How to make money in vietnam- How to start with no money

Many people around the world are looking for ways to make money. Despite many opportunities now many people still struggle to find the right opportunities for them.How to make money in Vietnam

One of the countries which I have been interested in making money is Vietnam due to the fact that I have lived there for a year and manage to make money. So today I will be talking about how to make money in Vietnam.

I will be talking about how I have managed to make money living in this foreign country for a while.

Before we start you may be interested in know how I make money online month.

Best ways to make money

When it comes to making money there are many ways to have make extra money or full time income.

As we are living in a generation of technology and internet the best ways to make money is online. This is what I will be doing here.

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I will not only show you online ways to make money but I will also talk about other ways too.

These ways I are all best done in continent like South East Asia due to the fact that South East Asia has low cost of living.

So let us get started.

1. Teaching English Online

How to make money in Vietnam

Teaching English is one of the growing industries which people are slowing getting into and fast due to the convenience of it all.

Teaching English online can either be done full time or part-time due to the fact that you can set you own schedule according to the company you register after.

So how do you really get to teach English online?

These are the things you need to teach English online:

  • Teaching English certificate called a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop

If you are really looking to earn more you will need to have a degree of any qualification.

The other aspect which will be more good to add is having experience in teaching English.

2. Teaching English part-time in class

How to make money in Vietnam

If you are also looking to make money and not work a lot of hours you will be happy to know that in most jobs in South East Asia gives you the flexibility to not work many hours.

Heck, you can even create your own schedule and get multiple jobs which will help you make more money.

With working part-time you can do it face to face or online depending on your preferences. You can even choose both if you wanted to.

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One thing to know is that teaching English part-time can have the disadvantage of not getting a temporary resident card or work visa.

However, most people in Vietnam work through a tourist visa which is basically illegal but most people do it.

3. Affiliate marketing

Here is one of my favorite ways of making money as this is what was the way of making extra money while working my corporate job.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a product or program and you will earn a commission if someone buys the product that you promote.

There are many companies which you can register for free and start selling any products you like:

4. Trading online

Trading online is another way I make money online which I started in 2016. Trading is where you look at the currency of one country to another.

You can also trade companies according to how much strength they have or not and this is called stocks trading.

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The other difference between these two ways (Forex trading and stock trading ) is the fact that for Forex trading you do not need large amounts to money to get started.

5. YouTube influencer

The other best way to make money online is vlogging for South East Asia. If you go online there are many vloggers in Europe and America but only a few in places like Vietnam or any country in South East Asia.

To succeed with YouTube you need to choose a niche which is narrow and that has not been explored.

The problem is people think if they start a vlog no one will watch however this is totally different because if you are passionate and committed you can make success of yourself.

Final thoughts

When it comes to making money in Vietnam there are many ways you can skin the cat according to what you like.

I have talked about things which have used for me and they have most have worked well in my time in this great country.

The first one which is famous is teaching English online or face to face which will give you lots of time to work your own hours.

The next way to do it is to be an affiliate marketer where you sell promote products and programs which you get a commission if someone buys.

This is the best way since you do not need to actually make or create your own product.

You can also be a YouTuber and talk about everything which you are experiencing in Vietnam helping people with some information they might be looking for.

The last one is to be a trader either as a forex trader or stock trader which are both viable things to do.

It is good to always choose a vehicle which will actually help you sustain yourself and  then choose another that you are passionate about.

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If you can find a vehicle you can find both your passion and a way to sustain yourself.

I hope this article was helpful and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

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