got his qualification was given better qualification.

This is the power of a management position.

Here are a few management positions you can seek and an Engineer:

  • Project Manager
  • Resident Engineer
  • Project Coordinator

3. Develop your public speaking skills

How to make more money as an engineer

Public speaking is one of the most neglected skills by many Engineers and this provides so much opportunity for those who are keen to develop this skill.

Luckily in some companies there are clubs that are dedicated to helping you develop this skill and in the company I worked in the club was called ToastMasters.

If the company you work for does not have any of these clubs you can actually join a toastmaster after working hours.

The other way you can go about this is by taking every opportunity to present or talk in front of the staff which will also help you grow.

4. Get another skill outside of your job

How to make more money as an engineer

You can always get another skill after work instead of watching TV and relaxing.

This is the route I followed which enabled me to not need a job to cover my bills at the beginning off 2019.

There are many skills you can get and the following are just a few examples:

  • Doing surveys and getting paid.
  • Teaching people any skill that you are good at.
  • Starting a catering service
  • Trading online
  • Tutoring online
  • Affiliate marketing.

Out of all the skills mentioned above I recommend affiliate marketing and Trading, which is what helped me leave my job.

Doing affiliate marketing is very easy for any beginner to beginner and start making money as you do not create any product, but rather you promote a companies product and earn an income.

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Now I said it is easy, however if you do not have any knowledge or support you may end up not getting anywhere. I know this because I started like that in 2016.

This is why I ended up getting support and mentor ship at such a ridiculous price that I couldn’t believe it.

How to make more money as an engineer

This program  gave me so much support until I was able to start seeing success in my affiliate business.

This is the reason that I recommend to anyone who wants to start making money online in any way to start with the same program.

The platform is Wealthy Affiliate and it is free to join and start.

This is the same company that helped me quit my job and work full-time online.

So I do recommend you start and register your free account (no credit card details needed) which will enable you to start making your own online business with full mentor ship.

You can also check my wealthy affiliate review which will help you see what the company is all about other than that you can start and explore it yourself.

The second way you can do this is through Forex Trading. This was my second source of income that was able to help me make another source of income.

It was after I helped many people see results also that I developed a program to help more people and you can see how people are making it with the platform that I provided here.

Final thoughts

Making more money as an engineer is more than becoming a hard-working employee as there are ways you can leverage this by looking at qualification you can acquire.

Perhaps the most important qualification to get is that of an MBA since it is related to starting your own company and also second in the list is getting a management position.

Since we are leaving in the 21st century it is very important that people focus more on skills outside of their profession since it has become very easy to get extra income on the internet.

My #1 recommendation is doing affiliate marketing and get full support and this will give you the success you need.

For affiliate marketing you can try out for free a program that has helped me be an affiliate marketer called wealthy affiliate.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you.

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